Mage Awakening

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Mage Awakening

By: IM Fabian OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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It is the middle of the 26th century, Earth has fallen to the Ursupers; An alien race hell-bent on genocide that had already wiped out 40% of mankind. After numerous attempts by Earth's champion to defeat the Dark leagues,the Guardians of Earth take a last stand for humanity by sending a champion to prepare for the Apocalypse. Reincarnated to the most hazardous magical world of Cedran with no memories of his past, Kant Morgan must fight against terrible monsters and advance through the ranks to prepare for his life's greatest mission albeit while trying to find out who he is.


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The rundown neighborhood of Hell's Kitchen was the last place you'll expect anything of significance to happen. Located in the gritty part of Manhattan in NY, it was home to various vices and crimes.Tucked away in a corner, a high-rise building sat inconspicuously among the other buildings around it. It looked like every other building around: old and tired.A lone raven flew to the building, its dark shape partly obscured by the mist. It tapped the windowpane of the second floor repeatedly with its beak. The window was thrown open by someone inside who saluted the raven as it passed.It flew straight to the head of a conference meeting where several bespectacled graying men and women sat.Little would anyone know that this group of people decided the fate of the world.There was no reaction from them in the presence of a bird at a respectable meeting. It landed on the seat and shook its head violently. In its place moments later was a respectable-looking man, dressed immaculately in
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"Let's go back home. I don't think this is a good idea" Kant said to his friend Tom for the umpteenth time."Don't be such a puss. We both couldn't even produce fire in Elementary Magic class today. With this, we'll show the boys tomorrow in class what we're made of" Tom said, his eyes twinkling with excitement as they walked deep into the woods."Our magic hasn't Awakened till now, how are we going to kill any creature to obtain their crystals even if it's of the lowest rank" Kant asked his friend with a glum face.They were a weird duo. Kant was a skinny teen of average height. He had unruly brown hair that never seemed to stay in one place. But his stand out feature were his ears, they were big and stuck out. Tom on the other hand was a bit overweight with black hair permed to one side. He thought it made him cool. Kant couldn't bring himself to tell him otherwise. They had grown up together and were close friends.No matter how hard they both tried, they were always at the bottom
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The System
"Divine Mage System" He repeated slowly, intrigued by the name. So he was to level up to be a mage, he thought, stroking his chin.As if on cue, more notifications appeared in front of him.[Mage Abilities acquired][Mage Ability name: Elements Control]He wanted to look at the description of his abilities but decided to check out the general information before anything.[User: Kant Morgan][True name: Locked???][Age: 16][Race: Human][Talent Grade: Knight]Aspect: [Magic mimic]Aspect: [Divine]Aspect Ability: [Race mimicry]Aspect Ability description: [You would be able to mimic the magic ability of other races]"Cool" He said, rubbing his hands in glee. He was elated to find out he would be able to perform rare magic that other humans didn't have. He wanted to find out the options he had. The status screen changed as if it read his mind. But what he saw next surprised him.[Level up to unlock other races affinities]"C'mon. All races apart from human locked? So not cool" He said,
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After the First invasion on earth by the Usurpers (a superior alien race committed to wiping other species from the world) in the 24th century, humans alongside elves and other creatures sought refuge in other planets to avoid total extinction.Few planets were habitable for humans and their search around proved unfruitful so they chose to look further in distant galaxies outside the Milky way. They found an untamed Earth-like planet where beasts roamed freely and mana was in the atmosphere.They called the planet Cedran and quickly settled down. They came to an agreement and the land was evenly shared across the different species. Cedran was so large that scientists calculated that it could fit in 400 Earth. After discovering that the planet had mana, humans got excited by the possibilities. They could now have magic just like other races on Cedran. Before then, mana had only been a myth that they heard about while on earth. The planetary scientists studied it, replicated it in their
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Tuesdays are cursed
Much to his amazement, he found himself moving towards her, it was as if his legs had a mind of its own. He ignored the warning bells in his head and leaned closer to her.He felt his heart race as she caressed his left cheek with her manicured fingers which were painted a bright shade of red. Her hands were icy cold and he shivered under her touch."How did you get…?""Shhhh, don't worry about that" She said, placing a finger on his lips."Sure" He answered dreamily, enraptured with her face."Good boy" She said ruffling his hair and winking at him.Just then, a system notification popped up in front of him.[Use of Seductive ability has been detected]He ignored it and focused his gaze on the girl.[Combat Ability]He cursed and tried to swipe the words away with his hands."Leave me alone" He shouted, angry with the system."You want me to leave" She said pouting her lips and looking up at him."Not you, stay"[Control:5/100???][Low control][Unable to Combat Ability][Manual over
