Chapter 400
However, he was shocked to find that Ye Ruxue had disappeared and was now slashing at his neck.


Dai Zhiming hurriedly withdrew his saber and retreated, trying to avoid this fatal blow.

However, this retreat was terrible. Ye Ruxue’s figure was like a shadow and her sword thrust was extremely fast.

The only thing Dai Zhiming could do was to defend by continuously receiving attacks from Ruxue.

As soon as the two of them started fighting, it immediately alarmed the students and they hastily ran over to watch.

"Hey, isn't this Dai Zhiming? It's strange. With his second strength on the Earth Ranking, he can't do anything to a new Ye Ruxue."

A male student from an arcane school immediately spoke.

They naturally knew a little about the newcomer, Ye Ruxue, but they didn’t know where she lived.

"Second place on the Earth Ranking? Are you kidding me? Have you not gone to see the list for a long time? Now Senior Dai Zhiming has withdrawn from the list, and he is only third."

“That’s right. Tang Tian took the first place. Everyone took a step back. It’s said that many of the experts on the Earth Ranking are unconvinced and want to challenge Tang Tian.”

"Yes, yes, but who would have thought that now, Senior Dai Zhiming would be suppressed and beaten by someone?"

The group of students continuously discussed among themselves, and it was extremely bustling.

Dai Zhiming felt very aggrieved. He thought that Ye Ruxue was at most Tang Tian's woman, just an accessory at most. Even if she was powerful, how powerful could she be?

Who would have thought that just Ye Ruxue alone was enough to force him back?

There were so many spectators right now. Even if he could beat Ruxue, he would still lose all face.

More importantly, would he be able to win against Ye Ruxue?

Dai Zhiming could not help but sink after taking so many blows from Ye Ruxue. He was helpless!

Ye Ruxue held the Thunder Beast in one hand and waved her Snow Wind Sword in the other.

He was originally most proficient in wind attribute cultivation techniques. After the Meteor Sect Elder Feng Zhen had taught him wind attribute cultivation techniques, his speed had increased to a point where it was almost impossible to track.

Fortunately, Dai Zhiming had once been ranked second on the Earth Ranking. When facing Ye Ruxue, he could only rely on his intuition to withstand her attack.

Ye Ruxue, on the other hand, was very calm. Recently, she had been in isolated meditation and researching her merit laws as well as the merit laws taught by Shiqin.

“Today, I shall declare to the world that I, Ye Ruxue, am not a flower vase!”

There was a sharp glint in Ye Ruxue’s cold eyes!

She suddenly recalled the time when she had first met Tang Tian. At that time, wasn’t Tang Tian a useless piece of trash in the eyes of the world?

However, through his own hard work, Tang Tian stepped on Lin Yichen and declared to the world that he was not a useless person!

This time, Dai Zhiming took the initiative to make trouble. Ye Ruxue wanted to use her own strength to help Tang Tian get rid of these incompetent obstacles.

Not everyone had the right to challenge Tang Tian.

Wouldn't it be annoying if any random person challenged her man?

After recent training, her cultivation had reached grand achievement.

If it weren't for the fact that her foundation was solid, she could have stepped into the Out-of-Body Stage at any time.

Who would have thought that Dai Zhiming was looking for trouble? He only managed to hold on for a moment before being blown away by Ye Ruxue’s sword.

When Dai Zhiming was about to take action again, a long snow-white sword appeared in front of him. The tip of the sword, emitting a cold light, was pressed against Dai Zhiming's throat.

Everyone was silent. They didn't expect that Dai Zhiming, who used to be ranked second on the Earth Ranking, would be defeated so easily.
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