Martial Way of Heaven

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Martial Way of Heaven

By: Xin Ban Hong Shuang Xi1 OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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"The strong ones in the world of martial arts is respected most! Fist and power is connected, and the strong make the rules! The young man fights against the sky, rises strongly and makes his own rules.There was nothing that couldn't be resolved with a single sword strike. If it cannot do, then two sword strikes! The dormant dragon has been awakened to sleep, a roar moved a thousand mountains! Sacred blood in the body, the sword art in the body, stepping on the genius of all worlds rise, defy or fight, this is a different art!"


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Chapter 1
The mountains were green and the waters were clear. The scenery was boundless!A youth handsome man dressed in a coarse robe was lying under a tree in front of a thatched cottage, watching the sunset.An old man in green robes appeared and kicked him.""What are you doing? I've already completed what you asked of me to do, we've so much firewood that they piled like a mountain."" The youth pointed at the firewood pile behind the cottage.The elder didn't say anything. When he arrived in front of the firewood, he began to burn it under as the young man looked astonished.""We're leaving today. Don't you want to learn fencing since you have the opportunity now? But let's go somewhere first."" After saying that, the old man took the boy out of the cottage and arrived at a canyon.Within the gorge, there was a lonely grave. In front of the tomb, there was a tomb without any words on it.""Hi, whose tomb is this?"" The young man looked at him and asked.The old man turned around to look
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Chapter 2
""Don't hit me, don't hit me! Let's talk first."" The fat factotum covered his face with both hands and shouted loudly.Qin Chu stopped. ""From today onwards, can I be the leader here?""""Alright, you're the head!"" The chubby factotum hurriedly agreed.Seeing that the fat factotum was convinced, Qin Chu stood up.After he stood up, the fat factotum pointed at Qin Chu and was about to say something.At this time, Qin Chu threw a punch at the stairs next to her, and the stairs were smashed into pieces. ""Yes?""Looking at the shattered stairs, the fat factotum looked pale, and he hurriedly shook his head. Qin Chu was too violent, and he was utterly unable to defeat him.""You can continue to be the manager, but don't manage me. Also, leave your place and I'll stay there!"" Qin Chu said.The fat factotum nodded quickly. He was afraid that if Qin Chu punched his head, his head would shatter like the steps.Since then, Qin Chu had a comfortable life. The fat man was in charge of all the jo
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Chapter 3
To be precise, Qin Chu had yet to arrive at the Treasure Pavilion, but he was still outside when he was stopped by two The Cyan Clan disciples on duty.""I can understand that the Treasure Pavilion is an important place where all unrelated people are not allowed to get close, but I am a servant disciple of the Green Bamboo Peak, not an unrelated person!"" Qin Chu straightened his back. He felt that it was necessary to tell his identity.The two disciples on duty frowned. ""You're a Labor Disciple, then you understand as a Labor Disciple?""""Servant disciples also belong to the Cyan Clan, don't they? Do both of you know as the door keepers? Cut the crap."" Being looked down upon by others, he felt slightly infuriated in his heart. He didn't feel that being a Labor Disciple was embarrassing at all.""Do you want to die?"" These two disciples who were on duty drew their swords. They carried out important duties outside the the Treasure Pavilion, and they were disciples of the Peak, the leade
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Chapter 4
The west side of the Labor Hall on the Green Bamboo Peak was near a cliff. Usually, there was no one around, so, Qin Chu went there to practice his swordsmanship.The basic sword art was relatively simple, but Qin Chu felt that since it could become a book, it must have its own strengths. The book content might be bad, but it mainly depended on the person.At the edge of the cliff, he drew his sword and started to cultivate the basic sword skills recorded in the ancient books. He waved, chopped, stabbed, flicked, cut... with the sword. All of them were basic moves!This cultivation lasted for four hours until the fat man brought him the food.""Well, how come there is meat?"" Qin Chu was surprised. The food of the Labor Hall was poor, and it even usually had no oil in it.""Boss, since we are helping the kitchen, they will naturally give us some benefits. In the past, I had good food before, but now I naturally have to be as before,"" The fat man said with a smile. It was fine when he
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Chapter 5
""What are you looking at? Have you never seen a Labor Disciple take on a mission?"" When he took the mission and was about to go out, Qin Chu turned around and glared at the disciples of the Cyan Clan in the Merit Department, then left with Bai Yu.After Qin Chu and Bai Yu left, those disciples started to discuss in the Merit Points Hall.""I don't know what he's ferocious for, but I've never seen a Labor Disciple receive an assignment!"" A female disciple felt that she'd suffered a grievance from being berated.Another male disciple shook his head. ""Forget it. Something will happen to them sooner or later. They even dare to go on a task without cultivation bases? They will die if they encounter any powerful beasts.""Qin Chu left the Merit Department with Bai Yu. They left the side of the Green Bamboo Peak and entered the Great Wilderness.Qin Chu said to him, ""Bai Yu, did you see that? Those official disciples of the Cyan Clan are looking at us with contempt. So we have to be strong
