My Magical Harem System

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My Magical Harem System

By: Mister Op OngoingSystem

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With a stab to his heart, a young man chasing his love left the world forever. But, unbeknownst to everyone, someone else took his place.Blessed with the holy mission of creating a powerful harem by the God of Lust, watch as the man dumped by his girlfriend, Ardor Flame, ventures across the lands of the Mystic World and beyond to fulfill his purpose and attain his freedom!Of course, if his harem members find out he’s unfaithful to them, it’s GAME OVER!When love and magic collide, see how a Mortal struggles to make an indelible mark that sets him apart from anyone else.


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36 chapters
Chapter 1: An Unworthy Death
“Isabella, wait!”  A young lean man, about 170 cm tall, still with a face of innocence, chased after his love of 2 years and stood atop The Silent Goat’s staircase.  “Give me another chance! I’ll work hard and give everything to you!” His pleading shout echoed in the noisy streets of Westray. It was a regular night for most people in Westray City, and the diners at The Silent Goat were enjoying the drama happening in front of them. Isabella was on the streets. The hourglass brunette turned back. “Status.” Her one word silenced him, for he knew what she meant.  “You’re already 16, an adult, with no martial or literary accomplishments. So what if you are willing
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Chapter 2: My Magical Harem System
A few hours passed by. “Argh.” The waiter’s head immediately slipped from his hand that was resting on his knee and he woke up with a start. He looked at Ardor, who was now awake. “Would you like some water, young master?” He needed to inform his boss. “Uh… yes, please.” After the waiter left, Ardor slowly looked around the private room decorated in shades of noble brown and gold.  “Who am I? William? Ardor?”  The teen felt an existential crisis, not knowing who he was, not knowing where he ended up being. All he remembered was saving an old cat crossing the road, then the bright headlights of a truck, then boom!Read more
Chapter 3: A Useful Shop
Ardor smiled, his emotionless part feeling something new. “You’re my personal slave, so you don’t care about them. But if any of them heard this, though…” He went towards her, pinched both her cheeks and pulled them away. Her cute face looked comical and cuter. “You cheeky brat! Control your tongue! What if they heard you? What will you do then?” Jeanne knew she was in the wrong, but didn’t want to admit it. She stepped back, breaking free of Ardor’s clutches, and puffed up her chest with a pout. “I’m not a brat anymore! Look at this! I’m 16 today and ready to get married!” Ardor stared at them intensely. He automatically ignored her face turning red and noted a few points. ‘Melons, no, they’re watermelons! How can this smal
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Chapter 4: Planning His Revenge
Ardor immediately got to work. Lifting her with a princess carry that earned him a yelp from her, he carried her to his bed and made her lie down. She looked at him somewhat nervously; her earlier confidence was nowhere to be seen. But instead of directly taking action like yesterday, Ardor activated Pleasure Fingers and massaged her sensitive areas. “Ohhhhhhh!” Jeanne covered her mouth with her hand. “What did you do?” She asked him in amazement and slight confusion. Ardor raised her skirt and saw the new stain before she put it down in embarrassment. He also noticed his updated LPs value. ‘Looks like it works better than expected,’ he thought to himself. He gave her a pre
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Chapter 5: A White Revenge
[Warning: Intense Graphic Images in this chapter.] “Aaaaah!” Edgar roared like a beast in heat. His blood flowed like a raging river and pushed his blood vessels to their utmost limits. Sweat began pouring down from his entire body, and his white skin turned red from the heat. The pink gas covering his family jewels sunk into them and began intensely stimulating them as well. He quickly took off his pants, the only piece of clothing he had on him, and the people saw his weapon was already pointing to the sky. “Young master!” The old man shouted in shock. But it was useless. The dart’s effect arrived later than Ardor expected, but immediately consumed Edgar’s mind. With no lu
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Chapter 6: Breakfast With “Family”
The maid stepped back in fear and lowered her hand. Even though she knew Ardor was not favored in the family, she didn’t want to test his limits by using her life at stake. She knew he was right. ‘Feels damn good to act how my actual status should be like for once,’ Ardor inwardly grinned. With a restrained expression, she stiffly said, “The Patriarch has called you to attend breakfast with the family today.” Ardor nonchalantly replied, “Not interested.” When she didn’t leave, he asked her, “Anything else?” The maid stood still, confused. Was this the same Fourth Young Master she knew all along? But she couldn’t pass on his message to the Patriarch, so she thought of another reason to convince him. Read more
Chapter 7: Jeanne’s Situation Changes
Ardor continued trying to act, but he genuinely felt sad, and sorry for himself. Jeanne and the “family” felt it.  He looked down and said, “I sadly don’t, First Mother. Is it really necessary to sell her?” He looked up at her in genuine hope. The same hope she always loved to crush, and she didn’t fail him this time. “Yes, it is.” Her reply was curt, leaving no room for refusal. With a self-sacrificing tone akin to a man who learned it was useless to argue without power, Ardor softly said, “If it’s for your daughter… Ah… I guess it can’t be helped. You may do as you wish, First Mother.” What they didn’t know was he was constantly looking through his Shop hoping to find something to get him out of his current predicament.  Read more
Chapter 8: Truth of the Past
[Warning: This is a violent chapter.] The Death Warrior with the black mask shook his head and instantly left Ardor from his grasp. He left the room with other Death Warriors following behind him and closed the door. Now they were alone. Ardor walked by the sides of the table and approached Alse, who kept staring at him. He finally stood in front of her. She was slightly taller than him, with her heels on. He didn’t like it. *Smack* Faint redness appeared on her right cheek, but she didn’t react negatively to it. Her body just twitched as a small, hazy smile formed on her face. “Kneel!” He commanded! *Smack* A faint red mark app
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Chapter 9: Truth of the Past 2
“Knowing that Gawyn’s attention would completely remain on her after her second child, I went to the black market and got hold of a colorless poison. It would dissolve a person’s talent and destroy anything gestating. It did its job. Worked on her and that unborn child. I even gave it to you! But… somehow, you’re still alive, just without your talent!” Ardor got red eyed as he heard the story. He stared at the person who made him lose that potential maternal love he never felt.  In his past life, his apathetic parents, who didn’t have a shred of love for him, shaped his apathetic, twisted self. He finally could have been loved, be cared for, but she took it away! Ardor stood up and began hitting her right and left. *Smack*x69 Read more
Chapter 10: A New Solution
An eyeball instantly appeared in Ardor’s vision, above him, and blue rays emitted from it, scanning his body. A progress bar soon appeared above it. Once done, he saw some details displayed on a blue screen that just popped up above it. [Your Spirit is high enough to split your mind into two thought processes. But one must be in control of the body, while the other can only think in order to avoid conflict. So, you can have a Main Will and a Secondary Will. Both will automatically get access to controlling up to half of your Spirit. 15 LPs are required to create a Secondary Will. Do you confirm its creation?] Ardor was deep in thought after hearing everything. ‘Hmm…’ He soon grinned. ‘This might really work out!’ Read more