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"Here are my two sons, the one that solidifies his own capabilities , will be my HEIR " The latter said, as he announced his sons Liam, Louis."Nope ," this can't be happening. Liam thought inwardly as his father revealed his step brother to him , on the night Liam was announced to the whole world . Liam Coleman, an average college student , who's based on scholarship , because of that he was bullied by the rich students , and even the lady he had a crush on bullied him , but he received a call on his 18 th birthday, which turned his life around . After realizing his father is rich, Liam was called to the mansion; he thought he was the only heir, not knowing he got a brother named Louis . What happened , when the two sons were given three months to solidify their abilities to the boards?. Who would be the chosen one? Liam or Louis?


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Chapter 1
Chapter -1Liam took out his purse, and stared at the 100 dollar note left in his pocket."Gosh! I have to pay the fees of the college and I'm running out of money. Hope this job will help to earn," Liam sighed heavily and kept the purse back in his pocket.Even though Liam was having a cool and smiling face, he wasn't entirely Happy.Today is his Eighteen's birthday , yet he was working as if his life depended on it.Phew , His life depended on it, without working, he can't sustain . Even though the payment wasn't much, he was happy working and getting paid."Clean the court now," as the coach yelled, he ran back to the basketball court. The coach went to his office, while the other players were smirking as the team leader best friend, Jackson spilled the water on the ground. They were trying to make the job difficult for him. He didn't say anything and wiped the floor quietly. He didn't want any fight with them."Hey, you idiot. You haven't cleaned it neatly..Do it again," Jacks
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Chapter 2
Chapter 2His phone rang when he was cleaning the floor.It was Becca. Becca is the girl Liam likes and is going after." Hey" Becca cooed into the phone." What's up?" Liam asked, turning to see that Anabel had already left."I called to ask you for the money..The money you promised me - the 1000$ . Actually, I want to use it get a dress to participate in the birthday party of the captain of the cheerleading team," she told him" Oh?!" Liam managed to say. He felt so embarrassed of himself at that moment because he had only 100$ with him.He kept this money for his lunch and dinner." Say something Liam, don't just keep me quiet..What's the problem?" she asked impatiently" Well, to be honest,I don't have that kind of money" Liam told her truthfully, though he was ashamed of himself, he knew he still had to come clean, thinking she would understandSaying the truth was far better than lying" How much do you have then?" she asked in a grumpy voice" Just 100$" he replied" What? $100
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Chapter 3
Chapter 3Wait! "Is this a joke?" He asked himself. He couldn't believe this.This has got to be a prank, because someone has done a similar prank to him in the past.But he wouldn't allow anyone to do that to him for the second time... he's not gonna fall for that again.He threw his old phone away, another ridiculous prank, he thought.However, at this time, his phone rang.He picked it up to realize it was his father" Hey son" he said coercively into the phone.Liam breathed in and out, taking his time because he was so over the moon."How've you been son??" his dad asked Liam who has been wondering why he called.He hardly calls, or maybe it's because that day was his birthday?He probably called to wish him a happy birthday?" I'm good. You?" he asked a little subtlyA short silence stepped in before his Dad decided to break it by telling him why he called.The atmosphere was getting so weird and tense." There's something I need to tell you" he said in a serious voiceLiam kep
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Chapter 4
Chapter 4Liam didn't fall asleep for a whole night. He kept tossing to and fro on the bed, thinking of the money that was in his account He was impatiently waiting for morning to come so he would go to the bank.And if it was true, Damn!He just has to keep his calm and wait for morning**Morning finally came and Liam wasn't any happier.He rushed off the bed and went to the bathroom to take his bathe, then he dressed in a simple outfit, the best he had actually and off he was to the bank with a bold aura and a proud smile on his face like someone who has just won the lottery, but his was far better than a lottery.He had to figure out if his Dad had told him the truth.He entered the bank excitedly and went to the receptionist desk" Hello, good morning" he greeted the young lady he left there.She looked up to him, and scoffed.He left there and carefully went to a counter and asked the staff there to check how much was in his account." Hello, please; could you check how much i
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Chapter 5
Chapter 5After some few minutes of waiting, the bank girl walked closer to Liam ."Sir we've checked your account thoroughly , it's confirmed there's 100$ million in your account " The bank girl said, flashing Liam a commercial toothpaste smile."Wasn't the person , who was acting grumpily a little while ago " Liam thought."Money really Changes everything, money is life " Liam grinned .With money , you can change your enemies to your side , with money you can do anytime you want . Liam thought.Now , he could remember all that he has passed through from those rich kids.So , because they've money they treat the poor like trash ."Oh goodness , I'll make sure they pay, " Liam thought and smiled wickedly. Had Liam never been in the poor situation , he wouldn't have known the kind of lifestyle the poor live and pass through every single day . Liam thought with a sigh."Oh com'on ,this must be a joke right , where can he find such money , he can't even feed himself talkless of payi