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Nagata Kumiko
Crossroads High was one of many schools in Kret. Underfunded by the government and understaffed, they had to make do with the students school fees and donations by some of the wealthy parents.The school had not always been like that. It had thrived under the past Bishop administration. Kret public schools became neglected ever since the present Bishop came into power. Crossroads high now lived in past glory and was a shadow of it former self. It was headed by Principal Miyasato Kenshin, a strict disciplinarian who struggled to bring the school to the ideal school he envisioned.It was a mixed school of all levels. Every year, students who Awakened furthered to any Knights school of their choosing while the rest had a school year similar to a normal Earth school curriculum.It was a Monday morning. Kant and Tom entered grade 11 class of senior high and they both slunk in their seats along with others as the science teacher walked in."Good day class. I believe that you all did your ho
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Are you Awakened?
"So Tom, we're both signing up for the Awakening tests right?" Kant asked him as they both came out of Literary studies class.It was the afternoon of the following day after the announcement by the Principal and they were tired from the class. It was recreation time."I don't know, we've already failed twice. I don't want to repeat that experience again" Tom said, shaking his head."Come on, let's try it. We might pass this year, you never know" He said, patting his back."What happened to you? I'm usually the one trying to convince you to do things. You seem so confident today. Have you Awakened" Tom said, looking him over."Ummm… Not to my knowledge, I haven't, I just have a feeling that this year's own is going to be different" He said quickly in his defence."I guess we can try again then, we'll get the forms after on""Yes, we'll get it this time." He said, thinking back to other times that they had tried without success. It made him cringe to think about it. It had been embarra
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Daily task
Kant was thrown off by her question, it had come out of nowhere. He wondered if she had seen him fighting with Brock. "No, I haven't yet Awakened. Why do you ask" He said, looking intently at her. "Nothing, if you say so, how do you explain what just happened in the hallway. You defeated him so easily" She said, turning to face him. "Oh, you saw that. Well, he took money from us and then tried to beat up Tom. I lost control after that" He said, not meeting her eyes. "Brock is twice your size. It was scary seeing you like that. Do you get angry often?""No, I rarely get like that. I don't get into fights often" He said after a slight pause. He didn't like the direction she was steering to and tried to divert the conversation. It was crazy that he had escaped Tom to encounter the same situation with Kumiko. They had both become suspicious of him. "Our library has many books but they're mostly boring school related stuff. Yours at home might be more interesting" He said, hoping to
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Forbidden Magic
Kant was horrified at the revelation of the system. He thought it'll be smooth sailing until the examination date."So in essence, I have to perform the task to level up or else I'll fail the exams?"[You manage to put it quite nicely]Was it just him or he detected a note of sarcasm in the system language."You're quite cheeky for a system" He muttered.[Hahaha, I'm an advanced AI, I'm capable of empathy][Do you wish to name the Sage system?]This came from the Divine Mage System and he was confused."What's this?" He said, it was hard to tell which was which. What he noticed was that the Divine Mage System had red neon letters while the Sage system had black letters just like on a screen. That and the slight difference in their write-ups were the only way he had been able to tell them apart.[Name the Sage system for verbal fluidity]"Like give it a name?" He asked, surprised at the request.[Yes]According to the system, he had to give the Sage system a name. He thought long and
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Crossroads High
Far away in the outskirts of a place called Tehran, there was a group of people gathered at a huge temple. Their fanatic eyes and swaying bodies showed that they were religious zealots. Temple attendants in white robes flocked around and it gave the impression of a religious carnival. A tall looming figure looked at the crowd in distaste. He was dressed in black clothes and had a hood around his face to conceal his identity. His clothes and lean figure concealed a well built body. He was obviously trying to blend in with everyone else but there was something menacing in his carriage and the crowd gave him a wide berth as he brushed roughly past them without an apology. He hated everything about the city. The whiskey he had drank earlier at a bar had failed to warm him. He reasoned that nothing could get you warm in this Godforsaken city. And there was no escaping the smell, the throat-choking stew of bilge and wet stone that seemed to have soaked i
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