The Charming Son-in-law: The Fire Dragon

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The Charming Son-in-law: The Fire Dragon

By: Debbie chocolate OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Adonis has always been ridiculed all his life. He used to come from a respectable and rich family but all his family were killed in one night. Seven years later, he showed up again. But this time, he was no longer the useless boy, he was a general, a fire dragon.


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47 chapters
Chapter 1: The General
A man walked into Omnilert company. He was the new security guard. No one stopped him as he took a turn into the elevator. Well, everyone was so busy with their daily work that they barely noticed that someone had walked inside. “Do you believe this?” someone whispered suddenly. “Fire dragon is around. He’s in Seattle!” The feminine voice jubilated. “I heard he’s a young-looking man. I can’t wait to meet him in person. I’m sure he would be very handsome.” The man changed his clothes and walked out of the room. Two ladies were waiting for him, with silly grins on their faces. “I told you, Stella! Didn’t I tell you that it was Adonis I saw?” The voice teased. Adonis recognized her immediately. Violet was one of the people that bullied him when he was in college. They made him feel like he was unimportant because he was poor. "You are the new security guard?" Stella laughed, she was standing by the left side while Violet was by the right side. Adonis looked at Stella, as images rus
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Chapter 2: Damsel in distress
“Hello Finn,” Adonis said into the receiver and moved into the restroom. He hesitated as his gaze searched around. He made sure no one was in the restroom before he placed the phone to his ear again. “Is everything fine? Or why are you calling at this time? “ It was just four in the evening and Adonis had the night shift at Omnilert company. He was a security guard after all. “I’m sorry, General for disturbing you but there’s something I must inform you of,” he hinted. “Shoot, Finn. I’m all ears and I must return to my position.” Finn hesitated. “Nick has been looking for you, General.” He announced. “He wants to know why you have decided to retire. You are one of the most powerful Generals ever and with your strategies and knowledge, you will be leading the neighbouring cities,” he explained. “I already told you, Finn. There will be no more words about it. You already know the reason why I’m here.” he muttered in a thick authoritative voice. He had just one thing on his mind at
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Chapter 3: Marriage proposal
Aubrey tried to resist but she was no match for them. Adonis smiled softly. “I will say this for the last time. Let her go now, while you still have the chance to leave freely,” he warned in a thick voice. The leading man smirked. Adonis’s words actually angered him the more. He knew what he was doing when he sat in front of Aubrey and made her drink. Actually, he had his eyes on her for days now and he has succeeded. In fact, if Adonis hadn't interrupted, the man was on his way to the hotel with Aubrey. He was going to have a nice time with her. “Boys! Deal with him!” He yelled out. Adonis took two large strides forward and hit the head of the one holding Aubrey slightly with the bottle so it wouldn't break. The man got angry, left Aubrey, and turned to hit Adonis quickly. He dodged his punch and launched his punch at his arm. He seized his breath as he tried to fight the pain that Adonis had inflicted on him. The other three men turned to launch full attacks on Adonis.
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Chapter 4: Threats
"But_" Adonis started but was cut off by Aubrey. "I'm sorry we didn't discuss this but," she looked at him and shook her head briefly. "I have to tell grandmother the truth," she looked up at Everleigh. " I'm so sorry for hiding it from you all these while." “Unbelievable!” Anna, Aubrey’s stepmother spat out in disgust as she looked Adonis up and down. “Aubrey was supposed to get married to one of the big wigs in the society and not to some beggars," Anna gave Adonis a dirty stare. "How can Aubrey bring home someone like Adonis when there is someone like Zayn," Zyaire, Aubrey's stepbrother muttered with disgust. Everleigh was shocked and disappointed. “This is uncalled for, Aubrey! How could you do this!” She berated her. The phone rang just before Everleigh could say something else. Her countenance changed when she saw who it was. Alas! It was Zayn, the guy that Zyaire was talking about. Zayn was one of the wealthiest men in the city of Seattle. He wasn’t only rich, but also pow
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Chapter 5: The killer!
Aubrey shook her head briefly at Adonis's foolishness. She knew that Grey would be uncomfortable with the berating and the heated conversation going on among the Caddel family but uttering such words was totally out of it. “What a dream man you are!” Zayn expressed with a hint of sarcasm. “A dreamer he really is. I can’t believe this poor rag can say all this as if he runs the town or he’s the king of the world,” Anna laughed again. Everleigh looked at Adonis. “What trick is your poor boyfriend trying to play? Do you think this is a joke?” She yelled. Adonis smiled slightly. “Well, I’m not joking. I’m telling the truth. I can get 20 million worth of orders from the majestic group. Then you can let Aubrey marry whoever she wants.” Anna laughed again. “Seriously? This is getting interesting!” Everleigh regarded Adonis for a moment. “You can get the order from Majestic group?” Adonis nodded briefly. “It’s as I’ve said but you have to promise to let Aubrey be.” Everleigh still di
