Kendo Mad God

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Kendo Mad God

By: Zhou Jia San Shao1 OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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[Classic Mystical Super Surpass Hot-blooded Novel]The grandmaster of the Alchemist, Tang Tian, was destroyed in body and soul, reborn into a ruined body from noble family, awakened with a heavenly bloodline, burst forth with supreme power of swordsmanship, and also cultivated body under the Nine Revolutions Heavenly Lightning Art, which enabled him to take charge of the punishment from heaven to earth, inheriting the Primordial Star Art, and finally created the boundless universe.Gathering all the techniques of the different races, he created the tremendous Kendo, and annihilated all the geniuses in the world!


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399 chapters
Chapter 1
In the Sky Saint Continent, Skydragon Empire, outside of the Meteor Forest.A shrill scream streaked across the air.Tang Tian felt as if his head had been hit hard, with deep pain in his bones.Within a few second, the pain spread through all over his body immediately, just like an electric shock.“Ah!”Tang Tian couldn't help screaming.There was a horrible fat face.A ferocious and cruel smile appeared on that face!""Damn, what the hell is this?""The face was so close that Tang Tian was startled and punched into the face without thinking.""Ah, damn it!"" The other side covered his eyes and screamed more miserably than a pig being slaughtered.Being caught off guard, his eyes were congested and became even uglier.“I can’t believe he’s still alive. How come a useless Pulse Refining stage trash dares to hit me?” The fat face belonged to a fifteen-year-old young man.There were three teenagers surrounding at him screaming furiously.“He dares to fight back? Let me teach hi
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Chapter 2
Tang Tian was in despair at first. However, he was stunned by the sudden power that appeared in his belly.Fortunately, this power did not harm him at all. He quickly healed himself and reconnected the broken ribs.It was even more surprising that such power had activated his meridians and collaterals.After all, the most basic thing for a cultivator at the early stage of cultivation was to open up the meridians of his body which was called ""Meridian Refinement"".The Pulse Refining was divided into the Twelve Meridians of the human body, as well as the Eight Extraordinary Meridians.In just a moment, the Lung Meridian of Hand-Taiyin, the Great Intestine Meridian of Hand-Yangming, and the other twelve meridians had been activated.Tremendous power expelled all the impurities from Tang Tian’s meridians, as if it had cleaned up muscles and marrow.His entire body became very sticky and darkened.“Hmm? This physique?”Tang Tian was stunned. He thought at first that his body was on
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Chapter 3
The ‘go home’ that Tang Tian speaking of was definitely the Tang Family in Meteor City!With the memories of this body, he had a clear understanding of Meteor City.It was located at the edge of the Meteor City and was 50 kilometers away Meteor Forest.The reason why Lin Baoquan, who was called Young Master Lin, kidnapped Tang Tian from Meteor City to here was to kill him!The Tang family and the Qin family were connected by marriage fifteen years ago. The Tang family’s young master, Tang Tian, was engaged to the Qin family’s eldest daughter, Qin Yuexi.There were four major families in Meteor City, the Tang Family, the Qin Family, the Lin Family, and the Ye Family.As to Lin Baoquan, he was the third Young Master of the Lin Family.Being in the admiration for Qin Yuexi, he had been brooding over this marriage and tried every way to get rid of Tang Tian.Tang Tian shook his head and sighed, “They’ve already been destroyed. This can be considered as the revenge for you.”From no
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Chapter 4
Due to cancelation of the engagement, the atmosphere in the hall was at tense.Qin Yuexi’s words were like adding fuel to the fire.The sudden words made everyone’s faces change dramatically.A thin figure, against the light, calmly appeared in front of everyone.“Tian!”“Tang Tian!”Originally, Tang Lingyun had been suppressing his anger. However, when he saw Tang Tian’s attitude and what he said, he was extremely surprised.When his gaze landed on Tang Tian, he could not help but be slightly stunned.The great success of the Pulse Refining Stage?His cultivation base had risen? Although he was still in the Pulse Refining Stage, it was still an improvement that surprised him.At the same time, he felt that his son seemed to be different, but he couldn't tell what was different.“Tang Tian, you are nothing more than trash right now. Yet, you dare to speak to this Young Miss in such a manner?”Tang Tian’s appearance did not alleviate the atmosphere. Instead, it caused Qin Yu
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Chapter 5
Tang Tian raised his eyebrow. It was the first time he had returned to the Tang family, yet it was already so lively. Did they really know how to pick a date?An imposing green figure appeared before everyone’s eyes.Not only was the man handsome, but he also had an indescribable temperament!“High level of Bone Forging stage!”Seeing the young man’s cultivation base, Tang Tian’s pupils contracted involuntarily.His age was the same as hers, but his cultivation was one level higher than her cousin Tang Feng's. It could be seen that the other side's talent was very outstanding.“Alas, looks like I have to make the best use of my time to improve my cultivation...”This was Tang Tian’s first thought.Now that he could fight with a high-level Blood Incinerating Realm cultivator, he would definitely die facing a Bone Forging Realm expert.“Junior Lin Yichen greets Patriarch Tang and Uncle Qin.” The young man faintly smiled. Although he treated them politely, everyone could see the
