Land Of The Dead

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Land Of The Dead

By: Prilays OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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"This world is ugly, it should burn. The people are being devoured, the living are undead, and the dead are living. I thought I would find hope. I was wrong." -Taken from Chloe Gómez. DISCLAIMER: This novel will have you hooked. TRIGGER WARNING: This novel contains blood, gore, violence and mental abuse. Author's Note: Thank you for giving this novel a shot, I appreciate you.


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14 chapters
1 || Family.
The Gomez Family House. Chloe's POV. "Wake up Chloe! You have to get ready for school." My sister's chirpy voice drawled as she shook me violently. I groaned and snuggled further into my bed out of her reach. "I'll be up in a minute" I croaked. "Chloe!!" My mum yelled. "Just give me five more minutes..." I cried back and covered my head with the blanket. I was anything but an early bird, my mum and sis were but that's not the worst part, they rarely had naps. Terrible right? I had two psychopaths living with me cause how does one not take naps?? A cold breeze hit me and my toes curled up immediately -my blanket was snatched from me. My eyes shot up to glare at the perpetrator. "Kira, if you don't want today to be your funeral, I suggest you give me back my blanket." She smirked and feigned thinking. "Hmm... Nah, I'll pass." She stuck out her tongue. Her cheerful laugh filled the air as she ran out of the room. Mad by the fact that my sleep was cut short I stood up with a warc
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2|| Reassurance.
Bulchewski High School.Chloe's POV."I'll pick you guys up by 3 pm okay?" She poked her head out of the car and smiled at us. "Yeah sure, see you!" I waved at her. "See you later squirt" I chimed at Kira and practically ran off. "Slow down!" I heard her yell from afar but I didn't, not until I got to the unfinished building project at the far end of the school. I slowed to a stop and took deep breaths to calm myself. My heart raced frantically against my chest and I couldn't help the smile that grew wider with every second that passed. I took some mints and chewed quickly, I had to get rid of my chicken breath. I stood by the wall and took a breather. The sweat dried quickly and a cool breeze replaced the heat I felt. The ongoing building was not to be trespassed by students and that is precisely why we chose here as our rendezvous. It was quiet, out of reach and out of sight from watchful eyes. Although I had to admit, it was much more quiet than usual. Almost eerie if I must sa
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3 || The Oppressors Vs The Oppressed.
Bulchewski High School.Chloe's POV."Can anyone tell me what happened in the history of the Whalians?" Mrs Potter pushed her glasses up as she leaned against her table. Her lips were set in a straight line as she waited patiently for an answer. The class was quiet for a few minutes, everyone looked anywhere but at her. "None of you did the assignment?" She snapped. "For each minute that passes, I will have you run the field for it if someone doesn't answer." She threatened. I cleared my throat and raised my hand. "Chloe, yes go ahead and tell us." She smiled at me and I could hear the relief sighs of my classmates. "The government's reign was cruel for years and eventually the citizens got tired. They got tired of the constant insecurity in the country, the food scarcity, and the lack of basic amenities like education, electricity, good road networks, and working hospitals amongst many other things. Death was on a rise as well, rather than being protected by their country they we
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4 || Friends, Not Lovers.
Bulchewski High School.Chloe's POV."Ouch!" I shouted and turned to see who hit my head. It was Jordan. "Why did you have to get all riled up? One would think you are a part of the Whalians." He sat on the table in front of me. "Or the LGBTQ," Mabel spoke up from her seat with a sneer. I clenched my fist and gritted, trying my possible best to fight back the wrath that was surging within me. "Calm down, Chloe." Mitch placed his hands on my shoulders and massaged me. "Don't let her get to you okay?" He said overly sweetly. I forced myself not to gag. Every day I grew more and more tired of this guy. 'Go away!' is what I wished to say but instead, I remained silent. My classmates "awwed" and teased us and I heard him chuckle behind me. "God! Am I a spoon?" Betty called from her seat as she stared straight at us. "When will someone love me the way Mitch loves Chloe?" She swooned dramatically. "Betty, my love! Your face is the most beautiful here, no, in the entire school! And your
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5 || Power Of Love.
Bulchewski High School. Chloe’s POV. "Class, turn your textbooks to page 18. There you will see the nine regiments of English Language or as I like to call them the nine commandments." Our English teacher, Mr George said with a toothy smile but everyone was clearly unimpressed by the poor attempt at a joke. Like, come on......The nine commandments.... really? He noticed the lack of enthusiasm from the class, cleared his throat and continued. "Tough crowd hm? Anyways, you guys will learn all nine and tell me individually on Thursday." The class groaned in protest of the assignment. "Groan all you want, but that presentation makes up your CA for this week." Mr George said stubbornly. "Excuse me, sir, I don't know the ten commandments of the Bible, so how am I going to learn the nine commandments in three days?" Caleb said lazily. Everyone looked at Caleb with a pitiful shake of heads. “Idiot.” Mabel scorned. “Dumb cunt.” Caleb replied in a heartbeat and I snickered alongsi
