The Silverine Chronicles

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The Silverine Chronicles

By: Percy Seacrest OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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If you could create a way into the past with just a single thought, wouldn’t you try to go back and prevent an accident you feel you had caused from ever happening? Wouldn’t you use your powers to save the best friends you lost and get back the life you cherished? If you had the power to travel through timelines and dimensions, what’s the first thing you would do? How far would you go to protect the loved ones you hold dear from the chaos that such abilities bring? If you could change the fate of a world at the brink of catastrophe, would you do whatever it takes? Would you be able to pay the ultimate price? Would you be able to tell right from wrong when everything depends on that single choice? Quinton Wallace is a young man of sixteen trying to come to terms with the strangeness and struggles of high school, first loves and all the weirdness of the world. Out of nowhere, he develops super abilities that don’t always work the way he wants them to. He, along with two in every two hundred humans around the world, is a Silverine; Mutated humans with unique powers that go beyond science and reality. Terrific, right? Well, it’s not a bed of roses. They say, with great powers come great responsibility. And the only thing Quinton has ever been responsible for is the accident, or so he thinks. But in his bid to reverse things, he causes an even greater accident that puts the whole of existence at risk.


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1) This doesn't feel like dying.
Before I go on to tell you how it all began, Let's get something crystal clear. This is not a sham. Everything in here actually happened. It doesn't matter how crazy, or how far-fetched it may seem or sound but it's all legit. Someone had to go through all this stuff to actually tell it. I still hardly believe any of it to be totally sincere. But it's true alright. I'm the victim here. Though this is an extremely depressing and weird way to start a story, there's no way around it. I don't know exactly how to soften the blow of my revelation, so I'll try to be as blunt as possible. I am dead. There you go. Deal with it. It's really important that you don't overthink it, or try to understand what that means. I'm the one talking to you right now, aren't I? How can I be dead, you may ask. Just accept it. Death doesn't only mean you are not alive; You could claim to have life but ain't actually living, you know. My case is the real deal. I am so dead right now not even my body exists
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2) Hospitals are so not my thing.
So, here's another thing you should know about me. I don't tolerate hospitals. Nope, far from it. Despise is the word to use here. They're like my own personal hell. The antiseptic smell of the place irks me, all the machines and contraptions gives me the creeps, nurses are the most terrible breed of humans in the world, or maybe I'm simply bias because I don't feel at ease with their sharp weapons and scrubs. Don't get me started about all the gory things you could come across in there...all the blood and pain. Shudders and shivers. You get the point. You'll also get why I don't sing a jolly Christmas song when I finally wake up. There are all these tubes and machines hooked to my body. My throat is sore and my bones feel like wood. But I am alive. I am alive...Ok, maybe just for now. I hurt everywhere. I hate to admit but the world of darkness I just returned from seems quite appealing now. It hurts to even draw breath... I lie there silently for a couple of minutes. My skin feels
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3) My world and all the weird things crawling through it.
You must've wondered about this a lot. Who is this nutcase of a kid spilling out his fastidious (Yes, I use the word here because it sounds right. It has nothing to do with the meaning which, by the way, I don't know.) story to you without prior warning? What does he look like? Where does this midget dwell? How messed up is the world that you have to hear tales of it from a nefarious fellow?...I mean, you don't even know my full name. It's funny to think that you'd just start reading through what a complete stranger with bad linguistic skills puts together. Anyway, I had better get the introductions out of the way. I'm not going to dump everything on you all at once! I hear that doesn't make for good suspence and intrigue. I'll chip in minor details about my humble self here and there, and hopefully by the time you finish this fun, bizarre book or give it up in fear somewhere along the way, you'd have gotten a clear picture of who Quinton Wallace is. (See what I did there?) Ok, so
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4) First day at school defies the odds.
I am reluctant to get out of bed when morning arrives. Last night I had made sure not to bother with an alarm, but somehow my mind knows what's up. My eyes pried themselves open at seven almost as if someone had called my name. I lay on the bed motionless, staring up at the ceiling. My heart is beating hard. The feeling of anxiety and sadness has never left me since I woke up in the hospital. Every second seems like a step towards something accident. I shake my head, trying to dislodge such thoughts. I have to be at school in about two hours. I'll need my mind clear to get through what promises to be a shitty day. "Quinton!" comes mom's voice from the passageway. I press the pillow against my ears. "Can't I just call in sick for one day?" "First day of school is not on the option list." She bursts in and marches straight for the laundry basket outside my bathroom. "Someone forgot the 'knock before admittance' rule." I mumble. Mom doesn't break her stride. "Someone need
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5) Maths class goes up in flames.
