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Author While enjoying his life as a prince, never predicted that one day he could become a slave. He was faced with a hard life while living with his master. One day two assassins were sent to kill his Master and Author went to save her life dispite knowing that he couldn't. But Author had a chain wich he wore containing a crystal wich his father left behind. The crystal glowed and Author was filled with power and he could see that the attacks of the assassins had slowed down then he defeated them with ease. -- Pods fell from the sky one day containing dangerous new type of monsters and Author while traveling was almost hit by one of these pods and when it opened, it was humanoid figures from another dimension. Author was Kidnapped to a different world and there he unlocked the Great Wizard System. This Novel is worth your time. It is Unique and has a taste of everything in it. From adventure to magic, to romance,weak to strong, System. Deep down in a forest, it was a cold night and the moon was completely round, blessing the villagers down below with it's bright light. The villagers sat around a huge inferno of fire and there was Laughter and chatter from both the old and young as they devoured away the results of their hunt. A little girl looked up and saw something wich she thought it wise to bring it to the attention of her mother. " Look mum it's a shooting star." The little girl's mother looked up with much expectations and so did the rest of the villagers. seeing such a rare star and they started making wishes. Time passed and the girl's mum noticed that something was wrong with the star.


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Deep down in a forest, it was a cold night and the moon was completely round, blessing the villagers down below with it's bright light.The villagers sat around a huge inferno of fire and there was Laughter and chatter from both the old and young as they devoured away the results of their hunt.A little girl looked up and saw something wich she thought it wise to bring it to the attention of her mother." Look mum it's a shooting star."The little girl's mother looked up with much expectations and so did the rest of the villagers.Everyone became very excited to see such a rare star and they started making wishes.Time passed and the girl's mum noticed that something was wrong with the star. It seemed to be growing bigger." I must say this is the strangest shooting star I have ever seen" One of the villagers spoke.Another villager felt something landing on his neck and he slapped it knowing that it was a mosquito. When he opened his palms, a strange glowing fly could be seen.Other v
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Author and sam could not believe their eyes because of how beautiful and how large the Kingdom looked like.From the sellers selling different types of items including magicians, fake or real, sellingmagic potions, to the buyers who want to take everything at the market but have less money. The kingdom, though very busy, it was very beautiful."Someone help me, that thief over there have seized the last silver coin that I had to survive on." A little girl rushed towards one of the soldiers to complain." Get out of my way homeless girl , we got slaves to trade. Except you want to be part of them." A soldier said.The little hope in the girl's eyes just vanished away.' Even with their own kind, they can't treat well? These guys are heartless.' Author looked at the soldiers and they were not concentrating on the girl anymore so he struggled to send his chained hand in his pocket and took out a gold coin and tosed it over to the girl.The girl became happy because a gold coin meant that
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Sam was at the point of death and Author couldn't bear to see his friend die and he decided to do something about it.He turned and looked at his master, bowed his head and said. " I want to thank you for saving my life.I don't know what you saw in me to pay such a huge price but I already owe my life to you.However I still have one request to ask from you. That boy up there is just as valuable to me as I am to you. Please if it pleases you, save his life. If you do this I promise to be forever loyal to you in everything I do." " Who said you are valuable to me?Don't push your luck slave." Said the mysterious woman.Author become down struck after hearing the words of his Master. This was his last hope to stop the death of his friend and it was all washed away in the blink of an eye. The axe man descended the axe and just before he could finish the job, a voice from the crowd asked him to stop. When everyone turned their heads, it was still thesame woman with a cap covering
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The carriage Carrying Xin Mara and her slave just arrived infront of a Grand Castle and the gate was opened to let them in.Author was amazed at the beauty of the Castle. The Castle was so large that it was difficult to know where it started and where it ended.Author and Xin entered the Castle and headed into a big hall. A woman was seen sitting at the end of a long table." Greetings to the Duchess of Zulu (sun) Kingdom. I have brought the slave boy as you demanded." Mara said as she bowed down. " My dear daughter you have done well, now feel at ease." Said the duchess.Mara immidiately stood up when she was told to feel at ease." Now remove his chains and take him to one of the rooms at the third floor ." Said the Duchess.With this said, Mara became confused because she thought that all the slaves were supposed to sleep at the servant's quarters outside of the main castle. But Mara could not disobey her mother so she did as she was told.Before the duo headed up the stairs, the