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Chapter 6
Qin Chu took out his small hunting knife and began peeling the bear. Bai Yu came to help.""It is dangers everywhere inside the wasteland. Be careful!"" Qin Chu skinned the bear as he scolded Bai Yu.Bai Yu lifted his head and looked at him. ""How did I know there was such a big animal here?""""There must be something wrong since the Violent Bear is dwelling here. Is there any fishy smell? Any bear poop nearby? Listen to me when I'm talking to you. Don't talk back!"" Qin Chu glared at Bai Yu.Bai Yu didn't say anything because he really saw bear feces, but he didn't take it seriously.Every part of a high-class demonic beast's body is a treasure. Qin Chu and Bai Yu have been busy for a while and have collected their gallbladders, blood essences, cores, tendons and so on.Bear skins, tendons, and other materials which weren't easy to obtain were carried on Bai Yu's back. He was his younger brother now, so there was nothing he could do!""3,000 points. For each of us, we can get 1,500 p
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Chapter 7
Qin Chu and Bai Yu were covered in blood, and their clothes were in tatters. They were carrying a few bags, and arrived at the meritorious hall of the Green Bamboo Peak.Swoosh! All the official disciples of the Green Bamboo Peak within the Merit Area moved aside. No one was willing to approach these two dirty fellows.Qin Chu arrived at the mission board first. He stretched out his hand and began to pull up the mission lists. He was selecting them. Since he already had the mission items, he took them down. This time, he pulled off a lot of them.""Bai Yu, don't you have any?"" After she finished, Qin Chu looked at Bai Yu.""I got it back as soon as I saw something good. I didn't even remember what it was. I'll hand in the mission first, and you can help me take a look at the rest of the mission items."" Bai Yu's voice was a little soft. He felt that he was much worse than Qin Chu.Qin Chu nodded. ""Okay, I'll fix it for you later!""""You're not going to scold me?"" Bai Yu was surprised
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Chapter 8
Although they were scolded, the disciples didn't say anything because what Mr. Han said was the truth. The strength of the Green Bamboo Peaks was far inferior to the other six ones. The Hall of Merits had issued a fifth-level mission, but the Green Bamboo Peaks didn't. Even if there were fifth-level missions, they were just for show, because no one from the Green Bamboo Peaks could complete them. This was the gap.Qin Chu and Bai Yu returned to the Labor Hall. When they entered and were about to ask the fat man to prepare some food, they saw him who was so sad.At this time, he was in a miserable state. The corners of his mouth were black, and there were bloodstains on his chest. His hair was a little messy.Seeing the fat man like this, Qin Chu frowned and asked, ""What happened?""""There's a guy named Li Cheng. He wants to be the boss here. When I said that there was already a boss in the Servants Hall, he hit me. During the days when you were not here, he hit me every day. Not onl
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Chapter 9
""That's right! The outer court and inner court disciples of Green Bamboo Peak aren't really good, but the Servant Disciples aren't bad!"" A young man in a white robe appeared.The official disciples cupped their fists in greeting. Although they were reprimanded by the white-robed man, none of them showed dissatisfaction on their faces.""He is the direct disciple of the peak master, Yan Yi! He is also a core disciple of the Cyan Clan."" The fat man approached Qin Chu and whispered in his ear.After hearing his introduction, Qin Chu turned his long sword and clasped his hands behind his back towards Yan Yi. He then looked towards Liu Ze. He knew that he might not be able to win against Liu Ze, but if Liu Ze wants to fight, he will definitely not hesitate.Liu Ze glanced at Qin Chu and took a few steps back. The other inner disciples cupped their fists at Yan Yi. ""Greetings, we've met before.""Liu Ze was arrogant and had a backer, but Yan Yi was a core disciple. Even if she became a co
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Chapter 10
Qin Chu and Bai Yu practiced their sword arts while completing their tasks. Whenever they met demonic beasts, they would use their sword arts to fight.In the evening, Qin Chu sat in meditation to practice. Although he didn't have the cultivation method of Qi, the method of gathering Qi taught by Bai Yu was still very effective. The Qi in his Navel rotated, constantly pulling the Spiritual Qi of heaven and earth into the Navel and then turning it into Qi.Looking at Qin Chu sitting cross-legged and cultivating, Bai Yu was very puzzled. That was because it was very fast when Qin Chu absorbed the spiritual energy of heaven and earth. It was even faster than when he was cultivating. The spiritual energy around Qin Chu's body was rapidly gathering into his body.Bai Yu felt guilty about not being able to teach Qin Chu his family art because it was his family's, and therefore he couldn't teach it to outsiders.After a night of cultivation, Qin Chu and Bai Yu woke up and continued to do
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