2.13. First Income
Amber rubbed her forehead. “So to do George’s Dropship, we need better tech, which we might get from the Tuskans, whose contact info we can get from Xiao Yan, but we’d need to do her Requests first. Xiao Yan’s easiest request requires nifty sensors, which we can either buy from Tau, or get help from Gary. Buying from Tau will take about half a year, while Gary first wants us to do his Request. Gary’s request is for a Satellite Deployment and Maintenance ship… but his offer is 300,000 Clira, and that’s not going to cover the cost of a vessel that can launch satellites into space and do maintenance work on them!”

“We don’t need to launch them from the ground.” Benny pointed out. “We could just launch it from Sky Haven. Plus, we don’t actually need to outfit the ship itself to do the maintenance work. Forget about robotic arms and stabilizers and whatnot. Let’s just build him a Drone Carrier.”

“Is that your solution for everything? Use Drones?” Amber blinked.

“It’s a good one.” Benny s
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