Chapter 2202
Master Rockwell must have heard their shifting movements and opened his eyes.

When he recognized the faces of Roland and Isabel, there was a brief glow in his murky eyes. He motioned to the nurse to have her help him sit up from the bed.

After he managed to position himself seated up against the head of the bed, he asked the nurse to leave.

Then he cast a loving, tender smile on Roland and Isabel. “Roland, Isabel, please have a seat.”

Roland said disinterestedly, "We have things to get to, just hurry up and tell us what you have to say."

Isabel stayed silent.

A look flashed in Master Rockwell's eyes. Then, he turned to Isabel and expressed regretfully, "Isabel, I’m a foolish old man, it was me who told Decker to leak pictures of you two. He had no choice because I forced him to do so. If you have to blame someone, blame me!”

Isabel frowned.

She was somewhat impressed by how smoothly the old man switched his mask from one to another. From a forlorn and sad state t
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