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6 || Brothers.
Bulchewski High School.Chloe’s POV.“Wait!” My trembling hand hovered over the backdoor handle. With a deep breath, I turned toward Edward. His blue eyes which always shone with love and confidence showed fear for the first time since I’ve known him. I swallowed and looked away from him. The longer I stared into his eyes, the more guilt built up within me. I can’t afford to feel that, I can’t afford to let anyone stop me from going to Kira, not even him. I nodded my head and held the door handle. I pulled it open, and the door to the classroom directly opposite mine opened at that exact time. Deborah, a junior student who came by often to ask for our board cleaner stood trembling with blood splattered all over. “Help…. Me..” Her lips read but I stood rooted in fear. She stretched out her hand and tried to take a step forward but was dragged back into the classroom. Her wails filled the air and I broke down in sweat, that could be happening to Kira right now. I am wasting time bein
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7 || Kill Or Be Killed.
Bulchewski High School.Chloe’s POV.I was pushed out of the way roughly and it crashed into the wall loudly. My eyes were trained on her writhing body. She remained on the ground with a loud snarl. “Fuck!” Hunter whispered and stood up. “Run!!” He pulled me up and ran towards the bathroom. She ran after us albeit angrily. My legs were wobbly yet they pushed until we got in. Hunter slammed the door shut on its hand. It kept wiggling around, scratching at whatever and trying its hardest to grab Hunter. “Help!” He half glared at me and I ran to the utility room and grabbed a mop. I used it to hit her hand until she removed it. Hunter finally shut the door completely and dropped to the floor with shut eyes. “Fuck.” He exhaled. Edward’s POV.The thing ran after them and I took a step to follow but someone grabbed my arm. “Edward, stop!” It was Michael. “I have to help them.” I pulled my hand out of his grip. “It leads to the bathroom man, they’ll be safe. Let’s get out of here bef
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8 || The Chaos We Live In [Part 1].
Bulchewski High School.Chloe’s POV.I never knew the smell that radiated from the toilets would ever be more pleasant than any other thing. I exhaled through my nostrils and inhaled as little as my lungs would allow. No matter how much time I’d spent out of the safety of my classroom, I couldn’t get used to the rotten smell that filled the air. Although this floor was relatively better, the smell of blood was still strong. We were hurdled in the corridor that led to the toilet, the lights were off and there were no windows streaming light in. It was perfectly secluded for us to hide in until we figured out how to get into the class and check if Kira was in the storage room. Bang! I held my chest to slow my heart rate. ”There’s nothing coming for you, Chloe.” I muttered to myself reassuringly. The duo of flesh-eating monsters dragged their feet along the floorboard, occasionally bumping into each other and releasing snarls and guttural groanings from the classroom. They’d been l
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9 || The Chaos We Live In [Part 2].
Bulchewski High School.Chloe’s POV.Michael pushed the second one out the window and fell on the ground with heavy pants. The shrill scream of one of them sent shivers down my spine. I fumbled to open the door as it ran straight for me from the stairwell. Shit! Shit! Shit! The trio from the second floor! The ruckus must have grabbed their attention. I banged the door frantically while looking from the door to the fast-approaching thing. Chris pulled open the door and I barely made it into the class when a cry of pain from Chris was heard. He punched the thing continuously until its death grip on him wore off. Hunter used the butt of his stick to hit it until it fell. We immediately shut the door. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!!” Chris wailed in pain as he held his arm. A huge chunk of meat was missing from it. He whipped his head to us, his eyes were wide with unshed tears. “G-guys?” He crawled closer to us and lifted his arm for us to see. “I… I’ve been bit-” His voice broke. “Y-you
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10|| Selfish.
Bulchewski High School.Rachel’s POV.“They’ve been gone for more than an hour now.” Betty broke the suffocating silence as she pushed her round glasses up her button nose. She pushed her shoulder-length black hair back, it was always getting in her face but it was one of the things that added to her charm.“Let’s give them more time, I’m sure they’ll return soon,” Jordan spoke from the corner he was in. His messy blonde hair was much messier today, he had been running his hand through it since they left. He was worried about Chloe.“Yeah, I’m sure they will.” I smiled briefly at him.“They’re probably dead, or crazy like the rest of the people out there.” Mabel spat.“Excuse me?” I turned towards the blonde dumb bitch we’re now stuck with.“Let’s be honest, there’s no way they are going to survive out there. They have nothing to defend themselves with and even if they did, these m..monsters don’t die.” She sighed. “If I were you guys, I’d accept that they’re dead.”“You’re saying tha
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