The Reincarnation of Shen Mu

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The Reincarnation of Shen Mu

By: Kumitzin OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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A man died during the pandemic in 2020, but as he closed his eyes for the last time, something stirred in his mind. When he opened them, he discovered that he had been reborn in what appeared to be ancient China, yet he retained all his memories from the future. Let us follow Shen Mu as he makes his way in a world he knows nothing about and learns the truth about the world and his mission as a cultivator. Can his memories of the future help in a place where magic is real? And what is that other presence in his mind?


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Mr. Miyagi help me!
Silently cursing in two different languages, I bowed to the six of them. “I am under your care.” Let’s hope that would prevent them from trying to kill me.I faced one student first. He was stronger than me, and taller too. Good thing I was a good student.He rushed to punch me, but I used his impetus against him, making him land face-first into the hard ground. He got up with a red face and tried rushing me again. I was about to use the same movement when I sensed someone behind me.I bent low and kicked the feet of the guy in front and he landed hard on top of the one that had wanted to surprise me.I didn’t want to have to fight four people at the same time, so I quickly approached the students that were beginning to get on their feet and silently knocked them out with a couple of well-placed hits behind their necks.Unfortunately, that left me open for another of the students, who came at me with a flying kick.It
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Did I miss something?
I forget myself sometimes, in the flow of times, for my story didn’t begin there, actually it began six years before my first encounter with prince Heng Li.   You see, before I died, I remember being unable to breathe for the longest time. I had been plugged to a respirator for almost a week until my body couldn’t take it anymore and gave up. After a moment of nothingness, I began registering new sensations: warmth and then something akin to floating underwater… only that I didn’t need to breathe. I heard murmurs and voices, but they were too far away and indistinct for me to understand anything. The water surrounding me was warm and tranquil and I easily lost track of time.  After a while of simply being there, there was a bit of movement, followed by a lot of movement; the place where I was at began filling out and I felt pushed in every direction. I was beginning to panic when a strong yet melodic voice I was unable to place began
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Infancy.... again
I’m unsure of how much time has passed since then, but now, at least, I know what’s going on: I was reborn. No idea how or why it happened. Well, I mean, in my past life I had read about it. There was a whole genre of fiction dedicated to people being reborn into different cultures or eras and, of course there were also those ‘self-help’ books about past lives and the continuation of life after death, but I never sincerely gave it much credit. But now… now I sincerely don’t know what to think. I was reborn into the past: somewhere in ancient Asia, but I still can’t figure out where or when.  I never really studied the language, history, or culture, so I’m unsure as to where I truly am… not that it really matters, because I doubt I can go back to the future. The fastest thing in this world seems to be horses, so no chance of achieving the needed 88 miles per hour, and no DeLorean either.   As I ponder this, I sit on my current
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The invitation
Seasons come and seasons go, that’s the easiest way for me to calculate time. Six winters have passed since I was born. I’ve long since learned to read and write and, on top of my literary classes, I’ve had to learn martial arts and meditation. Only after coming here did I understand just how pampered we are in the future. In this age no noble boy can live without learning martial arts… in my past life the closest I ever was to knowing martial arts were Hollywood movies and anime. In here, “one’s body is a temple, and we must work to care and strengthen our link to divinity” that was the first ever lesson I got from the kung-fu master coming to the house to teach me. If I were my past self, the intensity of the exercises I normally perform now would have probably killed me. This body, however, is incredibly flexible and I love the feeling of freedom and strength I get from every exercise I do. If gym freaks get this rush from working o
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First visit
What I didn’t know was that only father, mother and I would be going to the palace while the rest of the family waited at our house at the capital. Both my siblings are too young for such gatherings, which told me just how boring it would be. Fortunately, I planned to use this gathering to find out more about noble society. Hopefully, that would help my future novels. Oh yes! I was already planning some of them: I wanted to write an action-packed thriller for men, and maybe an epic romance for girls. I had already created the main characters, but I needed to know how much was appropriate and what I could get hanged for, before publishing them. I was hoping the royal family would have a library I could raid.   The travel from our house to the capital took over two days by horse, but since mother was traveling in a palanquin with my siblings, those became four days instead. Fortunately, I could choose to ride in the palanquin or a h
