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By: Dlár OngoingFantasy

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A story about a child with the mark that will bring about the destruction of worlds, such a great power lies in the hands of a child. what is the fate of the world?


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Chapter 1: Blurstery night
[THUNDER RUMBLING]The rain poured as it all began..."Jordan, wake up! We gotta go," my dad urgently says, shaking me awake. I groggily open my eyes, trying to comprehend the situation. On the other hand, I saw Gina, my older sister, standing at the door, tears streaming down her face, and blood staining her white gown. "What's happening? Why do we have to leave?" I ask, filled with anxiety and confusion"We gotta hurry, Jordan! Follow me," my dad insists. I swiftly jump out of bed and rush towards Gina. As I glance at the hallway, I saw my mom's lifeless body lying on the ground. I scream, "Daddy, who did this?" He doesn't answer, but instead, he grabs me on his shoulder, holds Gina's hand, and we run out of the house. He leads us to a path at the end of our field."follow this path to the next village, keep going and don't look back, Gina please protect your brother okay, I love you both so much and I wish I could do more for you as a father" He said and turned back to our hous
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Chapter 2: A new home
"Jordan, Jordan, please wake up," I suddenly heard her sad voice crying out my name. Slowly, I opened my eyes, and everything changed. It was a bright morning, and Gina was the only person in the room with me."Where... Where am I? Where are we?" I asked in a low tone."thank god you're awake! Jor', I thought I'd lost you forever. I'm so glad you're okay. All thanks to Diane, the moon goddess," Gina said blissfully. But for me, I seriously don't understand anything since I can't remember what happened to me or where I am."Where are we, Gina?" I asked."I don't know for sure, but the moon goddess did mention that this is the Air Temple of Ersatz City. It's completely forbidden and hidden from the human world, and humans are not allowed here" Gina reported."Oh great, I'm very confused, and it's all thanks to you, Gina. How the hell are we here if no humans are allowed?" I asked, baffled."Well, actually, I do... Wait, wait, wait... I know why we're here! Yes, we're here because we're
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chapter 3: magical class
"We entered a small hall, but it was empty. So, we sat down and waited for Master Shi Nacko. Suddenly, he arrived, apologizing for being late. Our first lesson was about creating a body clone. As he spoke, I noticed that he transformed into a centaur, half man and half horse. It was surreal, but all too real. He explained that to create an illusion, we needed to believe in ourselves and let our chakras flow throughout our bodies. This was the key to harnessing the power of body cloning."Master Shi Nacko continued speaking, "Now, you both will follow my instructions, alright?" Amma replied, "Okay, Master." But Master Shi Nacko corrected her, saying, "Not you, Amma. Your lesson is to observe and ensure their well-being during this test." Then he addressed us, "Alright, let's begin." As I raised my hand, I said, "sir, I have a question." He corrected me, saying, "Address me as Teacher or Master Shi, not sir. What's your question?" I asked, "How does it feel to have the ability to create
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chapter 4: cut out the mark I
When we got home, it was already 11:50 PM. I noticed a shadow approaching the curtain, so I quickly hid behind the door, preparing for a stealth attack. "I know you're hiding behind the door, Jordan," Amma whispered softly so as not to wake Gina. Curious, I asked, "What's going on? Why are you here in the middle of the night?" Amma replied in a hushed voice, "Jordan, there's something I want you to see." Intrigued, I asked, "Okay, what is it?" Amma insisted, "Just follow me." I questioned, "Wait, isn't it here with you?" Amma reassured me, "No, just come with me." I agreed, saying, "Okay, let's go. But make it quick, alright?" And we began walking.We walked for like 10 minutes and arrived at the place. I freaked out, thinking it was an explosion. I asked, scared, "oh my God is it an explosion? What happened here?" Amma explained, "No, that's a demon egg. It fell from the sky, and it's about to hatch. I need you to kill whatever's inside." I protested, "Are you crazy? I can't kill som
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cut out the mark II
A stunning young woman entered, accompanied by the mighty bull. The two beasts bowed their heads in respect, revealing that she was their queen. "Where is the mark?" the queen inquired. "We await your command on how to extract the mark from him, my queen," the first beast responded. "It's simple, chop off his head and remove the mark," the queen insisted. "No! I'm the one in the prophecy, the chosen one with the mark!" I heard Amma scream from her cell. "Prophecy? What prophecy?" I wondered. "Oh, the prophecy... hmm, interesting, huh? In that case, you'll be the last person to be extracted today, hahaha," the queen replied with a mischievous giggle.Terrified, I screamed for help, but it seemed futile. The queen commanded, "Chop chop, cut it off!" My heart sank. Suddenly, I found myself in a room with a single door. Desperate, I sprinted towards it and swung it open, only to find myself back on the altar, tied down once more. To my right, the two beasts loomed, and to my left, a pot o