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Chapter 6: Vengeance
“Prepare for departure,” he ordered. Finn took a bow and upstairs. Adonis would be needing a change of clothes and a face mask, Finn knew this already. While waiting for Finn, Adonis couldn’t stop thinking about his family. He barely remembers what they looked like because they died a long time ago. The only person he clearly remembers was the man that nurtured him after his family's death but David killed him too. David killed everyone that he loved and he was going to do the same. He was going to let him shed the tears that Adonis had always shed before he became a general. Becoming a general was the only way he was certain that he was prepared to avenge his family’s death. And he worked his ass out to get to the position that he was in at that moment. He and Finn took a taxi to the Crowne Plaza hotel and Resorts. When they got to the hotel, Kevin was already around. Finn glanced at his watch. “James will be here soon. We have just thirty minutes to do what we want and get out
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Chapter 7: Face smack
When Adonis pulled up in the garage, two security guards were waiting for him. He got down and moved closer to them.“Good morning,” he greeted them but they merely nodded their heads.“The CSO wants to speak with you. You should see him immediately,” one of the men said.Adonis nodded briefly before he stepped inside the huge company. The CSO office was on the second floor. So, he entered the elevator.He stepped out after he had reached the second floor and walked to the CSO door. He knocked slightly but no one answered.He hesitated before he knocked again. “Yes, who’s there?” A deep husk voice boomed rather angrily.“It’s Adonis. One of the men said you wanted to speak with me.”“Alright, get your butt in!” He snapped.That was offensive but Adonis would let it slide, for Aubrey’s sake.He opened the door and walked inside. He bowed slightly. “Good morning.”The CSO regarded him for a moment. H“What’s so good about the morning, Mr Kye? You acted like the company belonged to you ye
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Chapter 8: Securing the order
Adonis and Aubrey entered the car and Aubrey pulled out of the garage. She regarded him for a moment. “Do you know who we are about to meet?” Adonis looked at her and raised skeptical brows. “Who?” Aubrey released an exasperated sigh. “I wonder how we are going to get an order. I don’t even think we can get us 5000 dollar order talkless of 20 million dollars. We are just dreaming as Zayn had said.” “Well, I know you can do it.” “No, I can’t. Besides, Zyaire controls the Majestic group. How would I get it when he’s currently angry at me? I sincerely can’t afford to leave the company, it’s all I have now,” she expressed. Adonis regarded her for a moment and wondered what was really going on with her. He knew that there were still things that were yet to be revealed to him. “No, I heard it’s a collaboration. Max heads the Majestic group. If we could change Max’s mind. Then, it would be very easy for us to secure that kind of a deal,” he explained. Aubrey sighed again. “And do you
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Chapter 9: Shocked!
“What the fuck are you doing?” Max yelled suddenly as the secretary was about to say a word. “How dare you talk like that to our clients? And so? What if I didn’t give them an appointment? Did you call me to ask?” “I’m so sorry sir, I just thought they were here to beg you for orders.” Actually, Majestic group was just like a collaboration but the main company was one of the biggest companies in the city of Seattle. So, orders are always released at a specific time of the year and most people or companies would do everything to have a share in it. “I’m really going to compensate you for this!” Max snapped angrily and looked at Adonis. “I’m so sorry sir, I assure you that this won’t happen again.” “Well, you shouldn’t be apologising to me, you should be apologising to her,” Adonis gestured to Aubrey. Max looked at Aubrey and smiled. “I assure you that it would never happen again because she’s either going to get suspended or sacked! I will do anything to make sure you feel comforta
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Chapter 10: A turnover
Adonis smiled softly. “Seriously?” Aubrey nodded briefly as she read through the news. “How did this even happen?” She murmured in concern. Adonis shrugged briefly and concentrated on the way ahead. It was none of his concern anyway. They arrived home and because they were a bit delayed at the company, Everleigh, Anna and Zyaire were already back from work. Aubrey got down and held the contract so tight with excitement. She waited for Adonis to get down so they could enter the living room together. “Looks like someone is back from work,” Zyaire muttered thickly. Aubrey ignored him and moved closer to Everleigh. “Hi grandmother, I have good news for you!” She announced happily. Everleigh regarded her for a moment, with a dark expression. “Are you here to show me your marriage certificate.” “Good day, ma’am,” Adonis greeted but Everleigh ignored him. Aubrey sighed and stretched out the file with her. “Check it out, and you will see what I mean.” Everleigh regarded it for a mom
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