The Surprise Gazillionaire

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The Surprise Gazillionaire

By: Chainsaw Updated just nowUrban/Realistic

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Just a second ago, Dustin Clay was a penniless nobody. In the blink of an eye, he’s obscenely rich, with unimaginable resources at his fingertips. “I have nothing in my life but money,” he says, expression upset.


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Chapter 1 A Gorgeous Employee
Lights flashed, and deafening music blasted over the speakers in a nightclub filled with the mingled scent of liquor and perfume. Scantily clad women were gyrating to the beat on the dance floor. Dustin Clay had been working at this nightclub for close to a month. He was in his junior year of university, so he often had to burn the midnight oil to keep up with his classes, which explained his eye bags. This didn't dampen his mood, however. He'd receive his pay once he was done with work today and could finally buy his girlfriend, Shirley Schuster—the prettiest girl in their major—the platinum necklace she'd been eyeing."Larry…maybe we should go somewhere more private…" Dustin was mopping the floor when he heard this and stopped in his tracks—that was a voice he was extremely familiar with! Although it was drowned out by the music almost instantly, Dustin still zoned in on its owner after gazing around. Sure enough, it was Shirley! She wore a skin-tight, strappy dress; her bare should
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A Different Side to Tricia
Dustin returned to the nightclub after hammering out the details with Tricia. His reappearance brought about a round of jeering and mockery. "Damn! Larry, look—the loser's back! Don't tell me he's brought people with him to cause trouble!""Oh, come on! He barely knows anyone. Besides, no one at Weston University would be dumb enough to cause trouble for Larry.""Fuck me if I'm wrong, but…could he be back to watch Larry and Shirley get it on? Man, he's generous!"Dustin was the center of attention. The music was still blaring out of the speakers, but no one was dancing anymore.A blond man who wasn't too far from Larry asked, "Larry, should I get someone to escort him out?" Larry kept his hands on Shirley's body. He smirked and said, "No, don't. I'd like to see what he's up to. Who knows, maybe he'll provide us with some entertainment."Dustin ignored the excited looks everyone gave him and made his way to the seat closest to Larry. He poured himself a glass of scotch, drank i
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Chapter 3 Thank You, Larry
Tricia smiled. "Yes, sir." She pulled out her phone, dialed a number, and said, "It's time!" As everyone wondered what was happening, they heard the rumbling of heavy machinery. Then, a loud crash made the glasses on the tables fall to the floor and shatter. When the dust settled, a gaping hole appeared in one of the nightclub's walls. A bulldozer was parked right outside."A…a bulldozer?" someone cried."What the fuck is a bulldozer doing in the middle of the city?""What are they doing? Are they gonna take down the whole building?"There were exclamations everywhere. The bulldozer didn't proceed after blasting a hole in the wall. Instead, it backed up. Then, to everyone's bemusement, a truck backed up through the wall. The onlookers scrambled to make way for it, allowing the truck to back up and stop right before Larry. At this moment, Tricia explained, "This is a gift Master Dustin prepared for you, Mr. Zant.""A gift? No one in their right mind would prepare gifts like this!"
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Chapter 4 Please Settle the Bill
Him, taking things too far? Dustin never would've expected Shirley to say something like that. Hadn't she crossed the line by throwing herself into another man's arms while still dating him? Hadn't she taken things too far by being publicly indecent while said man humiliated him? Didn't she feel Larry had gone overboard by having Ken fire him and even wanting to break his leg? A trace of heartache and sorrow flashed in his eyes as he grimaced. Dustin wanted to berate and take his anger out on Shirley but ultimately held himself back. After all, he was now a member of an ultra-wealthy family—he didn't need to stoop that low. She was someone who belonged in his past.There was no denying Dustin was totally different from before, thanks to the change in his mindset. Even if he hadn't been raised by his actual family, it seemed confidence and natural dominance ran in his blood. Now that Tricia had opened his eyes to the truth, his true personality was starting to shine through.As these
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Chapter 5 Scrubbing Toilets
As a nightclub manager, it was important to be sharp and on one's toes. Fortunately, Ken was quite the expert in this aspect. He could tell Dustin was no longer the weakling from before—he was definitely much more powerful than Larry. The fact that he could get someone to blast a hole in the nightclub's wall spoke for itself.Larry turned to glare at Ken and growled, "Don't tell me you actually believe what she said!" To be completely honest, he still harbored a sliver of hope. His father's business empire had stood strong for decades. How could it possibly collapse in a matter of minutes? The mere thought was preposterous!"The nightclub won't be able to operate as usual when it's in such a state, and I doubt you'll be able to enjoy yourself under such circumstances. Anyway, we'll need some time to clean up this mess, but you're always welcome to visit us again, Mr. Zant." Ken couldn't possibly answer Larry frankly.Larry nodded thoughtfully. He was probably better off backing down
