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This story is about a young girl; Kira, who was chosen to be part of an army fighting against machines that had taken over the world. During a battle in an annual tournament between Captains called the INFINITE ADRENA, Kira gets beaten half to death by a fellow who somehow knew her from the past, this pushes her to release a power she never thought she had, completely destroying the entire arena. Now a fugitive, Kira goes into hiding and becomes friends with the other captains, they all decide to work together to figure out what caused the apocalypse and how to stop it. Although no one knows how it happened, along Kira's journey toward figuring it out, she realizes she plays a bigger role in the occurrence than she expected.


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    I'm so excited to finally be able to shear this book with you all, I really hope you enjoy it.

    2023-07-07 02:00:23
  • Linda Light


    First when I read the synopsis and saw the number of followers, I knew it would be good. so, I dived in and read six chapters which didn't beat my expectations. This gives more than it looks. so I saved it in my library to read it when I get home. Thanks Author ~Linda Light

    2023-11-21 21:41:23
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83 chapters
The 27thPrologueThis is planet Micros. Our planet has been a very peaceful place ever since we discovered technology. Every one lived in peace and harmony, we all loved each other, and our machines loved us. Yes! our machines had emotions; crazy, right?All was good, all was fine, until all of a sudden our machines started turning against us for some reason. From phones to cars, to fridges, and even electric cookers. Everything broke into chaos, and we all had go underground.Our military, economy, and farming were all taken over by machines and no one knew why. Our military decided to recruite one child out of every family to join the fight against the machines. My family was among the families chosen and I was the only child.My name is Kira Tyson and I am the 27th.Chapter 1At a press conference, a lady wearing a white long sleeve shirt with polished black stripes across stood behind a podium with two auto security bots standing by her sides."This is the new beginning for Micr
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2"KIRAAAAAAA!!"BOOOOOM!!!!The sound of the explosion resonated through the field, a large amount of dust filled the whole area, blinding anyone who dared to open their eyes. Commander Michael couldn't close his eyes though. He just stared on with shock on his face. "Kira, no... No... Not you Kira," he stuttered, tears rolling down his cheek. His soldiers grabbed him by his arms, and pulled him towards a black armored vehicle that had arrived for them. He was too weak to resist and just stared at the smoke coming from where he had last seen the only soldier he considered a child to him. They pulled him into the vehicle and drove off. Moments later they arrived at their military base under ground, where all the remaining Micronians lived. As they drove in, everyone who was concerned enough to gather, greeted them with praises and chants. They finally stopped the vehicle and all the soldiers got down. A man, clad in a white uniform searched for the Commander through the cro
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3 Our underground refuge was divided in two parts, strategically placed on opposite sides of our planet. They were called the EAST DORMINE and the WEST DORMINE. The east dormine was protected by the A-squad, and the west dormine was protected by my squad, the B-squad. Each squad was controlled by four special soldiers ranked from the first strongest to the fourth strongest. These soldiers were called CAPTAINS. Once every year, we held a fighting tournament to keep our best soldiers kicking, literally. It was almost time for the competition this year and all eight captains were chosen to battle in the tournament. Lucky enough for me, I was one of those captains.I stepped out of my capsule room and headed towards the military training ground. It was a very large facility that held a variety of heat based training equipments. Everything a soldier would need to boost his strength, stamina and endurance, was kept in this dome like structure our soldiers had nick named 'Hell o
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Chapter 4
INFINITE ADRENAchapter 4Before this year, every other tournament that was held only allowed base level soldiers to participate, because of the unexplainably destructive ability of the captains. This year, good preparations were made and the walls of the arena were heavily reinforced with an extremely durable material we called Daiganite. so only the captains would be allowed to participate. Everybody in the training facility directed their attention to both of us, and we both glared at each other with despise. Soldiers from my squad tried to talk me out of going against this over-confident red head, but I was too stubborn to listen to them. The mood was already set. I was now face to face with one of the captains from squad A.I moved backwards a little, and stood in the regular battle stance, my left fist held tight in front of my face and my right fist close to my chest. He then moved backwards and did the same. We both glared at each other for a moment before he said, “You ca
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Chapter 5
