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How did the world change so fast? At first humans were living peacefully with their normal lives, back then there was not much of what we call different races, subclasses and other things that separates mankind today. I think it has been about 500 years today since the highest mountain in the world Mt.Everest erupted but funny enough, instead of hot, red larva flowing out of the mountain, it was green larva and green gas burst out wich went up and formed what we call today The Moving Clouds. -- Mark is not a vampire like his father and not a white mage like his mother, what is he? He has a book given to him by his mother and that book contains one part of a system. The other part of the system is owned by the Grand Master of Magic City. When the system is separated into two wich means it has two hosts, then they both are destined to face each other so that only one host can contain the whole system and unlock it's full power. But mark is only a student in a school full of different subclasses and races with different abilities. How will he grow through his challenges as the chosen one in the prophecy? Am sorry for the poor cover. I will generate a better one in the future. This story is really great just try it. It will get better as more chapters are released and as I gain more experience. Is it comedy you are looking for? It is included. Is it a magical world? It is included. Is it romance? Yes it is found in there. It gets better when Arthur wants to go against the Grand Master.


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"SHARZAMM.. Uhm.. Book activate... Eh ... Let the great Magic Book activate."A young boy was seen trying to cast a spell on a book that had a lock on it but the book just laid there doing nothing.' Damnit when will this book activate? What does it requires me to do?'" Mark where are you? Bring your luggage let's go to Magic City." A man was seen calling the boy. The steam of the engine was heard not long after and the vehicle kicked off.A man was seen in a room alone writing. He was in a library and it was dead silent in there."..How did the world change so fast? At first humans were living peacefully with their normal lives, back then there was not much of what we call different races, subclasses and other things that separates mankind today.I think it has been about 500 years today since the highest mountain in the world Mt.Everest erupted but funny enough, instead of hot, red larva flowing out of the mountain, it was green larva and green gas burst out wich went up and for
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Somewhere in a grand castle a man is having a meeting with his twelve elders and two guards standing beside him, one a woman and the other a man.This was the Grandmaster of Magic City with his Twelve Elders Who rule over the subtowns in the city. They were having a meeting about a group of terrorists called "The lighting Gang" who were bent on disturbing the peace of the city and also kidnapping and bullying students for money but the real reason they were disturbing this City was yet to be known.The Grand Master was addressing the issue when Suddenly a strange Blue light mixed with Violet started glowing in his crystal heart which made him to place his hand against his chest with the an expression of confusion and pain written on his face. The 12 elders were looking at the Grandmaster with confusion on their faces too, "Are you okay sir?" One of the elders asked but the Grand Master kept quiet with the pain and confusion expression still written on his face which later started c
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Mark left his room and walked slowly towards the stairs leading down to the living room while looking at the beautiful paintings on the wall when one caught his attention. This one showed a painting of a battle taking place but what caught his eyes was a man with a diamond looking gem in his chest shinning bright, of course he had thesame heart like that of Mark and he held a large head of some kind of creature with a face like that of a bull and teeth like that of a wolf, having two long horns with seven white stripes around it.mark just looked at it for a while and continued downstairs towards the living roomas his eyes saw more amazing things with his mouth saying wow on its own, his father who was behind him just watched and smiled.Mark left the house telling his father he wished to see the city.----As mark stepped outside , he could not believe his eyes. He saw a very big city filled with beautiful tall buildings and hover cars flying in the sky but what caught his eyes was
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In a giant castle precisely in a very high tower,there is a girl looking out a window with a sad look in her face and she was thinking about alot of sad things that was in her life.'How I wish I was just a normal person, a free soul who can do what ever she likes, then I could have lived everyday without so much rules and restrictions. Everytime I am being home schooled and I am also being forced to become what I am not. I am not sure I want to be the holder of the Pillar of Truth or maybe I can't even become one but my father can't understand this? Auuugh I can't socialize with anyone and who will I socialize with? I have no friends.I have made up my mind I must escape.'---Currently Mark was heading to the direction in wich he heard the scream from. he had activated Sprint so as to reach there quickly.The screaming led to the back of a building and when Mark arrived there he saw a group of boys trying to harass a girl looked to be thesame age as Mark and that went same for
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Mark currently was checking the dashboard of his system with an "am thinking" look on his face. He was trying to analyse the message that the system had sent to him.--((Quest Completed you have successfully defeated two Pighumans. +5 loose points to distribute it to any of your stats.--you have successfully saved the girl. +2 points to charm and +2 to pecerption.--EXP gained: 15/100--New skill UnlockedPENETRATION: This skill helps you to acquire information about anything. The amount of information given will depend on the level of the thing or person. Penetration comes with a side skill known as X-ray. It can help you see through obstacles. This skill can level up as your perception levels up.))Mark's heart was filled with joy because he never imagined how this system could be so helpful.--The girl Mark just saved left from her hiding spot and she was going to thank the one who saved her but something was off about him.That was because he was just looking into space an
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Currently Mark was in his room looking at his dashboard. Earlier, he had just finished eating half a kilogram of meat to complete his daily quests.' Did I just eat uncooked meat? And it tasted so good. It is strange that when I saw the piece of meat I was just drawn to it.'Earlier a message had appeared on Mark's dashboard and it went as follows;--(( The Quest eat half a kilogram of meat have been completed. Reward +2 strength))-- Your Daily Quests have all been completedRewards: +5 EXP , +5 loose points to distribute to any of your stats.-- Total loose points 10.))--Since Mark strength was growing faster he decided to distribute his loose points to other areas and his current stats were.---HOST NAME: MARK HANSON (Gon Heart)RACE:???HEALTH:20/20ENERGY:20/20STRENGTH:9AGILITY:8SPEED:8INTELLIGENCE:6CHARM:6PERCEPTION:4-----EXP:10/100loose Points:0--CURRENT SKILLS--SPRINT LV1.((Increases your speed by 10 percent for 30 seconds, cool down 5minutes. ))RAGE LV1.