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Chapter 6 Gossip Central
It was close to midnight when Dustin returned to his dorm. It was a four-bedder, and Dustin was the second oldest among the four of them—just like how he was the second son of the Clay family. It looked like two was his lucky number.The oldest, Eugene Smith, was gallant, charismatic, and a player. He spent most nights out, and it was common to find him checking into a hotel with different women. Eugene had given Dustin plenty of help when trying to win Shirley over. The third oldest, Jon Aames, was plump and could be found either studying or gaming. The youngest, Hank Linden, was introspective and gentle. He spent most of his time in the library and was likable.Hank was alone in the dorm and had already gotten into bed. Dustin took a quick shower before climbing into bed and falling asleep when his head touched the pillow. It seemed like he'd just closed his eyes when he heard someone waking him. Hank said, "Dustin, get up. We have international finance first thing in the morning,
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Chapter 7 Find You a New Girlfriend
Mildred was taken aback, surprised by Dustin's reaction. Shouldn't he be angry? She wanted him to seethe and hurl insults at her; it was only logical for him to act that way. Now, however, he was just sweeping the matter under the rug with a nonchalant attitude. It made her feel defeated. Her mind whirred for a second before she devised a plan. "Dustin, I shouldn't have done that, and I'm sorry. I'll let everyone know I was just spouting nonsense."This time, it was Dustin's turn to be surprised. When had Mildred learned to apologize? He gave her a doubtful look, then let the matter go. She no longer had anything to do with him since things were over between him and Shirley, anyway. He didn't need to waste his breath on her. "Whatever." What could a few rumors do to him? Only busybodies like Mildred cared about those things.She took a step closer to him and giggled. "Here, let me make it up to you—I'll introduce another one of my friends to you. Now that you and Shirley are over, yo
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Chapter 8 Genevieve Muller
He chatted with the old man casually. The old man told him he collected recyclable trash. His children were working, and he had a granddaughter in university. He felt bored at home and collected recyclable trash from neighboring cities. By doing so, he could earn some money to make a living.Dustin thought he could give him the leftover cash he had. He wasn't in need of money now. So, when he encountered such people, he should offer help. It could help change the old man's life. Speaking of which, taking transportation was much better than walking, even though the old man operated it. When he looked at the GPS on his phone, they were almost there."After taking a turn on the road in front, we'll…" As the old man spoke, there was a sudden crack under his feet, and the bike stopped. The bike chain was broken. Embarrassed, the old man said, "Oh my! Look at this old bike. I'm so sorry, kid. I can't send you to your destination, but you're almost there. Just take a right turn in front
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Chapter 9 Honest Old Man
In fact, showing such an expression only proved that they might be Genevieve’s friends, but they didn’t understand her at all.Genevieve came from a prestigious family with a good upbringing. She had a gentle, kind, and almost flawless personality. No matter what background a person came from, she would treat them as equals. If someone was of lower status, she would not look down on them and would treat everyone righteously. So, when she saw Mildred ridiculing Dustin, she wanted to help him. Mildred was quick to react and guessed Genevieve’s train of thought. She said, “Genevieve, it’s Zachary’s treat today. Why don’t we ask his opinion first?” She knew that Zachary wanted to get closer to Genevieve and didn’t want another guy to be at the scene. Therefore, it was the right decision to leave things to him. Only then did Dustin find out the guy’s name. After that, Dustin and Genevieve both looked at Zachary. Zachary understood that Genevieve had shown her intentions by asking Du
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Chapter 10 Yvonne Smith
After Genevieve left, Zachary's expression darkened. "Hmph, as you can see, Genevieve is interested in that guy now. It's your fault. How are you going to solve this?"Then, he took out a cigarette and ignited it before throwing the box on the table. Finally, he leaned on the couch and started smoking. At this time, he actually wished to smack Mildred as she had ruined his opportunity.Scared, she quickly said, "No, that won't happen. Don't worry. Dustin is just a poor guy. Once Genevieve sees through him, she'll never befriend him! If Genevieve asks about him, I know what to say!"…Dustin saw Genevieve and the old man when he got off the elevator. He knew the old man wouldn't take his money and had come to find him. So, if he exited through the main door, the old man would give the money back to him. Ultimately, he found a waiter and asked where the other exit was. Finally, he got out and found a place to reactivate his phone. Then, he prepared to take a nap at the dormitory. A
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