The 27th Chapter 5 On Micros, machines and organisms lived side by side. The case was so, so much that some organisms actually made a choice to become partially or completely machine. Machines were seen as a force of nature and with that, they were considered to be alive. Normally, the soldiers in charge of waste disposal were instructed to destroy any computed machinery around the area to prevent any future mishaps; we couldn't take any chances. For some reason, there was a dump existing somewhere even further underground, where machineshad been left to roam freely. The confusing question was, why were they still fully operational, unharmed, and also looking harmless. It looked as if these machines weren't affected by the apocalypse that turned all machines against Micronians. For the first time in my six years of service in the military, I walked freely among computed or programmed machines. Another question going through my head was, who made them? Immediately sighted t
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Chapter 6
The 27thChapter 6 It was finally the day of our long-awaited tournament, we would finally have a battle that all Micronian kind would remember for centuries, a battle between captains. I felt as strong as ever. I felt like I could lift the entire planet on a finger, as I was fully prepared for combat. The East dormine's best four and the West dormine's best four were going up against each other for the first time in history, and no one wanted to miss for the world INFINITE ADRENA. The sun hardly rose on planet micros, if it ever did, it wouldn't stay up for too long before setting again, so it was hard to calculate time. We couldn't use the revolution or rotation of our sun around our planet to calculate the time because of how irregular it was, so we adopted the earth method of calculating time even if our planet didn't rotate or revolve around a star like the earth.The infinite adrena tournament was about to start and everyone sat in their position of choice. The commanders an
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Chapter 7
The 27thChapter 7As the tournament went on, Derick sat in his chair, watching from one of his thousands of screens. He wasn't only watching for the battles, he also watched to see if anything suspicious would catch his attention, both in the crowd and on the battleground. He also made sure to take note of every single soldier in and above the underground base, watching out for incoming war machines that would want to interrupt the tournamentAs he watched the audience carefully, he noticed one of the soldiers or civilians, wearing a dark cloak, get up from his seat and suspiciously separate himself from the crowd “Who's this new fella?” he said to himself. He watched the person slowly walk out of the arena and back into the base. Derrick switched screens after screen, following this strange soldier through different turns in the base as he moved towards an exit that lead to the surface. Derrick switched to the cameras he had planted around some buildings in the fallen city and
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Chapter 8
The 27thchapter 8 Ever since I joined the military, I always excelled at everything. Weapon engineering and use, nursing and combat. I was the best in my squad, and even in battle, no one could beat me. For some reason, my commander never raised my rank above third strongest. Maybe there was a limit I had to break before he would recognize my potential. And maybe, just maybe, this fight would help me break that limit.“ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?” my commander yelled angrily as he got up from his seat. “How could you match the third strongest in our squad with Grifo, do you want her dead?” he continued. I clenched my fist as he spoke, I had this feeling that every one looked down on me, it was like that every time he called me 'third strongest'.“Commander, I have no hand in this, I'm just following orders” the host replied “Orders?” my commander asked, “who's orders exactly?” he asked again. The host opened his mouth to speak, but before any words could come out, I interrupted,
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Chapter 9
The 27thChapter 9Everyone, including my commander, was wowed by what I had done in the arena, Grifo, also looking surprised, got up from the ground, wiped some saliva off his lips, and turned to me, smiling. “Nice move, Kira,” he said, “how did you see me coming?” he asked afterward. Standing a safe distance from him as my hair billowed in the wind, I answered, “that's none of your business, Grifo, this isn't some TV show where I explain my secret tactics to an opponent.” “Ha ha ha” Grifo laughed, winked at me, and then vanished again.I took my battle stance again and waited, looking around me for the most unusual movement in my surroundings. Grifo threw a kick at me and I defended with my arms, he tried again and again to connect a good hit, but I refused to give him the opportunity. I kept on defending against the invisible attacks that came from different directions, maintaining, my position like a brick wall. The audience was left in shock by my resilience. Commander Sol
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CHAPTER 10Our entire military base was still shaking from the trauma I had caused. Although everyone was safe in their houses, they were still very scared.Grifo, who had fallen face down on the ground in front of the Daiganite wall, slowly stood up, coughing profusely. He raised his hand towards his face and cleaned something off his lips; he brought his hand down expecting it to be just saliva, but no, it was blood.He quietly stood in front of the huge dent his body had made on the daiganite wall, smiling. It seemed he was excited about his new discovery.He peered through the numerous holes his body had created in many different walls in the base, and staring at him from the other side was a version of me even I couldn't describe.My eyes were covered in blue light and I had lost all sense of control over my mind and body.I began to move towards him slowly, gradually increasing my pace. soon after, I blasted myself towards him, Grabbed his neck, and smashed his head into the wa
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