The King of Antiques

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The King of Antiques

By: You Liao De Yu1 OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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Chen Yu acquired super powers due to an accidental eye mutation. From then on, he took advantage of it, made a lot of money by recognizing authentic antiques, and gradually climbed to the peak of his life...


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359 chapters
Chapter 1 Sudden Change in the Eyes
In the building of a community in Ninghai City, Chen Yu was sorting out the waste products he had just received and installing a roller coaster.He was a student of the Department of Archaeology of Ninghai University. Usually, he relied on collecting waste, junk, and money to save tuition and living expenses.""What is this?"" When Chen Yu shook his tattered clothes, an apricot-sized and translucent pearl dropped out from within, and it seemed like a crystal.He picked it up and looked at it. There seemed to be something inside the bead, but he couldn't see it clearly. So he raised his head and aimed the bead at the sun to see it more clearly.Under the illumination of the sunlight, the pearl burst out with a colorful light and entered Chen Yu's eyes.""Ouch, my eyes!"" He felt a burning pain in his eyes. He hurriedly threw away the beads and rubbed his eyes. Tears flowed down uncontrollably.He thought that he had picked up a treasure, but he didn't expect that it would hurt his eye
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Chapter 2 The Priceless Ticket King
""Isn't it Yu? I haven't handed in waste for a long time. I thought you were quit!""A middle-aged man's voice interrupted Chen Yu's thought. It was the owner of this reclamation depot, Wang Laifu.When Chen Yu first collected scrap, he often came to this reclamation depot to sell the goods. But as time went by, he found that Wang Laifu was a profiteer. The price of the garbage was lower than that of others, so he didn't come again.In order to get the pile of waste books, Chen Yu said with a perfunctory smile, ""I was busy dealing with school exams some time ago, so I didn't collect much scape. I happened to be free today, so I bought some and sold them all to you.""As he spoke, he pushed the tricycle into the yard where waste piled up like a mountain and pretended to stop in front of the pile of old books casually. Obviously, these old books had just been collected and hadn't been dealt with yet.After moving the scrape out of the carriage, Chen Yu had no mood to haggle. After weig
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Chapter 3 An Appraisal of the Fake Painting
""Young man, you can eat whatever you want, but you can't say whatever you want. Be careful, or you will get into trouble!""The surname of the old storekeeper was Liu, and he was over 60 years old this year. He was extremely annoyed when he saw Chen Yu in his twenties with shabby clothes dared to question the results of his appraisal. Song Yan glanced at Chen Yu coldly, and a trace of disgust flashed in her beautiful eyes. As a popular campus belle, she had seen too many boys who bragged in order to attract her attention.Moreover, Chen Yu's age was similar to hers, so he must have had not too much knowledge of antiques. He only took a few glances at the painting and dared to say that the painting was fake, which was purely sensational.""Do you know Shi Tao's painting? Have you ever seen his authentic work? What evidence do you have to say that my conclusion is wrong? Do you dare to bear the consequences of ruining my reputation?""Mr. Liu's questions were like a string of cannons.
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Chapter 4 The Campus Belle Was Blackmailed
Hearing the campus belle's question, Chen Yu smiled and stretched out a finger.""One million dollars or one hundred thousand dollars?"" Song Yan guessed.Chen Yu shook his head silently.""Could it be ten thousand yuan?"" There was a flash of shock on Song Yan's cold face. Ten thousand yuan made a profit of three million yuan. He was so lucky.Ever since she started antiques, she had made mistakes more times and picked up big bargains fewer, let alone earn 300 times more glorious results.After a while, Song Yan felt that Chen Yu was bragging again. She had never encountered such a good thing, not to mention the poor boy in ordinary clothes.Chen Yu did not express his opinion at all, for fear that he would anger the arrogant campus belle if he said he bought it for one hundred yuan.At this moment, Chen Yu's phone rang, it was a message from the bank. He counted six zeros behind the number three, exactly three million. He couldn't conceal his excitement and smiled.From this mome
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Chapter 5 Million Blue and White Flowers
""You can't even identify the valuable things, why are you pretending to be a good person?"" Song Yan did not appreciate Chen Yu's help. She felt that five thousand yuan was too much, but Chen Yu had to compensate ten thousand yuan for it.As soon as Chen Yu got the three million yuan, he began to show off and pretended to be a rich man. She shouldn't have treated him as an opponent.Chen Yu didn't mind and used his phone to transfer 10,000 to the vendor on the spot. Then, he picked up two porcelain cups that were five centimeters high.On one side of the cup wall were the rose and the peony, and on the other side were two poems.""Sir, these cups look good. I like the pattern. Do you have any more?""The vendor glanced at the porcelain cup and shook his head. He received it from the poor area some time ago, including the broken porcelain bowl. The pile of things cost him less than 500 yuan in total.Now the three items were worth ten thousand yuan, which made him very excited.Chen
