Soul Warriors (Book 1)

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Soul Warriors (Book 1)

By: Dangtuanviet OngoingFantasy

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In Vietnam and most of the world, magic has been in the dark for a long time. Wizard and witch, together with task forces fight against aliens to secretly protect humanity. However, it’s over when the enemy was too strong. In the year 2145, when Saigon fell due to an attack by the Anomalies, beings from another dimension, the little girl Mai Anh and the little boy Duc Huy met. Even in the hour of danger, the girl showed the boy that there is still hope as long as the sacred red flag with the yellow star of the motherland is still there. Six years later, in 2151, the enemy has taken over many human territories. In Hoi An, the grown-up Huy met Mai Anh, again. The girl saves him again. The two then meet at Lac Viet Academy, which trains special forces soldiers to fight the alien invaders. Months later, the two joined a fierce battle in Ben Tre. Here, Huy received strength from a Vietnamese hero’s soul and became a member of the Soul of Warriors. Gradually, a story of twin love mixed with love for the country was written during a bloody and fantastic war in the middle of the 22nd century.


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Chapter 1: Judgment Day (part 1)
Ho Chi Minh City, September 23, 2145.“Vietnam is currently the country with the most elite and advanced military on the planet, despite its small number compared to other countries. In particular, the navy with a fleet of aircraft carrier submarines is the strongest force, contributing to maintaining national sovereignty in the vast South China Sea. The entire military force is self-reliant. So they reduce the burden on the economy.Moreover, Vietnam has the highest productivity in the world with an extremely large economy. The growth rate is extremely stable and continues to increase, quite fast compared to other developed countries in history. For fifty years, the people of our country did not know what an economic crisis was. In terms of agriculture, Vietnam has remained the world leader in exporting agricultural products for more than a century, although agricultural workers account for only 1% of the country's population. The main reason is that farmers are extremely proficient
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Chapter 2: Judgment Day (part 2)
Currently, everyone was drawn to some giant entities that had just come out of the hole. These were flying boats, like ships in the eighteenth century. There were hundreds of them. Each of them was like a giant snake’s head and as big as several stadiums. Each mast on those ships was as big as a tall building in the last century. At the bow of the ship was a terrible creature. It had two types of arms growing from its head and two claws growing from its body. On top of her head was a giant orange eye. The whole body was covered by blue light.All at once, on the ground, dozens of anti-aircraft missiles and anti-aircraft artillery emerged and fired at will, despite the panic of the people. Masses of rockets, electromagnetic cannons, and energy guns opened fire on monstrous things. These weapons did their best to destroy strange entities. Then, there were so many explosives that they could cook the whole sky.Honestly, Duc Huy did not know what was happening. After a few minutes, he re
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Chapter 3: Judgment Day (part 3)
At this moment, thousands of people were buried in the rubble. Others were screaming in agony. By comparison, Duc Huy was so much luckier. At least, he’s still here. However, his parent was no longer with him. It was a great pang that gripped his heart.- Run back here, kid! - A soldier spoke up, snapping the boy out of his thoughts.He wore the standard camouflage uniform of a professional soldier. On his hat was a five-pointed golden star on a red circle, bordered with gold. On his belt, he wore a large belt with paper words that looked like some kind of spell and a set of mini jet engines. In this soldier's hand was a high-tech gun with glowing jewels along the body of the gun. It’s completely different from all known gun models in the world. The face was wearing black smart glasses and protective gear.- Why didn't you guys come earlier!? My father would not have… - Duc Huy said with tears running down his cheeks. The loss of his parents was so painful that the boy did not have ti
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Chapter 4: Six years later.
In 2151, the airspace of Quang Nam province.After 2150, exactly a few months ago, the control area of General Department Zero in particular and the Vietnam People's Army, in general, was expanded. The Northeastern provinces and the North Central Highlands were liberated. Most of the North Central region, except Hue and Da Nang, and half of the South Central Coast, extending as far as Khanh Hoa were also under Vietnamese control. As a result, sovereignty over the Spratlys and Paracels was consolidated, and lost communication with these two archipelagos was restored. This’s quite a big victory compared to many other organizations in the world.Right now, it's late at night. Everything was covered in a dense fog even though the Moon was currently extremely bright. This was not a good thing when aliens, beings with abnormal properties easily attacked and ate humans easily. Despite this, a jet was still moving. It's a bit like a troop-carrying helicopter combined with a jetliner of the la
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Chapter 5: Training rookies (part 1)