Sapphire high is a castle. Yes, I know what I'm saying. It's a freaking castle. And I don't mean that figuratively. It's a vast, mostly ancient, picturesque work of art, complete with lawn fountains, gazebos, benches beneath trees and walkways connecting the main building to other ones of similar age and features. There are like ten wings in all, all of them with their own arches and entryways. The school flag, a red thing depicting a golden wreath around a series of concentric flower blossoms, billows high upon the turrets along with flags of the state and country. The whole place is like something from a foreign picture book. A grand school. According to my tour guide, the very ethusiastic Wade who to an observer might appear to be having a random conversation with his iPad, the sprawling structure and grounds used to be the Royal home of the Snowvillean monarchy a century or two ago. Then one rabid prince woke up one bright morning, hungover after a night
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6) I don't fancy bubbles anymore.
Whoever gives the douchebag of a supervillain officially known as Battlesphere fashion advice should be hanged for quantum deceit. I's totally embarrassing for me. And I'm not the one looking like a flying broiler chicken right now. I feel bad for the guy. Really. This is his moment of glory. The best time of his life. He's probably trending on Twitter, on Facebook, you name it. Then one day, when he's whiling away the rest of his life in a Frostone cell with a good view of the surrounding ocean, he'll think back on this day and barf. He'll look back at the pictures of himself like this and probably look for ways to end his existence. Anything to be free of this. Battlesphere or whatever his name is, came to the high school party he hosted without informing anyone in a, get this right because I'm not going to hurt myself by repeating this words again, he came in a spandex. Yes, he's hovering up there right now, shining as bright as a banana in the sickly b
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7) Something's not right somewhere.
Now, here's all you should know about Power Bliss. Alright, this short exposition does not include her true identity because no one, except maybe her cat,(She comes off as a cat person.) is aware of what that is. She can harness kinetic energy in the appearance of pink mist and use it to fly, move things about and even form objects. She's like a battery, alright. I've seen her on TV zapping bad guys with pink electric bolts and stuff. I know, the colour pink looks a bit too girly for it to matter but trust me, Power Bliss wields it like a badass. A mesmerizing badass. It's not just her run against supervillain crime that has earned her a coveted spot on the covers of almost every local teen magazine. "Battlesphere is going to get his asshole's worth now." This comes as an automatic response to the butt whooping I so want to see. "The bubbles could free fall any second. Power Bliss can't engage Battlesphere because once that happens he'll loose control of his sphe
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8) Rants of a confused and clogged mind.
Wade invites himself over to my house that night. Well, it's not dark out yet. It's just a few minutes after six but I'm all but ready to go to bed and be done with today already. From the bay window of my room, I see him cross the street in a baggy red hoodie and fitting slacks. Nothing in the way he saunters over gives away anything, it's just another normal spring night after all. The only disturbing factor is the absence of his iPad. The Wade I'm getting to know can't survive s second without swiping or pinching through a screen. His hands are tucked into the sides of his hoodie with an air of calmness that doesn't fool me. I know exactly why he's here. Ok, maybe earlier today I sort of agreed to go prowling the streets with him. But that was before my first day of school took a disastrous nosedive. That was before a certain douchebag in spandex went crazy and chose to visit school for the first time in...ok, maybe the first time in his life, who knows? Certificates and
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9) Breakfast: The perfect time to drop that bomb.
Google can be quite an unhelpful bore and a bubble burster sometimes. Ok, admittedly, it comes in handy for homework, celebrity stalking and stuff. Yes, the platform is responsible for the few B's and the painfully rare A's I've managed to scrape up in grades over my schooling days. I don't know how I would have been able to do some of the weird projects my previous school had illegally coerced us (That's how it seemed to me so hold your thought. I'm the one telling the story here) into doing without the prompt replies and lifesaving tips from the platform. Right now, I'm angry with it. I'm pissed off the hair on my head. I've been here, tapping and abusing my smartphone for two hours straight without any comforting results. And it's not even homework I'm working on! It's not rocket science or Quantum mechanics I'm getting on about. I don't even want to know how to hack a military website ( I actually tried that a few years ago and Dad was brought in by the police for q
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10) Portal creation 101 for dummies.
Things are a little awkward at home for the rest of the day. Dad took a day off work to, in his very vague words, be around in case he's needed. And he has been around my room a lot. Not because he's needed. He offered to watch a movie with me and I foolishly agreed, only for him to pick The Avengers on Netflix. I love the movie and every thing the MCU has ever released because they're action packed and exciting, or used to be before today. It's different when you know that you're the real deal, super powers and all, while the guys you so admire are just acting out a script muddled with interesting CGI. It didn't help that Dad kept subtly suggesting possible superhero names. I finally drew the line when he somehow came up with 'The Heroic Helper' (Like seriously. I'd endured horrible names like Valiant Warden and Kid Fury before then) and told him I had homework to do. He pointed out that my first day at school hadn't gotten to the homework giving part before the whol
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