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cut out the mark III
I looked at the window and found out that everything has been paused "Why? Why is everyone and everything paused?" I asked, confused by the strange phenomenon. The man replied, "You're the connection between life and death. Your absence from life keeps everything paused, waiting for you." Intrigued, I questioned further, "Then what about my absence from death?" The man responded, "Your absence from death keeps everything going in life. You've had five chances to freely return to life, but you've wasted them all. Now, the only way for you to return to life after death is by answering my riddles correctly." "Riddles, oh okay. What's your name? The Riddler?" I asked. The man replied, "So many of your ancestors called me many names - Gaghul, Gate Keeper, Strange Man, The Riddler, After Death Man, etc. It's up to you what you want to call me." I responded, "Okay, but I need to go save my friends now." The man warned, "Boy, be careful of the words you say. You're here in the domain of deat
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chapter 5: the prophecy I
"Dreaming... 'Help me, please someone help me,' she pleaded. 'You're too late,' sigh.... with her last breath the voice replied. 'No!!!' I screamed, and Gina rushed in to check on me. 'What's wrong, Jordan? Are you okay?' she asked. 'The vision from Shi Nacko's class still haunts me,' I said, sweating and panting. 'What did you see?' Gina inquired. 'A dying woman screaming for help. Every time I try to reach her, she accuses me of being late and then dies,' I explained. 'Do you know her?' Gina asked. 'No, I don't. Please wait, I need to use the restroom,' I said, shaken, as I walked to the restroom. I turned on the faucet and splashed water on my face. As I looked up at the mirror, I was startled to see an arrow-shaped mark on my forehead. I examined it closely and it suddenly turned red. My reflection in the mirror started screaming, but I couldn't hear myself making any sound. To my horror, blood began gushing out of the faucet, filling the sink. I was overwhelmed with fear and shut
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the prophecy II
"We finally arrived at a very tiny cave with an entrance," Amma exclaimed, her voice filled with relief. "Finally, we made it," she continued, stepping cautiously towards the cave. "You don't think we can fit in that cave, do you?" Gina questioned, her eyes fixed on the small opening. "I don't know about you guys, but for me, I'm definitely going inside to find answers to my questions," I declared boldly, determined to uncover the truth. In that moment, Logan's sharp instincts kicked in. "Gina, look out!" he shouted, swiftly pushing her away from a hidden trap. Gina stumbled, but luckily avoided falling into it. "Gina, are you okay?" I asked, rushing to her side, concern evident in my voice. Breathing a sigh of relief, Gina replied, "Yes, I'm okay. Oh my god, Logan!" She hurried to his side, worry etched on her face. Logan managed to reassure her, saying, "Yes, yes, I'm fine. It's just a little cut from that blade." He pointed towards a blade with mysterious markings, its signif
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the prophecy III
"Hi there, magic mirror! I'm Jordan," I said, attempting to introduce myself. Amma quickly interrupted, instructing me on the proper way to address the mirror. "Be silent, Jordan. To communicate with the mirror, you must say, 'Arise Oh magic mirror of Lalorama, the one who sees the future of the past.' Then, explain why you're here," she explained. I nodded and replied, "Okay, I'll say it now." Taking a deep breath, I continued, "Arise oh magic mirror of Lalorama, the one who sees the future of the past I'm here because I want to talk to you. I have a question that has been troubling me, and I need your guidance." As soon as the words left my lips, the mirror began to move. The face that had appeared earlier locked eyes with me and spoke in a loud and weighty tone, asking, "How may I help you?" Gathering my thoughts, I responded, "My name is Jordan." The mirror, unimpressed, urged me to get straight to the point. "Just go straight to your question, human," it insisted with its command
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chapter 6: something fishy I
Then an old voice followed, "What brings you elves and humans to my hut?" Amma replied, "Ancient one, we need your help. Our friend got cut by the blade with mysterious markings, and you're the only one who can help him." The ancient one insisted, "The blade with mysterious markings on it, huh? Let me see it." Amma dropped her bag on the floor and brought the blade out. The old lady took the blade from her and started reading the marks with an unknown language. "In order to heal your friend, you'll have to bring me some herbs from the back of my hut. You will need to gather five orc leaves, three arcod, and two lemon fruits. I'll be here making preparations for the treatment, so you guys have to be fast." The old lady insisted. "I'll stay with Logan, Jordan. Amma, you have to go find those herbs," Gina included. "It's okay, little human. You can go with them. I can do this myself. After all, they'll need your help," the old lady insisted. "Okay, guys, let's go," Gina agreed, continuin
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