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Chapter 6
As the old saying, humans live on a face, just like trees live on a skin. If you saw through it, you wouldn’t point it out. If you point it out, it will be different meaning.Tang Tian pulled off the cloth covering Lin Yichen’s face, and the meaning of proposing marriage changed.No matter how elegant Lin Yichen was, when he heard Tang Tian’s words, his face darkened and he said angrily, “Tang Tian, what do you mean?”""What do you mean?""Tang Tian’s cultivation was lower than Qin Yuexi’s, but he wasn’t afraid at all. He shot Qin Yuexi a sidelong glance and shrugged.""I just divorced my fiancée and you can't wait to propose marriage. Who would believe that there's nothing between you two?""These words were harsh enough. They had completely defined Lin Yichen and Qin Yuexi as “marrying women”!Qin Tiande's expression was ugly. If it weren't for Tang Lingyun present, he would have killed this abominable boy even if he was in the Tang family!Lin Yichen was in even more powerful au
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Chapter 7
Who didn’t know that Tang Tian’s talent was poor, and was only at the Pulse Refining Stage?The previous “Tang Tian” was always obsequious and never stirred up trouble.But after returning from the Falling Star Forest today, he seemed to have become a different person.His personality had completely changed. He had become flamboyant, audacious!As Chu Feng’s father, Tang Lingyun naturally did not doubt him. Instead, he was extremely gratified. He felt that his son had finally changed.But now Tang Tian, who was practically an ordinary person, had to receive a blow from a Bone Forging expert. That was too hard to believe.When a cultivator reached the Bone Forging Stage, their meridians, blood, and bones would all undergo transformations. Even if Lin Yichen had suppressed his cultivation base, he would still be much stronger than a true Blood Incinerating Realm cultivator.Most importantly, when some genius cultivators entered the Blood Burning Realm, they would cultivate a Fate
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Chapter 8
“Yo, you really can’t take it anymore. A wastrel is a wastrel. Lin Lang lost his life before he even used his full strength. If even ants survive, why can’t a wastrel keep a low profile?”Qin Yuexi saw that Tang Tian had no reaction. Instead, she laughed and started to make cynical remarks regardless of the occasion.""Why bother?""Lin Yichen only said two words.The power of Tang Tian's punch just shocked him that it could compete with his high-level battle strength of the Blood Burning Stage.But so what? The Pulse Refining Stage was just the lowest level of cultivation.Qin Tiande was a cunning and astute man. His eyes were deep, and he secretly gathered his strength. He looked at Tang Lingyun cautiously and alertly.Although the person who died was only a trashy young master of the Tang Family, it would still depend on who it was that died.This was the son of the number one expert of Meteor City, Tang Family’s Patriarch, Tang Lingyun!Once Tang Lingyun broke out, everyone p
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Chapter 9
“Your child needs to use the geniuses of Meteor City to prove that I am not trash. I need to prove that no one from the Tang Family is trash!”Tang Tian’s eyes glinted, and his voice was low but firm.He was a stubborn person. It just so happened that the original ""Tang Tian"" was a little introverted, but he was also very stubborn.The knot of depression in Tang Tian’s chest actually dissipated after he spoke these words. He had a feeling of having cleared his mind and feeling quite carefree.“What a great ‘our Tang clan does not have any trash’!”Hearing Tang Tian's words, Tang Lingyun could not help but be stunned and then burst into laughter.He looked at Tang Tian with more gratification in his eyes.There was also a deep worry that was hidden in the depths and no one found it.To use the geniuses of Meteor City to prove that they were not trash was something that required an enormous amount of courage. However, courage was not the only thing needed to accomplish it.As th
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Chapter 10
Tang Li was about to explode when Tang Tian grabbed him by the throat.Due to his tall stature, Tang Tian picked him up, clutched his neck, and knelt on the ground, looking a little comical.However, not a single one of the Tang Family’s youngsters were able to laugh.There was no one who didn’t know how powerful Tang Li was. Even Tang Feng believed that if he fought with Tang Li within the same realm, even if he won, it wouldn’t be easy.Although Tang Tian's attack was unexpected and close to a sneak attack.To deal with cultivators one rank higher than him, sneak attacks were not the only way.No one was willing to believe it, but the fact that Tang Li was kneeling before them forced them to believe it.“Is it great to bully the weak? But isn’t it great to have a trash like me around your neck?”Tang Tian’s expression was calm. If he got angry, he didn’t mind choking Tang Li to death first.He didn’t feel much of a sense of belonging to the Tang family to begin with.If the s
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