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Paun puan puan puan..." Everyone get up it's training time"Mark's father shouted as he was hitting a spoon against a frypan." Damnit what an annoying father." Mark said as he rushed out of his room in anger forgetting that he was having just his boxers on then he met Kayla outside of her room staring at him with a shock look on her face wich made Mark to come to his senses and rushed back into his room.----Currently in the living room, Kayla was standing behind Mark who had a very angry look on his face." Dad why did you wake us up too early like this?"" Son I received a message from the Magic School and tomorrow both of you will go in for the first test wich will be the determining factor of your level in school." Mark's father said."Both of us will go?" Mark asked looking at Kayla then back to his father."Yes both of you will go. I told the school I had my brother's son with me and he will be coming too." Said Mr Hanstine."What about those who are after her?" Mark asked be
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Currently Two Guards had been led in by Mark's father into thier home." Good morning sir I am Erica and we are from the Castle of the Grand Master and an order had been given by the Grand Master that we search every home because there is an assassin on the loose." A female guard spoke." Hmm an assassin on the loose? That is scary but I can assure you that assassin is not in this house but to be sure you can go ahead and check." Mr Hanstine said not understanding what is going on."Okay thanks sir I will go upstairs and he will stay here with you." Captain Erica said pointing at cain then she went upstairs.' I am doomed that is Captain Erica and sergeant Cain if they notice me what will be the outcome? No no no no, I can't go back to that palace.' Kayla thought to herself as she was trying not to make eye contact with the guards.A few minutes later Captain Erica came back from upstairs with a disappointed look on her face. " You were right sir, the assassin is not in this house so
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Today is the day is the day Mark is to going to The Universal Magic School for the first time and also for the first test which will be the determining factor of his level in school. He had been practicing so hard till today. So currently his stats wereHOST NAME: MARK HANSON (Gon Heart)RACE:???HEALTH:20/20ENERGY:20/20STRENGTH:12AGILITY:12SPEED:10INTELLIGENCE:13CHARM:6PERCEPTION:6-----EXP:10/100loose Points:0--CURRENT SKILLS--SPRINT LV1.((Increases your speed by 10 percent for 30 seconds, cool down 5minutes. ))RAGE LV1.((gives you a sudden energy rush which increases your strength and perception by 10 percent for 30 secs.. cool down 5minutes.))PENETRATION LV1.(( Gives you basic information about anything. The amount of information depends on the level of the thing or person.))X-RAY LV1.((Enables you to see through obstacles in your sight))FLASH MOVE LV1(( Enables you to move from your current position to 7 meters away at a great speed))CURRENT QUESTSDAILY
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Mark Kayla were supprised they were sent to the same room. when stepping into thier room, a boy with alot of hair all over his body showing he was a werewolf was already inside the room unpacking his stuffs.The room had a moderate seize with four beds in it. There was a modern television in the room too and each bed had a closet beside it. Mark and Kayla stepped in and greeted the boy and they exchanged names, that is when they found out that the boy's name was Fred Freeman. 'Wait a minute how is Kayla going to cope with living among boys, why didn't it come to my mind? I guess I was carried away by my own thoughts of coming to this school that I totally forgot about Kayla.' Mark thought looking at Kayla who had sat on one of the beds having a worried look on her face.Kayla felt a soft hand on her shoulder and when she turned around, she saw Mark starring at her with a concerned look on his face. Mark was about to tell Kayla something before the door of the room opened and a school
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