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Author walked by the side of the Duchess making sure he did not work too fast or too slow but trying to walk on thesame line at thesame pace of the Duchess." I know you must be wandering why I have treated you this way till now.You see, I have something to tell you." The Duchess said as Author listened carefully."I know you are the prince of the kingdom of OZZ, I Know your names are Author Pen Shadow. I also know that the king and Queen were not your real parents."Said the Duchess." Does this mean you know my real parents?" Asked Author." Yes I knew them very well.Your father was one of the greatest Wizards of his time and same could be said for your mother." She had a very kind heart and she always used her magic powers for healing the kingdom while your father on the other hand used his powers to protect the kingdom from threats. At that time they were still young and it was a different king rulling the Kingdom of OZZ.The king became greedy and asked your father to use h
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Author sat in his room and he felt exhausted and he had planned to get a very nice sleep but there was a knock on his door.Author's POV;I heard a knock on my door and I hesitantly went to open the door and there Mara stood with her perfect figure. It looked more sexier and tempting this time because she had just her night gown on, which was a light, short blouse.When Mara saw me this time around she never had that mean look on her face but instead she greeted me with a soft voice and a red face. I never understood why she was shy but from the look in her eyes, I discovered that she was looking at my bare chest and my abs.after sometime she tried to compose herself and tried to put on a serious look before she said." Author I know that you are not a slave anymore but don't forget the promise you made to serve me with all your heart." I will not treat you as a slave but there are some things that you will have to do for me."After she said this, I thought of the best answer to gi
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Author finally arrived where he heard the screams from and he saw the assassin holding his sword with blood all over it.Author turned his head to check on the Duchess, and to his horror, she was lying in her own pool of blood. She had been stabbed at the stomach.Author was filled with rage and the crystal on the chain grew more brighter, reacting to the magic in him.Author in no time had appeared beside the assassin and picked him up in the air. Author did not even realize that he was flying. He shot the assassin down at such a great force and landed on his chest at such a great force.At this moment the disguise in wich the assassin had worn, lossened up and his face could be seen smiling as he was dying slowly." Who sent you? Tell me now or I shall reap your throat." Author shouted." Hahaha. The one who sent us is greater than you will ever know." Said the assassin.Just then soldiers arrived with Mara and other servants following behind.Mara came in and burst out in tears
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Mara opened her eyes and saw that she was sleeping in the arms of Author. Immidiately she stood up with embarrassment written in her actions and so did Author.They both looked at each other and Author realized that Mara's eyes were swollen from the crying the previous night.While Mara noticed that Author's eyes were blood short showing that he did not sleep well.They both smiled at each other with red faces before they headed down to check on the Duchess.The doctor was cleaning up the wounds of the Duchess to apply fresh medicine before Author arrived with Mara." How is she doing doctor?" Asked Mara." She is stable for now but If you permit me can I tell you something?" Asked the doctor." Go ahead." Mara replied." After I inspected the wound this morning, I discovered that for some reason it is not healing as it is supposed to." said the doctor." So what do you mean?" Asked Author."When inspecting the wound I found traces of herbs that is only used in a spell associated wi
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Two days had passed since Author had left the Castle and Xin had been waiting patiently while praying for both Author concerning his safety and the Duchess concerning her recovery.The news had already spread that the Duchess was on a dying bed and it was caused by Dark Magic.Everyone was hoping for her recovery.Magicians visited the Duchess in order to break the spell but to no avail.Xin was sitting at the side of her mother's bed, looking at her face wich had grown paler.Suddenly anger was seen on her face and she left the room and went to another room.A man could be seen tied up in this room.Xin Moved forward and stopped infront of the man before speaking." You were a servant of this mantion under my father. He treated you well as if you were not his servant. But you stabbed him in the back just because of your lust. You wanted my father to give you his only child in marriage at a young age.When you saw that your demands were not met, you planned to kill him but you failed.
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Somewhere in a forest, a round pod was seen dropping from the dark sky at a great speed and it slowed down just before it was about to hit the ground and landed calmly.A boy was seen standing there with a curious look as he watched the strange round object staying there for some seconds before a part of it opened.This was something Author had never seen before so he took out his sword and readied him self for whatever was to come out of that thing.The pod opened and two humanoid figures stepped out.They almost looked like humans but their pointy ears and thier long tails gave away their difference.When Author looked closely he saw that they were both females and they had few scales their faces arms and legs as for their body he could only guess. Their clothes were made of a strange material he had never seen before and they both held some flat things in their hands wich had light glowing from it.'What is going on here, what are these creatures?Where do they come from. and what
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