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Time Loop
The next day, we arrived at the palace dressed in our best clothes. We were announced to the hall by another eunuch, and we took our place fifth from the emperor’s table. The emperor was an old man, probably in his fifties, while his first wife was no older than thirty. Behind them were two more women, a few years older than the first. Once my mother was installed in her place, father took me to the Emperor. We both knelt in his presence “Greetings general Shen, I am glad to see that you and your eldest are present today.” I noticed that my father didn’t say anything until the emperor made a gesture with his hand “The pleasure is ours, your majesty. You honor us greatly with your invitation.” “How is my dear cousin, general?” The empress asked with a smile. “To answer the empress, my wife is a little tired. Our youngest kept her up last night.” I couldn’t quite believe it. My mother was the empress’ cousin! And here I t
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Sparks of friendship
We spent a whole month at the capital, and each day, the youngest prince would come over to speak and play with me. He also called mother ‘Aunt’, and the whole family was invited to dine at the palace the day before we were to return north. Mother spoke at length with the empress, and together they fussed over my youngest brother. Zhi kept looking at the empress with adoration, but barely spoke at all. Father spent the time conversing with the Emperor, while I spent mine talking with the young prince. “I envy you Shen” he said after we had wandered away from the adults and rest of the family. With the amount of time we spent together, we had begun to forget the formalities and just spoke plainly between us. I raised an eyebrow at him, this wasn’t the first time he had said that to me, but it would be the first time I got an answer to my question: “Why?” He smiled bitterly “You have a nice family.” I rolled my eyes, making him chuckle “
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The man who defied the Emperor
The next morning, as my family began getting ready to leave the capital, I parted on horseback to the palace to deliver the book to the prince. I got in easily and was able to hand it directly to him. We said our goodbyes and I promised that I would visit as soon as I was able to.When I arrived back to the mansion, I got a glance of the girl that tried to get me in trouble my first day here. Every day I would catch her looking oddly at me from afar, but we barely interacted at all since I spent most of my time with the prince.With a smile I approached her and asked “Hello, Ling.”She bowed deeply, and I detected a faint blush in her cheeks “Good day, young master.”“Will you be here when we come back to the capital next season?” I asked bluntly, and she blushed even more.“Ling will serve as long as the Master wishes.”I nodded. “I look forward to meeting you next season, then.” I
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I kept my promise to the prince over the course of the following six years. Every three months I would take a week to visit the capital. And each time I would stay at our home there, being served by Ling, who only grew more beautiful and amiable with each season than passed. I always tried not being a burden to her, and she in turn dedicated herself to me. If we were older, it would have been said that we were courting each other, but truth was much stranger than that: we were friends. At the age of 13, when my family received the Emperor’s invite to participate in that year’s Spring Competition and the Flower Viewing festival sponsored by the empress, we made our way to the capital. This time around, father asked Master Fa to accompany us, stating that it would be good for my future to be seen with my master in the competition. Master Fa had no reason to deny his request, and he accompanied us on our way. My sister and two younger siblings were already study
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Meeting the Princess
Ling had been absolutely right, for early the next morning, we received the visit of the third prince and his entourage.“Shen Mu!” The prince shouted as soon as he spotted me coming out of the house.“Good morning Prince Heng Li” I bowed to him, but he ignored it and instead came to hug me. I blinked in surprise, but then felt him trying to crush me. Certainly, the exercises I had taught him over the years had helped his constitution.“Good morning, your highness” my parents chorused from my side, and the boy finally let me go, inclining his head briefly.“Aunt, Uncle Shen, it’s good to see you too.” He looked back at me and then to someone behind me. His mouth went slack.“Go-good morning, your highness” My sister stuttered.‘So that’s how it is?’I gazed critically at Heng and Zhi, and after a moment hit the back of the Prince’s head
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