Rising Under the Thundercloud

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Rising Under the Thundercloud

By: Fei Wu Ji Yang1 OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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A rare genius who destroyed his own cultication for the girl he loved possessed a playboy's body by accident. Since then, he lived a life turning things upside down in the cultication world with a lot of beautiful girls. With the ancient jade in hand, he possessed the most valuable treasure; accompanied by beauties, he attained immortal life!


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526 chapters
Chapter 1
There was a mountain named Mount Yinlong in the territory of Tiandu Country. It was thousands of feet high, with layers upon layers of hills. It was beautiful and steep. It was known as the most famous mountain in Dongxuan Land and attracted countless celebrities and visitors.However, at that very instant, on top of the mount, a tragedy of splitting a couple up was currently happening.Wan Dong held the sword in one hand and the breathless Mu Lian in the other. He looked sad and heartbroken.""Lian'er, hold on. I can get you out of here.""Mu Lian turned to look at the cliff behind them. There was no way out.""Little Dong, it's my good fortune to fall in love with you. I don't expect to be with you every day and night. It’s enough to be with you in the past. Don't run anymore. I'm tired, and I can't run anymore..."" Mu Lian's mouth overflowed with red blood again, adding a touch of heartbreaking beauty to her beautiful face.""No! If I can’t stay with you forever, what's the point of stay
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Chapter 2
""Bang!""Poof!Dark red blood splashed all over the sky. Mu Lian flew backward like a kite in the wind.""Lian'er!"" Wan Dong let out a heartrending cry.Wan Dong seemed to have gone mad. He jumped up and hugged Mu Lian's body tightly. At this time, Mu Lian had completely lost her life, and there was no vitality on her pale face.Time seemed to stop at this moment. Wan Dong just stared at Mu Lian without blinking, as if he had turned into a stone.He did not cry or laugh, nor did he shout or make a fuss. An incomparable sadness surged up in the air and flowed. It enveloped the whole world in it.His heart could not feel pain, because it had been completely torn apart. There were no tears in his eyes, because tears were not enough to vent the sadness in his heart.All of a sudden, the entire Mount Yinlong fell into a dead silence. Not only Wan Haoxiong, Wan Youqi, Shangguan Feiyun and Shangguan Yunzhu were silent, but also the mountain wind that had been raging on the top of the mountain a
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Chapter 4
""His soul left his body!? How is this possible? He's just a mortal..."" Li Baiyi suddenly exclaimed, and his chiseled handsome face was instantly covered with shock.""You want to escape?! I'll destroy your soul!"" Even Li Baiyi had destroyed Wan Dong’s physical body, he was unsatisfied. He roared and suddenly swung his palm. A purple-green light that contained infinite power immediately shot out of his palm. Like a giant spear that shot toward the sky, it chased after the golden light at an alarming speed.""Li Baiyi, you... you are too vicious!"" Seeing Li Baiyi’s actions, Mu Lian fiercely roared and slapped Li Baiyi in the face.With a snort, Li Baiyi shook his wrist and grabbed Mu Lian’s wrist and said with a fierce look, ""It's all your fault! Blame yourself!""""You..."" Mu Lian was so angry with Li Baiyi that she was trembling and could not say a word.Not only was Li Baiyi's palm powerful, but it was also extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, it had caught up with the golden light tha
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Chapter 5
Qingyun Empire was a renowned super empire in Dongxuan Land. It was far from something that Tiandu Country could compare to.It was a vast territory with abundant resources. It had the style of a heavenly country.The capital of Qingyun Empire was located in Yunzhong City, the number one city in Dongxuan Land. It covered an area of millions of square kilometers and had a population of nearly 100 million. This city was comparable to the whole Tiandu Country.As the capital of Qingyun Empire, Yunzhong City naturally gathered countless famous and powerful people! One of them was King of Empire-stabilizing Xu Wenchuan.Xu Wenchuan was an extraordinary figure. His cultivation had already reached the Eighth Realm of Genuine Qi. In the entire Yunzhong City and even Dongxuan Land, he could be regarded as a famous super master. He had fought his way to conquer the world when he was young. It was all thanks to Xu Wenchuan that the Qingyun Empire possessed such a vast territory.When he was middl
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Chapter 6
At night, the whole King of Empire-stabilizing's Mansion was dead silent.Everyone in the mansion knew that something was about to happen, and no one dared to be careless at this time. Once they provoked the anger of King of Empire-stabilizing, it would be equivalent to a catastrophe.Xu Wenchuan was afraid that something bad would happen to Ning Shan as she fainted several times due to excessive sadness, so he could only hit her sleeping acupoint and ordered someone to send her back to her room to rest. He came to the ancestral hall of the Xu Family, where the memorial tablets of the ancestors of Xu Family were worshipped. He prayed all night for the blessing of the ancestors and hoped a miracle would happen.Under the cover of sadness and tension, no one noticed that a golden light, like a meteor, cut through the sky and quickly fell. In Xu Yaoting's tightly closed room, the golden light suddenly burst out, but it only lasted for a moment. Soon, it disappeared without a trace, and di
