My Wife, My Supreme Majesty

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My Wife, My Supreme Majesty

By: Sally Garcia OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Dylan Moore did not marry Nora Smith out of love. Their vows were exchanged under his sheer desperation and imminent need for survival after being kicked out of his own family after investing in a venture deemed futile by the rest of his family. Despite being viewed as less than a man by his wife, Dylan found himself falling in love with her during the two years of their union. Now that things are finally looking up for him again financially, he has one and only one goal: He would destroy the people who once considered him the lowest of the low, people who'd offered him nothing but derision and ridicule while he waded through the most difficult time of his life. Dylan will make his name known again, and this time, he will not fail.


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49 chapters
Chapter 1 A Broke, Penniless, and Filthy Scum!
"Take the foot wash basins away, Dylan."The two beautiful women lounging on the sofa had just finished bathing their feet. One of them was Dylan's wife, Nora Smith. The other woman was her best friend, Jane Patterson.Dylan Moore did exactly as Nora had instructed him to without any complaints. After all, he was just a lowly man who married into the Smith family and had no say in anything. Despite two years of marriage, Dylan's words and opinions held no weight.Nora and her mother, Mary Landeau, often yelled at him over trivial matters. They would kick him out of the house immediately if he ever dared to defend himself. That wasn't all. During the two years of their marriage, he had never once held Nora's hand and was forced to sleep on the floor every night because his wife hated and disdained him from the bottom of her heart. In more ways than one, she had never truly perceived him as a man; in fact, his fate was comparably worse than that of a dog.Dylan was usually put in charg
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Chapter 2 A Fallen Bike
Dylan tossed and turned all night, only falling asleep when dawn approached.Not long after falling asleep, he heard Mary's voice attempting to rouse him. "Wake up, Dylan. Time to send Nora to work."In his state of drowsiness, Dylan thought he was still dreaming, so he turned over and continued sleeping. It was then that Mary forced the door open and kicked Dylan irritably."Are you deaf? Did you not hear what I just said?" Mary folded her arms as she yelled, condescension dripping from her voice.Despite being in her forties, Mary was one to take care of her appearance, making it seem as if she was only in her thirties. Her impeccable skincare routine had also succeeded in lending her a charm of class and sophistication. Dylan felt a sharp pain in his back as he got up from the floor, disoriented. Upon seeing the displeased expression on Mary’s face, he returned her stare with a confused look.What was going on? Throughout the two years of their marriage, Nora h
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Chapter 3 Slander
"Hey, It's Dylan. I'll agree to help as long as you agree to two conditions. First, send me one of the necklaces from Allen Walker's Castle in the Sky series. Secondly, there's a certain Martin Webb under our family, no? I want him to go bankrupt, and I want it done soon."Dylan ended the call as soon as he finished speaking, not caring whether or not the other person had gotten a clear understanding of what he had said. Right after he'd hung up on his call, his phone vibrated with a text from Nora. "Get yourself a new set of clothes for tonight's banquet," it read. "Do not embarrass me."… Bavarley Hills was a high-end residential area where only the wealthy families of Southbank City lived. But, again, not even money alone could guarantee anyone a villa in the area.Coincidentally, it was in Bavarley Hills where Dylan had arranged to meet up with Samson Moore.When Samson arrived and took a seat in front of him, Dylan was sprawled out on the recliner. Being Dylan's uncle as well as
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Chapter 4 The Beautiful Lady
Having spent two years with the Smith family, Dylan was well aware of how much power Mary held in the family. She was the only one who terrified him."Pack up your things, Dylan. You will sign the divorce papers with Nora tomorrow, and you'll move out of our house after that," Mary instructed."But Mom—""I'm not your mother! Don't call me that!" Mary exclaimed."U—Uh, okay, Mary then," Dylan said, taking a deep breath. He lowered his gaze timidly and continued, "I really love Nora, and we've already been married for two years—"A loud bang interrupted his stuttered speech.Mary smacked the coffee table as she stood up and glared at Dylan. "You've been married to her for two years, there's no doubt about that, but you've also eaten our food, lived here, and used our things for those two years! "Not once have you contributed to our family despite taking from us—tell me now, if you will! What the fuck have you done for us? Huh? My wonderful daughter is a capable woman, but you ar
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Chapter 5 Vision Entertainment
Bailey was very pretty, with her beauty even comparable to the top stars of Vision Entertainment. It made sense why Vision Entertainment had scouted her. Even so, everyone was immediately envious of her success.After all, Vision Entertainment was the top entertainment company in Southbank City. If Bailey really signed a contract with them, with the help of their resources, she would rise to fame in no time.Even Dylan, who was standing in the corner, grew quite interested in the conversation. He never knew that Bailey was going to sign a contract with Vision Entertainment. Moreover, the company was going to be his tomorrow. In other words, Bailey was going to be one of his staff.Dylan smiled at the thought as he walked over to speak with Bailey.But before he could even open his mouth, Bailey frowned in disgust and moved away from him before he could interject. "Ew, you reek of sweat!" she exclaimed. "Could you give me some space?"Dylan was taken aback, and he found himself