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Chapter 6 The Method of Awakening
Song Yan was proud that she disdained cheating. She nodded and said, ""Okay, I promise you. You can make one more request, just say it!""Chen Yu scratched his head, unable to think of anything, so he said, ""Can I think about it for a few days? It’s embarrassing to ask a beauty.""Song Yan frowned and said, ""Three days at most. If you still don't come out after three days, it will automatically be abolished!""""Okay!"" Chen Yu nodded in agreement.""You are also from Ninghai University, right? This is my mobile phone number. Contact me at any time when you decide what you want!"" Song Yan remembered that when they were in Treasure Gathering House, Chen Yu had called her name. Obviously, she knew Song Yu. They should be from the same school.She rarely took the initiative to call others, especially boys. However, she owed Chen Yu and never thought about going back on her word.Jiang Wentao, who hadn't left for a long time, came over again and insisted, ""Young man, let's record my phone n
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Chapter 7 One Should Know Oneself
Chen Yu majored in archaeology and didn't know any medical skills. Even if he knew the treatment method, he didn't dare to treat Ms. Zhou with acupuncture at random. Therefore, he had to wait until he identified the acupuncture points and learned acupuncture.Moreover, he had always regarded Ms. Zhou as his mother and privately called her mother. He would never allow any more mistakes to happen to her.Chen Yu's heart ached as he looked at Ms. Zhou's gray hair, pale face, and emaciated body. He decided to send her to the hospital to receive the best treatment.In the past, he also wanted to send Ms. Zhou to the hospital for treatment, but he had no money and couldn't afford the high medical expenses.But it was different now. He was worth more than a million yuan. Even if he spent all his money on Ms. Zhou, he would not frown at all, just to repay her for raising him.Chen Yu dialed 120, wrapped up the Peony Cup and the Chinese Rose Cup, and hid them under Ms. Zhou's bed, just in
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Chapter 8 The Dream of Building an Orphanage
Wu Yang blurted it out in anger. Song Yan also realized that he got syphilis. Her expression became more disgusted and she quickly stepped back a few steps, as if she was afraid of being infected.Wu Yang was so embarrassed that his face turned red. With embarrassment, he spat out a threat and ran away. ""Brat, you slandered me and tarnished my reputation. You just wait and see. I will never let you off!""He was so angry. Song Yan looked down on him and knew that he was sick. He had to take revenge.Song Yan had never been interested in people like Wu Yang. She was too lazy to flirt with him. She turned around and asked, ""How did you know his illness?""""I went to pay the fees and accidentally ran into Wu Yang and found out."" Chen Yu made up a story.Song Yan did not question further. Based on her aloof temperament, she wouldn't to do so. Then, she left.Chen Yu followed her downstairs. After watching Song Yan drive away, he first found a housekeeping company near the hospital and
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Chapter 9 Who's the Big Fool?
Chen Yu had never seen a plant that cost hundreds of thousands of yuan. After carefully examining it, he noticed that the succulent plant called Binglu was covered with dust and looked ordinary. It had not been watered for many days, and the soil was already dry. But after series of events yesterday, he had no doubt about his ability to read information about everything. He knew that his eyes would not lie to him.""Although it looks unimpressive, its variety must be correct. If I cultivate it well for a period of time, maybe the price will rise. The landlady doesn't know the value of this pot of succulent plant because she didn't water it. Maybe I can get a big bargain...""At this time, the landlady suddenly stepped forward and patted Chen Yu on the shoulder, interrupting his imagination, and said unhappily:""What are you doing? What's so good about a pot of flowers? Why are you being lazy? Hurry up and move. If you miss the auspicious hour, you won't get a penny!""""Okay, I'll do
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Chapter 10 Binglu
Seeing that she couldn't sell it for more money, the landlady compromised. She gritted her teeth and said, ""The truck is still waiting downstairs. I don't have time to waste with you. Pay me the money!""Chen Yu was secretly delighted. On the surface, he acted as if he'd suffered a loss and gave her 85 yuan. However, in his heart, he was overjoyed. ""I'd got at least 600,000 yuan. I felt at ease to trick such an unreasonable person.""""Goodbye!"" After Chen Yu paid the money, he restrained his excitement and carefully placed a few pots of succulent plants into a cardboard box, and then he freed up a hand to pick up the fan as he said, ""Da Kui, let's go!""Gao Dakui tossed away the cigarette butt and sighed heavily as he picked up the mattress and the lamp before following Chen Yu out.When they got downstairs, the two loaded the things into the motorcycle. Gao Dakui wiped the sweat on his forehead and couldn't help complaining.""Yu, what are you doing? You haven't received your wages
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