The Cursed Bond

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The Cursed Bond

By: Denyefa4 OngoingFantasy

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Cathy was born as an army general's daughter, but was pushed down the wolf hierarchy by the other generals and now she lives as an Omega. After being accepted into The College of shifters, a school for supernatural beings like herself. She gets to meet her mate (the soon to be Alpha of the biggest pack in Altra). What would happened when she finds out that there's a prophesied darkness that will wreck havoc in the world of the living. The darkness will bring the world to its knees and the dead will rule the living, with that kind of danger and powerful magic boiling up somewhere, Cathy and her mates would have to come up with a way to save the world? But she must keep in mind that time doesn't wait for anyone. This is the first book of my mate series! Please vote for the chapters and feel free to recommend my book to your friends and family. The images in this book are directly from google except from the title imprinted on the photos. Nevertheless, I hope 🤞 you enjoy 😉 my book. The cover by @dugo_reyn


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Author’s note and prologue
Author's note: Thanks for checking out my book, this is the first book in my Mate series.I welcome all the new readers. I also welcome the returning readers. It wasn't easy to write this book but I did it, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.I'll pretty much appreciate it, if you vote, share, and leave comments. *****************************(Third person's pov)A long time ago the Moon Goddess, The Devil, The Spring queen, and Mustafa(the king of gods) came together to create four tribes. The Spring Queen created witches(humans with magic), the Moon Goddess created the werewolves(shifters), Mustafa created humans, and then the Devil created Vampires, demon, and undead people with dark magic. All the creatures the gods created lived happily in the same world, until the Great War between the three other gods and the Devil. As a result of the war, Mustafa commanded the gods to create a vail between all the tribes, separating them. The three other gods wer
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Entrance exams
(Cathy's pov) Surviving in the Blue Crescent Moon Pack as an Omega isn't an easy task. Just so you know, Omega is just a fancy title for wolves with no social standings.The rank Omega is the lowest rank in the wolf hierarchy, it's usually given to wolves with a proven criminal history or you could just be forced to live as an Omega by the high-ranked officials of a pack, just like in my case. You wanna know my story? Well, this is how it goes.My father was an army general in our pack so I was a general's daughter, but my life as a famous daughter of a respected shifter went down the drain when I was six, which was when my father died in battle along with the Alpha of our pack.I think his death was planned by the other generals of our pack, because after my father died the other army generals did everything they could to take all my father's wealth and left us with nothing but an Omega's title.We have to struggle to get by every day afraid of being shamed and bullied. My days a
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A friend
(Cathy's pov) We climbed to the top of the stairs and when I looked out the window I realized that we are at the very top of the building, I immediately regretted looking down because I'm super scared of heights. We walked into the first door we approached on our right, the door led to a huge hall, the hall was bigger than anything have ever seen and there were shifters walking in and out of the hall, some of them with happy faces while others with sad faces. "Where are we?" I asked still looking at the massive hall in astonishment. "This place would determine your admission, in other words, this is where you check your results," he explained. So that's the reason why not everyone here is happy, not all of them got into the College this year, I started praying to at least have a pass mark because I don't want to come back next year.We walked towards a long line of students waiting for their turn to check their results, most of the shifters here look as pale as white paper.
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(Nath's pov) Being the third Royal son of the Alpha of the Blood moon pack might be seen as an amazing opportunity to some, but to me it's my worse nightmare. We are regarded as the royal family of Altra, Altra is the biggest country in the world of shifters, Altra has the best economy and is the biggest empire the world has ever known.And just like every other royal family, we have our flaws, difficulties, and struggles but as all royals do, we put on a bit of glamour and smile for the camera. Yes, you would be wondering why the third royal son will be the next Alpha well the answer is I have two elder brothers but non of them wants to be Alpha. My eldest brother is in New York living the best life anyone can dream of and I mean New York is like the realm for humans.While my second older brother is somewhere out there doing God knows what.The thing about the rules of the royal family is that the older kids can do what they want while the younger kids have to gather up the