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Chapter 7
The biggest difference between martial cultivators and Taoist cultivators was that martial cultivators cultivated genuine qi, while Taoist cultivators cultivated Tao Qi. The difference between genuine qi and Tao Qi was huge. The power and destructive power of Tao Qi were at least a hundred times greater than that of genuine qi. Those Taoist cultivators could use Tao Qi to level the mountains and fill up the seas, but martial cultivators could not do that even if they had reached the Tenth Realm of Genuine Qi.However, cultivating genuine qi and Tao Qi both needed to absorb the essence of heaven and earth. The essence of heaven and earth was the primordial Qi, the source of all the power in the world. It was just that martial cultivators generally only knew the breathing method. Using this method, the amount of essence they could absorb was pitifully little and slow.But Taoist cultivators were different. They knew how to transport the essence of heaven and earth. Not only could they ab
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Chapter 8
Ignoring the trembling and pale butler, Xu Wenchuan strode to the lotus pond and walked toward the figure who was swimming toward the shore with Ning Shan in his arms.""You piece of trash, why are you still standing there? Hurry up and help!""Xu Wenchuan shouted. Several servants rushed up in a panic and pulled the two people in the water up together.""Boy, how are you? Are you okay?"" Xu Wenchuan glanced at Ning Shan and found that Ning Shan was just frightened, but nothing serious. Then he turned his eyes to the figure who saved Ning Shan.At this time, the man turned his back to Xu Wenchuan and stared at Ning Shan as if he didn't hear what Xu Wenchuan said. His hair and body were covered with water stains, and his body was trembling slightly. He looked very tired.Xu Wenchuan was touched. Nowadays, there were fewer and fewer servants who were so loyal that they could risk their lives for their master.However, Xu Wenchuan had completely misunderstood. His body trembled slightly, so h
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Chapter 9
""Is he drinking? He's too bold! Don't choke before getting drunk!"" Seeing Xu Wenchuan drinking, Sun Xiaoya and Sun Daobai looked at each other and were stunned.Looking at Sun Daobai with worry in her eyes, Sun Xiaoya knew how much Sun Daobai could drink. If he drank like this, he would definitely be drunk.Sun Daobai shook his head with a wry smile. At this point, he had no reason not to drink, even if he was drunk to death. Was the brotherhood for half of his life fake?Sun Xiaoya and Sun Daobai looked at each other in dismay, and Sun Daobai smiled bitterly. Xu Wenchuan saw everything, and he was so happy. ""D*mn, you Sun Daobai talked nonsense. You said that my precious grandson was hopeless and made me kneel in the ancestral temple for a whole night. Shouldn't I let you drink more jars of wine?""Closing his eyes, Sun Daobai's mind was full of the brotherhood. How could he know that Xu Wenchuan was plotting against him?After pouring a whole jar of wine into his stomach, Sun Daobai,
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Chapter 10
""Hehe... Old Man Sun, say something."" Xu Wenchuan knew that Sun Daobai was extremely excited when he saw that he was only shivering and did not say anything. Thus, he deliberately spoke with a smile.""Old Xu, tell me, what elixir have you fed Yaoting?"" As soon as Xu Wenchuan finished his words, Sun Daobai jumped up suddenly as if he had been stabbed. He grabbed Xu Wenchuan's arm and asked in a trembling voice. There was even a hint of pleading in the depths of his eyes.Seeing Sun Daobai's expression, Xu Wenchuan knew that Sun Daobai was really anxious.Originally, Xu Wenchuan had intended to tease Sun Daobai with a few words. However, based on Sun Daobai's current mood, it might not be appropriate for him to do so. Consequently, he replied solemnly, ""You and I have been brothers for life. Don't you know me well? Where did I get the miracle medicine?""""Then... then Yaoting, he...""Xu Wenchuan shrugged his shoulders and said, ""I'm not sure. Anyway, Yaoting was fine after a night. By the
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Chapter 11
Wan Dong didn't care about Sun Xiaoya's glare at all and said, "" The Fire inflicted by Grandpa Sun is obviously a kind of extreme yang poison. Although I have never seen it before, it is not difficult to guess from its name that Shenyang Herb must be an object of extreme yang. Isn't it like quenching thirst with poison with Shenyang Herb?""Looking at Wan Dong who was talking with assurance, Sun Xiaoya was stunned. ""Why does this guy not seem to be afraid of me at all?""In her mind, Xu Yaoting's trembling look when facing her made Sun Xiaoya really unable to connect it with the Xu Yaoting in front of her.But this made Sun Xiaoya even more annoyed. She snorted and said, ""Idiot, haven't you heard of fighting poison with poison?""""Fight poison with poison?"" Wan Dong squinted at Sun Xiaoya and said, ""I think it should be adding fuel to the fire!""Xu Wenchuan frowned and said, ""Yaoting, don't pretend to know what you don't know here and make irresponsible remarks. Your grandpa Sun is a Medi
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