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Chapter 6 An Elder of the Smith Family
"Nora, what were you thinking? As a wife, how could you let your husband wear such shabby clothes outside? Is your household so poor now? Also, look at your dress! By the looks of it, it can't have cost more than a few hundred dollars, not to mention whatever generic brand it must have been from—" Henry's gloating voice was insufferable as he continued after a brief pause. "What a strange couple you are! In fact, how dare you wear such clothes here? "Just look at my suit jacket, for instance. Not only was it custom-made by a master from Napori, an Ivarian suit manufacturer, it also cost me 50 thousand dollars.""Gosh!" A hushed exclamation pervaded the crowd following Henry's bold declaration."My goodness. 50 thousand dollars? Just for the jacket? His entire suit would have cost him around four hundred thousand dollars, then!"What Henry had just said sent a ripple through the crowd. Many women were astounded by his claims, viewing Henry as a good catch. If they married him, th
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Chapter 7 Staring Him Down
"Grandma! I would like to go!""Let me deal with it, Grandma. I have lots of experience in negotiation!""I'm willing to go as well!"It didn't matter whether or not they knew how to negotiate a deal. Everyone in the room was raising their hands, vying to be chosen to negotiate a deal with Vision Entertainment.Nora was the only one who didn't raise her hand. She knew that even if she did, she wouldn't be the one chosen to broker the deal.Rhonda looked at the zealous crowd and nodded subtly. She then smiled and pointed at Henry, who was standing at a side, "I think I'll let Henry do it this time. Henry, go to Vision Entertainment tomorrow to begin the necessary discussions.""Thank you, Grandma." Henry hurriedly ran up the stage to help Rhonda down, grinning from ear to ear.That night, Dylan fell asleep as soon as he returned home. He couldn't care less about what had happened over the past two days. Unlike before, nothing would be a problem now that he was rich. After all, ev
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Chapter 8 Mrs. Smith Senior
"So, you’re Michelle?" Dylan glanced at her and asked."I'm sorry, Mr. Moore. I wanted to pick you up, but nobody was at your house. I got stuck in some traffic on the way to the office too, hence why I was late," Michelle explained softly with a nod of acknowledgment. She didn't want Dylan to have a bad impression of her on his first day as the company's CEO."What are you doing, Michelle?" Eden walked toward Michelle, pointing at Dylan. "He's just a normal company staff. In fact, I fired him a while ago. He doesn't deserve to be addressed so formally, geez!""Normal staff? Fired?" Michelle flipped open the folder in her hand and took out a document from within. After comparing the photo on it with Dylan, she told Eden firmly, "There’s no mistaking it. He's the new CEO of the company, Mr. Dylan Moore."The lead security guard, shocked at this revelation, immediately became weak in the knees. He gulped and was about to say something, but a lump had formed in his throat, renderi
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Chapter 9 A VIP Customer
"What is it? You don't want to do that?" Henry frowned instantly. "As a member of the Smith family, it is your duty to serve the family. The company you were in charge of for the first half of the year had incurred a deficit of eight million dollars. This is your chance to redeem yourself. Otherwise, according to our family's rules, you'll have to face demotion."Nora bit her lips and couldn't say a word. She didn't expect Henry to threaten her with this. She did lose the eight million dollars, but the money she had earned for the family exceeded it by ten times after the years of hard work she'd done."Grandma, I—"Rhonda waved dismissively and added, "Henry's right. You'll be rewarded if you help the family, but you must be punished if you make mistakes. Since the company under your charge incurred an eight million dollar loss, you must handle the collaboration with Vision Entertainment this time to redeem yourself."After her words, she cast a quick glance around the room befo
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Chapter 10 Castle in the Sky
"Okay. You can call me 'Daddy' now. I'm waiting," Dylan said, casually picking his ear. Jane composed herself, determined not to show any panic, and took a deep breath to recover from the shock she had just experienced. "Dylan, Nora only gives you 200 dollars daily for your living expenses. Where did you get this money from? It seems impossible, not to mention suspicious."Nora was also skeptical about the sudden influx of money he'd transferred to her. Her anxiety grew even more after she heard what Jane had said. She approached Dylan, grabbed his arm, and led him to the bedroom on the second floor. Closing the door behind them, she asked in a low voice, "Dylan, tell me honestly, where did the money come from?""You don't believe me either?" Dylan sighed and said calmly, "I borrowed it from a friend of mine. Just use it. Don't worry about it."He sounded slightly disappointed. Despite having given her the money, she didn't seem at all happy about it, even going so far as to dou
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