The Dark Side Of Fate

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The Dark Side Of Fate

By: Karima Sa'ad Usman OngoingWerewolf

Language: English

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Books 1 and 2 In a world where it is almost impossible to find a fated mate and hard to reject them, Tamia finds herself in a bind when her husband suddenly finds his fated mate. From the loved and wanted wife, she faded into the shadows of his heart. The heartbreak is intense, yet she can't let go because of the ties that bind them, but she knows only true freedom can bring her peace. So when an opportunity to escape her husband's pack presents itself by virtue of sacrifice, she takes it and does not look back. Fate might have decided to rob her of her joy, her home and her happy ending, but Tamia takes destiny into her hands and decides to create her own fate with the Dark Alpha.


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  • Malena Moore


    So is book 2 completed?

    2023-10-03 10:44:04
  • Carli-Wanda Shaded-Phoenix Fivaz


    that go for the books great read

    2023-09-17 21:03:04
  • Manvi Dubey


    Fresh contain ... quality of gender....old consent with new of inspiring Book

    2023-09-15 02:53:34
  • Denise Barthel


    great book

    2023-09-12 08:19:00
  • Miriam Orifa


    Great book, very informative, educative and entertaining! weldone Karima.

    2023-09-04 23:36:09
  • Vonakile Andziso Sono


    wow... very amazing there's no boring chapter.

    2023-09-01 17:47:24
  • Jamie


    Amazing book! Sucked me in right away, and kept me guessing. Usually I get bored with longer books but not this time. This story is well worth the read!

    2023-08-27 12:31:51
  • Lasalut


    please don't make it to long for me this is enough

    2023-08-23 15:28:58
  • 86Honda Momma


    what is the order of these books I saw a comment saying that they are reading book 2 then saw one asking about book 3. Thank you .I'm loving this book so far ...

    2023-08-23 05:42:29
  • Misty


    where will we find book 3?

    2023-08-20 19:31:18
  • candace_avila


    One of the best stories I’ve read in ages!! I couldn’t stop reading!!

    2023-08-20 17:58:11
  • Ezekiel


    Interesting novel... and fun to read

    2023-08-20 03:36:02
  • DarlingYT “-darlingsYT-”


    best book ever keep it up ......

    2023-08-12 07:12:34
  • Kelly Sórensi Naves


    Great book! It's a book you can't stop reading...

    2023-08-03 08:24:45
  • Zofija Wilson


    is there a way of just paying a subscription to read books without having to pay so much to read a few chapters?