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Royal meets Omega
(Cathy's pov) I left my room and then walked over to Martha's door so that we could attend the assembly together.After knocking several times without getting a response I decided that maybe Martha had left without but I still wanted to be sure so I tried twisting her door knob and as I had thought she had left without me, just like everyone in my life does, I'm cursed. I left her door post and started walking with a sour expression towards the stairs but I wasn't looking in the direction I was heading.The assembly is being held two blocks from here so hopefully, I might reach there before the assembly starts all things considered. Finally, after walking for a while I approached some stairs, I have been walking down the stairs for a while now and I seemed to be lost. I walked past a few students but I was too afraid to ask for directions, Then I saw some kids from my pack and I turned in the opposite direction because those kids are one of the numerous things that made my c
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(Cathy's pov)We were walking side by side quietly to the building for the assembly.The silence wasn't comfortable but it wasn't uncomfortable either.I wanted to say something but that was when we heard a loud bell ring indicating that the assembly is starting."I think we need to hasten our paces," I said before I started running as my life depended on it.We got there a few moments later. Vice Principal Michael was standing in front of the hall and when we got to him he made a 'you are late' motion with his lips.We entered the hall but luckily it was just starting, the hall was just like the one I had entered to check my results, it had the same wall covers and tiles but this one is bigger than the other one and this one also had a big podium at the middle of the hall.Madam Debua was already standing on top of the podium and behind me, I saw Michael shutting the door to the hall."I welcome you all to your first year at the National College for shifters" Madam Debua started add
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Meeting my wolf
(Cathy's pov) I woke up early the next morning to prepare for my classes.I looked across the room to my roommate's side of the room but it was empty. It seems that she snuck out of the room later last night and still hasn't returned.I was grateful that I didn't have to face her bitchy attitude this morning.'You are still going to have to face her anytime soon' I heard someone say. I looked around the room wondering how the person knew what I was thinking about and more importantly how they got into the room. I searched the room with my eyes but I saw no one but myself.'Stop looking so hard your eyes are going to fall out I jumped when I heard the voice very close to me. "Where are you? show yourself" I said frightened to my soul.'I'm in your head girl' I heard the voice say. "W-who and what are you? How did you get into my head" I shuttered still looking around like the person is going to magically show up?'I am a wolf and I am your wolf and I was born with you the voice s
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Awkward silence
So gentlewolves (this is my nickname for my readers. I just came up with it, what do you my gentlewolves think?).So on to the reason why I am writing this note before the start of the chapter.I was wondering if maybe my chapters are too long. So I'll be making it shorter Now instead of the 1k+ words, I usually write I'll be writing 600-700 words from now till further notice. That's if gentlewolves are happy with it.So let the chapter begin 😉😉😉.**************************************(Nath's pov)Ring Ring!!! I was woken from a daze by my alarm I couldn't sleep last night, I just kept on thinking about Cathy and how difficult her life is, I'm also worried if she'll accept me seeing the showdown by Vivian yesterday. Vivian's my girlfriend but we only agreed to date each other until one of us found our mate then we will be over, I just pray Vivian didn't develop any feelings for me because that'll lead to things that I don't want to even think about.'I'll kill everyone that
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The prophecy
(Cathy's pov) My classes today weren't that bad, due to the fact that Athena kept on blabbing about how happy she is to be close to Nath.'Stop putting the blame all on me, can you swear that you hate being close to him?' she defended.'Maybe I am a little bit excited but not as excited as you are,' I said.Classes were over by 2 pm as indicated in our timetable. My heart started pounding hard and fast in my rib cage because it was time to meet madam Debua.'Dun Dun Dun, someone is in trouble,' Athena teased.'Shut up you aren't helping,' I said.'I know, but don't be scared Nath is here,' Athena said in a mocking tone.'I barely know the guy... how do you expect me to rely on him as my haven,' I said.'I will if I were you,' she said.'Well you are not,' I said in a duh tone.'Technically I am,' Athena replied.'I hate you,' I said in a frustrated tone.'Whatever, you know that you love me and you can't live without me,' she joked.'I can, I'll just rely on Nath,' I said without th
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