Picking up Attributes at the End of the World

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Picking up Attributes at the End of the World

By: Jin Yu De Xin Tiao1 OngoingSystem

Language: English

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At the end of the world, it was difficult for everyone to survive. The dorm manager Yang Hao was forced to look for food outside. In the crisis, he found the attributes dropped by the zombies, then he picked them up and add them to himself."I picked up the strength attribute. Strength+1.""I picked up the speed attribute. Speed+1.""I picked up the mutated attribute and awakened my bloodline.""I picked up a red packet and got three bottles of mineral water!""I picked up a silver treasure chest and got a titanium alloy spear!"


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370 chapters
Chapter 1 Picking Up Attributes When Doomsday Comes
The end of the world erupted and the great earth became desolate.""Get out to find food. Don't come back if you can't find anything!""""Clang!""In the Jiangzhou Vocational Institute, the door of the first floor of the boys' dormitory building was slammed shut. Yang Hao stood alone outside the door.Hungry!There was no anger on his face. His eyes flickered with the green light of hunger as he looked at the small supermarket not far away.After the end of the world, he hadn't eaten for three consecutive days and only drank a little water.When he saw the grocery under the gray sky, hunger surged.""He he he...""In the dark corner of the building ten meters away, four zombies wandered unconsciously.These zombies were not like the ones on TV who walked crookedly and moved slowly.In the dormitory building, he saw with his own eyes that several tall sports students were chased until they were exhausted. Finally, they were bitten to death and turned into zombies.Black spots could
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Chapter 2 Killing Zombies for Red Packets
They were bastards like three dogs. Out of kindness, Yang Hao let them come in and hide for a while.As a result, they kicked Yang Hao out of the iron-gate reception room and he had to face the crisis of death.He must take revenge.He was not in a hurry to move but walked to the zombie that couldn't move.It was a woman. After becoming a zombie, she could not move.Her long hair and clothes were disheveled and her grey body could be seen. There were also two big holes on her chest and a row of dark ribs.""Disgusting!""Yang Hao guessed that she should be the lady boss of the supermarket. It was said that she had an ambiguous relationship with many boy students.""I have to get rid of the danger. Who knows if she will get up or not! F*ck, I haven't killed a zombie yet. I'm too cowardly!""He took a stool leg and aimed it at her head. He closed his eyes and smashed it down.""Bang!""The zombie's head hit the wall behind her and broke into black bloodstains.Her hands, which were
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Chapter 3 Unexpected Harvest of Four Zombies
""Puchi!""The iron pipe instantly pierced through the eyes of a zombie before him and came out from the back of the head.He couldn't care about anything else. He raised his leg and kicked out fiercely before stabbing another one!The other two followed the same method and stabbed three zombies to death in an instant. They stood back to back.Run?The zombies would absolutely not give up on chasing. In the end, there would be more and more, and only death awaited them!They could only rely on their strength to kill the zombies first.The next second, Liu Wei and Zhang Yang raised their hands and threw the two zombies out.Li Sihu, who was the shortest and agilest, took advantage of the moment to stab the zombie in the eye again with the steel pipe in his hand.It was a thrilling kill.The three of them killed two zombies at an even faster speed.In less than five seconds, all six zombies were killed.The three of them were all members of the Martial Arts Club. They liked to
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Chapter 4 The Power of Combat Saber Techniques
Yang Hao directly ignored the increase in attribute points, and his gaze fell onto the seven-star machete.The blade was two feet long, with sawteeth on the back and seven stars studded on it. There was an anti-slip blood-sucking cloth on the handle of the blade, and the tassels scattered on the blade. It could be wrapped around the hand to prevent people from getting rid of it!""When I watched the gangsters fight in my early years, someone used a seven-star machete. It's really the best! I'm going to kill those three bastards now!""In an instant, Yang Hao's confidence exploded. He brandished his machete and practiced fighting with the techniques two more times.It was much stronger than the triangular iron he had just used. It was not an ordinary item.""Good, good, good! The system is indeed like a cheating program. Although I am now a weakling, I will definitely become immeasurably powerful!""His heart was filled with boundless happiness, and he felt like he was about to fly up
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Chapter 5 Going or Not for My Goddess?
Yang Hao quickly regained his senses and chased away all the excitement in his mind. He continued to follow the three bastards.From a distance, he saw zombies rushing out from the shade of the trees, under the walls, and from the big classrooms and the lecture hall.These places were wide and they had nowhere to hide. All the students and teachers had become zombies.No matter how awesome, beautiful, or rich they used to be, they were equally treated in the face of disasters.Yang Hao saw that one of the four most handsome boys had lost an eye, and his skin was covered with a gray color. He was chasing after the three.""You pursued Cai Jing and thus became a zombie, didn't you? It serves you right! She won't love a zombie!""The reason why she had such an impression of him was that he was her rival in love!He also saw that the former prettiest girls in the Department of Finance, the Department of Economics and Management, etc. had all become zombies. They were mixed in with the