    2023-08-01 17:22:04
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Latest Chapter
359 chapters
01 And Then She Came
*Warning the Lakhs in this book is fictitious and not the same as any currency or item that maybe spelt or sound the same. All characters, names personalities, location and descriptions are also fictitious and made up. Thank you* ~Tamia~ I will not forget the evening my heavenly life turned to hell. I cannot forget the moment my life changed. My husband, Leo, and I, were at the ball. I did not want to attend, but Leo's friend and beta was the host, and Leo wanted to honour his invitation at all costs. I should have pleaded with him to stay at home, but I wanted to be a supportive wife, so I followed him, which was my biggest mistake. Leonardo Albert was my husband and the alpha of the Mountain pack, making me Tamia Albert, the pack's Luna. Leonardo chose me when I was nineteen to be his Luna. We started courting when I was seventeen, and he was twenty-one. He never touched me because I wasn't of age, but we fell in love nonetheless and vowed to remain together. Many women in th
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02 In Confusion
~Leo~ Tamia was my life, my love. There was nothing that I wouldn't do for her. I loved her with all my heart. When I promised to mate with her, I meant it. She was perfect for me. She was beautiful inside and out and had the strength a luna should possess. I loved her qualities too. I could not let her slip away. I had had a crush on her for a while, and when the opportunity to court her presented itself, I took it and never looked back. We had been married for five years. I loved her immensely. My love was so strong that I believed it would be easy to reject my fated mate if I ever found her. She promised to do the same. I never knew that I would cowardly break that promise. Tamia did not want to go to Casper's dinner party. I should have listened and cancelled, but I went, which was the beginning of my downfall. Her scent caught me off guard and drew me to her like a magnet. Mint and apples, sweet and delicious. I was enthralled by her, and she did the same. I turned towar
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03 A Clearer Picture
~Tamia~ I went on a run in the morning, and when I returned, the people looked at me strangely. I did not need magic to know that news of the Alpha finding his fated had travelled. Leo did not try to hide the attraction between him and Amanda. I wonder if the pack members were happy that their Alpha would be stronger now that he had found his fated mate. I wondered if they were concerned for me, for the pain I would endure, which might drive me insane eventually. I honestly wondered whose side they would be on. I jogged past the pack members and returned to my house. Leo was having breakfast. I had not spoken to him and did not plan to, because I had nothing to say. I went to the bedroom to shower and dress up for the day; we had a meeting to attend together. As much as I would rather sit it out, I had promised Luna Avery I would be there. She was the closest I had to a friend, and I suspected my life would be like hers soon. Avery's husband, Alpha Max, found his fate three
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04 Sharing.
~Tamia~ I did not speak to Leo throughout the drive. Every attempt he made to speak to me was shut down by my silence. When we arrived home, I went straight to the bedroom. Our house had four bedrooms. We chose it so our children would have a room each to themselves, but that wouldn't be the case now. I wonder which of the rooms I will be asked to move into when Amanda moves in. Linda's words remained on my mind, and just like hers, I knew my bed would be cold soon. "Tamia, please," Leo said, following me to the bedroom. "Please, Tamia," he pleaded, and I turned to look at him. "Please, what? Everyone is talking about it, Leo. You humiliated me at the party. So what she is your fated. Did you have to leave my side, get into the balcony and make out with her? Do you know the meaning of self-control?" I asked him, and he bowed his head. "The feeling was overwhelming," he said, and I laughed. "Better go to Whitewood and finish what you started, Leo. Do not wait for my approval
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05 Coming Out
~Tamia~ Another month passed, and things got worse between Leo and me. He never spent time with me anymore and seemed to have miraculously moved out of our bedroom. I saw it all coming, yet it bothered me. He took her along to functions he was invited to and told me to mind the pack. I was working on my exit, so I kept telling myself it would only take a little longer. I would often stare at my neck where his mark rested and want to clean it off. I hated seeing it so much, I always covered the area. My tears had run dry. Some lunas reached out to me to sympathise with me, and others congratulated Amanda; she wasn't named Luna yet, and I knew why. Amanda was a medical doctor, and she wasn't trained for battle. Naming her Luna would mean she would have to take up all my responsibilities, including leading battles. I guess her life was too important for that. I planned on surprising Leo soon. I was sitting in my office when Leo barged in and began to yell at me. He was behaving
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06 Another Alpha In Play
~Tamia~ "What is the Alpha of Greenwood Pack doing here?" I linked Linda, and she scuffed. "Kyle feels our region needs to create an alliance with them to fight the Wolf Lord," Linda explained, and I frowned. "Wouldn't that be looking for trouble?" I said and she shook her head. "I think so, but the alphas don't. You didn't attend the last meeting, so you missed the Chauvinism. They are teaming up to take the fight to the Wolf Lord. They said our world would be better without him. He has taken over the entire north and western region," She said. I turned my head toward Alpha Devin, who stood patiently waiting for me to finish my conversation with Linda. "I will think about it," I said, and he was stunned by my response. He wasn't expecting me to say no. "Well then, I will wait patiently until you decide," He bowed and walked away. I could hear Leo growing in my head. "I am going to spank you when we get home," He growled. "Save the bedroom stuff for your fated; we are way past
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07 Surrender To Live
~Tamia~ "No need," I replied, and he walked to me and looked into my eyes. I knew he was hurting, but his pain was nothing compared to mine. He was the one on the gaining side. "I can't let go, Tamia," he said and placed his hands gently on my shoulders. "It is normal to give up on a situation and someone you don't understand, Tamia. I understand your anger and why you will flirt with Devin. I know you have a strong reason to give up on us, but I am asking you to give me a chance. I know we can make this work. I am willing to do anything for you, Tamia. I know I am wrong, but tell me what to do to keep you. I will do anything to keep you, Tamia. I was hoping you could teach me how. I will learn to be a better person for you please. Amanda was beyond my control. I am sorry. You know I tried. Please, Tamia," He pleaded with me with tears in his eyes. Leo went on his knees and hugged my legs. "Please, Tamia. I am trying to the best of my ability. Let me prove myself to you. Let me
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08 Arriving The North
~Tamia~ The men dragged me all the way. My heart broke to see wounded and dead wolves on the ground. What did Kyle do to doom our entire region? I wondered and fought the tears welling in my eyes. The Dark Alpha was ruthless, and I now understood why people feared him. I was dragged to the border between Mountain Pack and Valley hill pack. There I saw a massacre. Warriors were killed. Looking at the casualties, I noticed only our wolves were killed. None of the northern wolves died. It made me wonder who trained them and also made me dread the Dark Alpha. Where was Devin? He was supposed to be in our region to help when something like this happened, but he was nowhere to be found. I could not fathom the lives that were affected by this. A white van was waiting, and the men dragging me opened the door and ordered me to get in. I did what they said without question. My goal was to leave Leo; it wasn't to get killed. After all I saw on our way, I made a conscious decisi
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09 The One That Got Away
~Leo~ I woke up in wolf form. Amanda knelt beside me, and she was weeping. I did not know what had happened. Did they conquer us while I was out of it? I shifted back to my human form, and she hugged me tightly and wept. I searched about for Tamia. The last time I remembered, three of us were in the living room when the intruders barged in. I broke the hug and gently got up to look at the mess that was once my living room. There was nothing to salvage. I had to replace everything. "Where is Tamia?" I asked Amanda, and she continued to cry on the floor. "Where is my wife? What happened?" I asked, and she managed to get up. "They were trying to take you away as a trophy. You were almost dead. So she gave herself up in your stead. I tried to talk her out of it, but she shut me out. They took her away in chains, Leo. We stood no chance. The attack ended the moment they took her," Amanda said, rushing through her words, but I was lost from the moment she said Tamia gave herself u
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10 Meet Sylvester Volkov 
~Tamia~ After waiting for hours in a room unattended, we were carried to what looked like a throne room and forced to kneel. To my surprise, I saw alphas' daughters and sisters from our region in chains, kneeling. We were made to kneel with our heads bowed. "The Alpha will examine you all. Those fit for his harem will be chosen. Those fit to serve will be chosen. Those yet to be placed will be reserved. Do not aggravate the Alpha by smiling or looking into his eyes. It might mean instant death for you. Being a beautiful, alluring woman means nothing to him. So do not think your beauty will entice him. If you aren't a virgin, quickly state it, so we do not put you in the harem," a hefty dark man said. He had long hair and a beard too. He packed it in a ponytail. His eyes were midnight blue, and He looked handsome. From the authority he exuded, if he wasn't the Alpha, then I was guessing he was the Beta, and it seemed Avery had the hots for the man. Too bad there was nothing attractiv
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