The Divine Guardian

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The Divine Guardian

By: Lil' Drill King OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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20 chapters
Chapter 1
“There are many kinds of prisoners. There are those who commit political crimes, those who commit financial fraud, those who commit violent crimes, those who commit shameful violent crimes, and those who commit petty theft. I’m not any of these,” Chuck Walton told the prisoners squatting in front of him as he sat cross-legged on the bed.A young man behind Chuck, who was massaging his shoulder, asked curiously, “Why did you end up in prison then, boss?” “Guess! Whoever got it right won’t have to be in charge of the prison’s hygiene and sanitation this month. If you can’t… Haha! Well, you’ll just have to follow the usual rules,” Chuck said as he laughed. “Smuggling?” one tried. Chuck shook his head. “Murder?” another guessed. No, am I that violent of a person?“Drugs?” Of all things, drugs are what I hate most in my life!The same young man massaging Chuck’s shoulders interrupted them all with a grin, “Your thinking is way too stiff! I’m pretty sure someone as smart as the bos
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Chapter 2
“I’m not going out! I’m comfortable staying here. Everyone inside is talented and speaks nicely. Why should I go out to protect people when it’s so tiresome?” Chuck said indifferently.When the prisoners who were silent heard his words, they couldn’t help but shudder. The prison warden behind Commander Leroy also wiped off his cold sweat. “You really don’t want to go out?”Chuck’s tone was firm. “I, Chuck Walton, have always been a man of my word. Since I said I won’t go, that means that I won’t!” Commander Leroy turned to leave, then said in a voice that Chuck could hear clearly, “It’s a pity. Since that’s the case, I can only return this Aulswick Medal of Honor to the military headquarters. What a pity…”Aulswick Medal of Honor?! It was one of the highest medals awarded to Aulswick soldiers, and it was the highest honor for a soldier.Chuck’s eyes widened in delight, and he immediately stepped forward to pull Commander Leroy back to him. “I’ll get out of prison now. I’ve ha
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Chapter 3
Rosebud Bar, Crater Hill. The music was loud, gorgeous women were shaking their bodies wantonly on stage, and the air was filled with an intoxicating scent. “This is great!”Chuck gulped down whiskey with a high alcohol content as he admired the variety of beautiful women around him. “Good thing I didn’t have to do any tasks. Commander Leroy is really too naive. I already have the Aulswick Medal of Honor, and I’ve been released from the military. How good is this? It’s time for me to be free!”“Too bad this liquor’s a little too weak.” Chuck shook his glass and felt nostalgic when he remembered the top-quality whiskey presented by the Russian Prime Minister back in the day. However, he had already finished all of them; he would have to go to the Russian Prime Minister to ask for more liquor one day. The bartender nearby was dumbfounded. In all his years of work, he had never seen anyone drink whiskey like beer; this man actually said that whiskey with more than 50% alcohol conten
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Chapter 4
Burly men in black got into five cars and pursued Chuck’s Jetta. Inside the Jetta, Miriel heaved a sigh of relief. Those aggressive men in black didn’t look like they had good intentions at first glance. They scared her terribly. She turned her head and looked at the man who had taken advantage of her but also saved her life, a complicated look in her eyes. He was wearing a pair of white-washed jeans and a white shirt. Miriel’s heart beat slightly faster as his distinct and slightly delicate face came into view.Yet, she still said coldly, “You saved me, so tell me: what do you want in return? I’ll meet all your demands!” Chuck kept observing the situation behind the car from the rear view mirror. He felt slightly annoyed when he heard Miriel’s icy tone. He saved her life, but she hadn’t even bothered to give thanks!“What conditions can you meet?” Chuck asked as the corners of his mouth curled into a grin. “Anything! Just say it!”“Well, that’s good. I want you!” Chuck said
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Chapter 5
“Let go of me!” Miriel screamed.“How can I let go when I haven’t kissed you yet?”Miriel could feel Chuck’s hot breath on her face, and dared not continue confronting him. Even though she felt insulted, she was still worried that he would behave violently, so she had to say submissively, “What do you want for you to let go of me?”“Say thank you!”‘Thank you?’ Miriel thought, incensed.This jerk took advantage of the danger she was in, ruined her innocence, and took her first kiss away. Despite all that, he still wanted her to thank him. Calling him a jerk would be an insult to that word. Miriel felt that she was going to explode with rage; but in order to escape from the clutches of this scum in front of her, she could only clench her teeth and say forcefully, “Thank you!”But Chuck said with a teasing grin, “Since I saved your life, a thank you is not enough!” Miriel puffed angrily. “What else do you want?”“It wouldn’t be too much for me to ask you to treat me to dinner,