Viet Bac Inter-Area, Tan Trao City*, a few days later. Located in the North of Hanoi was an area including 6 provinces of Cao Bang, Bac Kan, Lang Son, Ha Giang, Tuyen Quang, and Thai Nguyen, also known as the old name, Viet Bac War Zone, the horror of the French. After spending the years of the Great Anomalies War, as it was called, it became terrifying for the monsters, including those who considered themselves "gods". After the outbreak of the battle in Saigon, fighting quickly spread throughout the South. With nearly two hundred years of experience in protecting Vietnam in the dark, and the General Department Zero itself and members of the people's armed forces, they had been trusted by the Party and Government in their fight against the evils. anomalous body with tremendous power. Even so, it was not inevitable that a series of cities were lost to invaders like many places around the world. Hundreds of millions of civilians in many countries were trapped and became slaves to th
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Chapter 6: Training rookies (part 2)
During the two hundred years of history, these so-called Mobile Task Forces often functioned as commandos or mobile police. About five years ago, when the Great Anomalies War broke out, these forces began to expand their manpower to fight side by side with the armed forces and ensured security in the liberated areas… although the manpower was already deployed. Even when raised to a company or battalion level, this army was still extremely difficult to enter.Pausing for a moment to observe, Than stared straight into the rookies’ eyes.- As announced earlier, my organization and the upcoming comrades' organization do not lack manpower and do not intend to create tens of millions of soldiers to use human sea tactics. The death rate of members of General Department Zero is also not lower than that of ordinary soldiers, if not higher. Anyone who feels that the upcoming training course is too harsh feels that I am torturing comrades, or misses loved ones and family can withdraw. Any learni
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Chapter 7: Training rookies (part 3)
Duc Huy's life after his parents died on Judgment Day had changed a lot. With most of his relatives gone, the young man was raised by his parents' friends and last relatives until he turned eighteen and took over the estate his father had left. During that time, the boy became more mature day by day. When he was a little older, he took the time to visit the graves of his ancestors. At that time, although he could have a good life on the Moon where there were no ravages of war, the young man swore to wipe out the invaders. In addition, if possible, he also wanted to investigate who his parents were, why his father knew about dark magic at that time, and what the hell was going on in Hoi An at that time, the point before Judgment Day took place. Honestly, that could be seen as a reason why Huy accepted to venture into Hoi An when the aliens were able to attack at any time. - Comrade Dat started to lecture! – A friend next to Huy reminded him. - Today is only the second day! Don't get di
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Chapter 8: Training rookies (part 4)
On the ground, hundreds of glowing stones the size of pebbles are gathering. A creature over two meters tall was slowly taking shape. Those two to three meters tall were ash-gray skin. Their head resembled a large cannonball and has no eyes but only a terrifying sharp tooth. The apex of the cranium was arched posteriorly. They had a tail that looks like that of a scorpion and sharp iron claws. It reminded Duc Huy of the creatures that emerged from the hole in Saigon on Judgment Day. Those beasts massacred and killed many people. - This is a simulation of Monster Soldier, the weakest alien race used on the battlefield by the Demon Gods, and also the enemy's basic military service, a combination of science, technology, and magic. Compared to the real thing, they are only capable of hand-to-hand combat, not equipped with long-range weapons. - Colonel Than spoke up. – Comrades need to face these creatures before confronting the enemy on the battlefield. If you lose to them, you don't have
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Chapter 9: Training rookies (part 5)
Ten years ago, in 2142, the secret academy of General Department ZeroCurrently, there was still no one in Vietnam who knows what the heck General Department Zero was. It’s merely a secret organization that silently protected the people of this land from the dangers of the phenomenon caused by the Anomalies. Many members of GDZ had died in secret. The organization created reasons such as drowning, and traffic accidents… to explain their death. However, there were still many people working in GDZ because of chauvinismNow, at the organization's secret facility and school, young Mai Anh was reading a letter from her father. That's what eight-year-old Mai Anh knew about her so-called "father". Le Xuan Can, who had officially raised her under the permission and order of the organization, did not provide any more information other than this letter.Dear Mai Anh.I love you more than anything I have in the universe. I wish I could do more for you. The apocalyptic catastrophe for this speci
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Chapter 10: Training rookies (part 6)
Unwillingly, the two of them went together to the training ground in the backyard of the academy. When they arrived, everyone was already assembled according to the standard military formation. The training ground was an area covered with a series of giant trees, as tall as the multi-story buildings of the last century.Then, Colonel Than gave a speech. The voice seemed softer but still august enough to scare all rookies in this place, including witches.- Today, the comrades of the normal force and the magic force will be training together. This is part of the combat contract program. After this class, we will move on to learn about intelligence work, infiltrating the enemy's heart. – He said. - First, everyone was running in the rain.Meanwhile, the lineup was a bit flustered. Anyway, today was the day when the two branches officially met.- How the hell are there such tall trees for practice? - Your voice is heard. – Using growth stimulants?- The power of magic, that plant-based e
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