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Chapter 6 Searching for the Entrance
If you go to the canteen at five o'clock on regular days, you will see many beautiful girls in cool clothes among crowds.However, what Yang Hao saw today was just wandering zombies, which led to a serious crisis.When humans arrived, only death awaited them.He had made up his mind, but it did not mean that he was going to die in vain.""Yang Hao, you may die. There are many people inside. They have probably become zombies!""Mrs. Huang, the teacher who just reminded him, shouted at him through the iron fence outside the window.They saw more and more dangers, warning him to be careful.""Mrs. Huang, you are a good person. If I can come out of the vocational institute alive, I will definitely take you away! You remind me of my mom and dad. They are the people who are good to me and care about me!""Yang Hao answered loudly and then went to the canteen without hesitation.In his heart, he decided that after taking revenge, he would find the one he had a crush on!""Hao, it's enoug
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Chapter 7 Let's Flee as Emergency Occurred!
Yang Hao discovered that it was a fifty-square-meter sealed room.There was a pile of fire-fighting equipment near the east wall. Fortunately, he saw a fire axe and the shovels were gone.On the west side, there were three swill buckets with a height of 1.2 meters. At this moment, all of them were tilted and items inside were scattered all over the ground.The zombies were gone. Behind the metal door on the north side might be the kitchen of the canteen.Yang Hao did not immediately go over. Instead, he picked up the attribute light balls first.""Strength+5+6+7+5, Speed+1+2+1+1, Spirit+1+0.5+0.5, Bronze Treasure Chest+1!""He ignored the changes in attributes and focused his gaze on the treasure chest. Then he directly opened it.""Titanium-chromium Dagger: weighing half catties, reinforced and sharpened! Strength+3, Speed+1, battle strength doubles!""Hearing the system's introduction, Yang Hao looked at the one-foot-long dagger in his hand. It had a good touch as if it could kil
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Chapter 8 A Perfect Refuge
Yang Hao, who was frantically running away, didn't care about the others' thoughts!He just felt that it was a pity that there were many light balls of different attributes scattered on the ground.He killed at least 20 zombies, but he didn't dare to get out of the pickup to pick them up.""Clang, clang...""Just as he was distracted, he felt a violent jolt and the bumper in front fell off.He had tried his best to avoid driving over the zombies, but he failed. There was a problem with the pickupHe glanced at the rear mirror and then looked at the zombies next to him. There were too many to count.If he didn't flee, he would undoubtedly die.""I can't go around anymore, or I'll die! Run!""It was impossible for Yang Hao to give up his life just because of the beautiful secret love in his heart.He made a prompt decision to drive the pickup crazily on the vast streets on the campus.At this moment, the speed had reached 80 mph. All zombies who dared to pounce on him were thrown
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Chapter 9 Shameless Bastards
""Son of a bitch, you know that many people will die today, but you don't think of a way to rescue them. Instead, you insult a woman here! What's the point of your living?""As this thought flashed through his mind, Yang Hao tightened his grip on his machete and prepared to rush in.He didn't expect that Teacher Ye would yield under coercion.""No! I beg of you. Don't!""His voice was filled with pleading, as well as hoping. She hoped to continue living.""Hahaha, right now, you are the weak. There is no law or morality. Whoever has the bigger fist and strength can do whatever they want! You must do as we order!""The unnamed man went mad now and began to shout angrily.Hearing those words, Yang Hao came to a realization. As the end of the world had arrived, people had all received an enormous shock, whose temperaments had changed enormously.Or perhaps, without the shackles, he would cast off his usual disguise and become worse than a beast!Yang Hao was rejoicing that he could thi
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Chapter 10 Attribute Points in Hitting Someone
""Clang!""Gu Yu's body slammed onto the edge of the desk. His upper body was folded and swept through many things on the desk.""Clatter...""The piles of documents and computers were knocked to the ground by his body and scattered all over the ground.""Crack!""The sound of bones breaking came from his waist, and his body slipped along the edge of the table and fell to the ground.The double pain from his stomach and waist made him open his mouth wide. His face was full of pain. He wanted to shout, but he failed.He was no longer as handsome as usual.Yang Hao didn't even look at him. His eyes fell on Su Dongzhou and the young man.Seeing how cold and cruel Yang Hao was, Teacher Ye forgot that he was helping her. She immediately collapsed onto the ground and expressionlessly stared at him.She couldn't come to her senses.The young man behind her faced Yang Hao in an instant and looked around in all directions, hoping to find a way to escape.Su Dongzhou rolled his eyes and co
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