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Chapter 6
Chuck was as quick as lightning as he intercepted the attack of a pair of delicate hands. He raised his brows, now as alert as a sharp sword drawn from its sheath.Upon taking a closer look, the person who attacked him was a woman in her twenties; she had a delicate face and a tall figure. The most striking thing was the majesty of her chest beneath her snow-white shirt. Chuck stared at it and laughed as he said, “Hey, gorgeous. Is there a misunderstanding between us?”Rianne Queen snorted coldly, then attacked him again without warning. His earlier momentum caused her to be wary, but this time, she used 100% of her power.Slap!Rianne’s speedy attack was once again lightly blocked by Chuck.A smile flashed across Rianne’s face when she saw that her attack was blocked. She took advantage of his distracted self and quietly made a move with her leg, looking like a venomous snake as she kicked upward violently. She kicked using all the strength in her entire body; if Chuck took the
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Chapter 7
Miriel had mixed feelings. She was happy about regaining her virginity, but she was also ashamed of accusing others wrongly. She even began to doubt her charm. ‘Am I really that unattractive? I’m the school’s belle!’Liam was also completely relieved to know that his daughter was untouched. He calmed down the moment he saw Chuck. He was now clear about Chuck’s identity, and was certain the latter would never do such a thing such as taking advantage of others. “Since this matter has already been cleared up, I’ll leave first. You guys can enjoy each other’s company.” Chuck felt as if he had been wronged for no reason; he shook his head, then turned around and walked out. Liam hurriedly stopped Chuck when the latter was about to leave. “You can’t leave yet!”“Hmm?” Chuck frowned slightly, a little unhappy when he saw that he was being stopped. “Is your name Chuck Walton?” Liam inquired eagerly. “How did you know my name?”It turned out that his name was Chuck. Both Miriel and R
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Chapter 8
In the middle of the night…“Well, now I have to wake up to pee because Rianne kept pouring me so much whiskey.”Chuck yawned, pushed the door open, and walked toward the bathroom before pushing the door open.His eyes were closed, and he followed the direction of the toilet based on his memory. He pulled out his dick, which had swelled to a huge size from holding back his urine, and started peeing without hesitation. “Ahh!” A scream rang in his ears. The sudden scream woke Chuck, who was still half asleep; he was startled into consciousness and began trembling uncontrollably. However, as he was stopped abruptly from peeing, he felt a sudden pain in his lower abdomen. Chuck opened his eyes, and saw that Rianne was sitting on the toilet with her trousers off. A large area of the lower part of her body was also wet.Rianne covered her eyes with her hands, and her whole face was flushed red with shame. Chuck quickly retracted his lower organ, feeling quite speechless, covered
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Chapter 9
Chuck couldn’t help but say, “Miss, I was just kidding. You’re so open-minded, so you don’t seem like a person who can’t take a joke!” Rianne stood up at once. She had never suffered such a big loss before, and she really wished that she could beat up this abominable guy within an inch of his life. Upon recalling her previous experience, however, she could only forcefully suppress her anger. Rianne clenched her teeth and glared hatefully at Chuck. “You’d better not fall into my hands!” She then stomped her feet as she ran away with a flushed face, without looking back. “Let me tell you, you’re not allowed to bully Miss Rianne. If you do, I’ll get my father to fire you!” Miriel warned Chuck, though she was also a little curious at the same time. Chuck shrugged and said innocently, “I didn’t bully her. She did it willingly. You can ask her if you don’t believe me.”He then leaned closer to Miriel’s ear and whispered, “My hands have magical powers, and all the women I’ve touched
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Chapter 10
Miriel and Rianne exchanged glances with each other. When they saw Chuck’s dazed look, they couldn’t hold back their laughter anymore.This was the result of the discussion between the two after they woke up this morning. They specifically asked the chef of the restaurant for overnight rice with fatty meat. The chef even wondered about Miriel’s unique taste. “Chuck, you can eat our breakfast if you want. But if you do that, you can only be called Little Chuck or Chucky from now on. You can decide for yourself!”Rianne smiled, then continued to come up with ideas to tease Chuck. She was still not satisfied. After all, both she and Miriel had suffered a lot because of Chuck, so watching him suffer was very cathartic.Chuck curled his lips. He didn’t respond to Rianne, but simply picked up his lunch box and walked toward the kitchen.‘You want me to give up my dignity as a man just for one meal? You must be kidding! You should offer me two meals at least! Cough, cough… Wait. Two mea
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