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Chapter 6
Finally they got into the well built manager's office , the office was neatly coloured and well furnished.Liam stared at it in awe, but it wasn't long because his thoughts were preoccupied .Liam took a heavy breath , he was staring at the man waiting for him to lash out to him ." Please have your sit young man " The manager said and gestured to the chair in front." Ohh okay " Liam stuttered ." So the reason why I told you to tag along with me to the office , is because we've to confirm your identity , we've to know who you're before anything else " The manager said." How ? Is it necessary ? Liam asked, hoping the manager will change his mind about his identity.Even himself was confused about his identity ." We've to check the account , the account belong to the Coleman Families , which they're the richest family, the largest family to own trillion of dollars , so we've to confirm your identity or else you'll be taken as a fraud " The manager explained in details."Coleman fam
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Chapter 7
Liam left the manager's office with him , the manager was totally exhausted, he had gone to buy the soft drinks at the thrice , till Liam was satisfied.By the time they got out , Becca and her boyfriend were already gone which made Liam sighed with a disappointed look.He was hoping to take make her regret her actions, but seems he'll do that another day another time.The thought of it made him go Gaga , he can't wait to see the look on her face. The latter was trailing behind Liam like a fool ." Some people seem to enjoy living a fake life, " a lady muttered with an eye roll."Have you gone Nut , how dare you talk to our VVIP like that " The manager yelled out angrily.Liam seemed to be enjoying the show , he stood there like a gentleman and watched them displaying their foolishness ." SIR Liam , he's one of the top customer do the needful now or are you tired of working here bitch" The manager growled as his face turned red.The lady was terrified immediately , he was shaking
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Chapter 8
The sale woman sent Liam a hard stare , it seems like she was about to say something to him , when a young lady rushed to Liam ."Excuse me sir, why is nobody serving us , we serve every customers ". The lady said."we're really sorry sir ,if you don't mind I'll serve you sir " The lady said.She has seen the way the sales attendant treated Liam like trash.It wasn't new to her , because she knew that's how she treats low customers based on their clothes and her thinking."Sure , thanks "Liam said and followed her."Why are losers like him permitted into this place, what a loser " The saleswoman said loudly making Liam to hear himLiam gritted his teeth in anger, he promised himself not to let the woman go scout free.Who the hell is she to talk to him in that manner, she'll surely pay."She's doomed to pay" ! Liam said with a smirk." That's why she doesn't make enough money , she attends to poor peeps like her , what a life " the saleswoman mumbled in a mocking tone .Liam stared
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Chapter 9
Liam brought out his card , leaving them surprised.The three of them find it hard to believe , because the big belly man recognized the card .He had seen the card in his boss's hand before, he was a driver to a rich man.They couldn't believe it , because the card was made up of gold ."Now , you believe I can buy you all, " Liam said with a dark smile." We're not sure yet , it's not successful yet, who knows if you stole it " The saleswoman stuttered ."Done" , the cashier said and handed the black card to Liam .All three looked down at their feet, they found it difficult to believe.The saleswoman couldn't believe her eyes, she was shocked to the bone .Her eyes swelled up immediately, clearly she just lost a great commission.Liam wink at her , making her cheeks burn hot ."Sir you can have your seat , before we packed it " The saleswoman said , trying to act nicely but Liam already planned to make her pay for what she did."That wouldn't be necessary for a loser like me , I
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Chapter 10
Chapter 10 Liam entered a big comfy room , with Butler Lee , everything inside the room was trimmed in an according manner . That was the very first time Liam would enter a cool chilly room like that , everything inside the room was speaking money .Liam met a figure seated on a seat , backing him likewise at the table. From his back posture , the latter looked like an elderly person , with silver silk hair , which Liam already guessed as his dad.It's Almost 15 yrs now and he hasn't seen his dad , so he had to guess , hopefully he was right .The man turned , swirling his chair , he had a sphygmomanometer fixed on his left arm .Liam took a glance at the old man in his front , and yes the resemblance was there , it was like a carbon copy of Liam.Liam stared at the old man with desperation , yeah he was desperate to hear him talk."Is this my son , LIAM COLEMAN?" The old man asked Butler Lee , even though he already knew it was his son but still had to confirm ."Yes master, thi
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