The Uncanny Encounter

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The Uncanny Encounter

By: Mariam D OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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This drama tells a story about the "counter" team which has the aim to do a hunt for Evil spirits. Every person In the team has a special ability but make a camouflage to hide their status by getting themselves employed at a noodle restaurant. The story starts when Mun, a crippled high school student who is always bullied suddenly get enlisted to become a "counter". Mun becomes a powerful counter and is considered the group's ace. One day, The Fourth counter Xavier. Is killed in a battle against a strong Level"3 Evil spirit. As his spirit get consumed by his killer, His partner Malia struggles to find a new comatose human to possess. Uncannily she is quickly drawn toward high school boy Mun. Who despite been disabled is nevertheless perfectly healthy, and alive. As soon as Malia possessed him, The unknowing Mun starts noticing bizarre changes to his body and starts seeing Malia in his dreams, soon mun finds the answer in a noodle restaurant. And as he becomes the replacement to the late Xavier, he finds himself in a thrilling journey of battling against bloodthirsty demons, reconnecting to his past, and uncovering the ugly truth behind a major redevelopment project in the city. Will Mun and the team be able to defeat the Evil spirit(Kal) or will he reign supreme of them all. And will he be able to fight back, and stand up to the bullies that threatens the freedom of every student in his school?.


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6 chapters
The Accident
The Accident. Mayoral candidates Percy won the mayor by a margin of 358 votes won, new on the I made a story book about our family Mun said.. 10 YEARS AGODid you? A story book ?Yes it's a story about our family going on a trip he replied. Gosh Mun mom asked. Then it must have pictures of mom , dad and Mun taking a trip together Dad asked.No it's with Grandma and grandpa , since your always busy , that's why you couldn't take me on a trip little Mun replied. Honey we can certainly go right Mun mother asked her husband. sure why not here husband replied. You always break your promises Mun replied.Mun let us be part of your story pretty please? Mun's father begged.okay I'll add you both Munreplied and smiled.At time things will seem unfair, and drive you to the brink of tears for no reason. for ordinary people who never win first place, getting an applause is only for other people, but there is one promise........ Hello? Charles. you better be careful too Char
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The Demonic Evil spirit
We got off the van and decided to split into different directions,Why'd the evil spirit have to be spotted now?. How tactless, I was about to try Mrs Christabel's noodles. xavier claimed while walking.Did you get nagged at your niece's wedding? Charles questioned.Yes about three times Xavier replied. Am sure your niece also feels burdened about having a single 50years old uncle Georgina teased.Georgina you,...let get this over with and go he concluded. Guys I just spotted our territory, it opened up in the north christabel spilled.But it's too confined?Xavier asked.who ever is the first to find him lure him there Charles added.Xavier hope your not waking right now instead of running? Charles asked. Okay fine I'll be there soon Xavier said as he wrapped up the item in his hands, and jumped off the bridge, and began to run.The Evil spirit exited a storey building and kept walking. Found him, he's headed towards the alley we parked Georgina spilled. Right okay, christabel
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Our "****replacement
It was midnight and I was walking around the neighborhood,I touched my hair and it felt still crampy. I reached home and I opened the gate.Mun:hey,how do you know I was here?Grandpa: I can here my grandkid come all the way from the outskirts of town. I didn't forget your birthday (he replied holding his surprise birthday cake). Mun sat down next to him and then grandpa added the candle on the cake.Grandpa: happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear mun! Mun:thank you I was about to blow my candle and make a wish but from no where, my grandma blew the candle and laughed.Mun:come on grandma(takes the cake and hides it!) Who are you, why are you taking mun's cake.Grandpa: let it goMun:who's mun?Grandma:he's my grandson. My delight and my happiness.Mun: Gosh, you put me down, then you raise me up again. Grandma.Grandma:huhMun: I'm that grandson you're talking about, okay?.Grandma: have you gone insane?(grabs the cake and puts it on his face.Grandpa:goodness! Oh noMun: m
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Mun Going To The Afterlife
Elna: Did you tell the teacher Every thing.Daniel: He said he'll help us make up. Elna:What ?" make up"?, He should punish them.Daniel: why would he? Scoot is one of them. He'll rather transfer me.Elna: He's the mayor's son, why does he beat up other kids? What more does he need?Daniel: Do I get beaten up because I don't need anything?Mun walks down the school stairs with his crotches by his side , he gets to the side road and Mets scoot, Travis and the other bullies.Travis:Look Hi(all stares at Mun and smiles)Mun tries to walk pass them.Travis: Little baby, are you scared?Dennison: I'll steal this! (Dennison runs and grabs mun's crotches).Dennison: Try to take it (makes fun of mun)Mun: Stop it,give it to me.Dennison: try to take it, come on. (Holds the crotches above his arms)Mun: Give it back.(tries to reach his arms)Dennison: Hey gimp. Are you pissed?Mun tries to punch him but failsDennison: Have you gone insane?,Travis: I wonder what's in his bagpack.(picks up
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Mun In trouble
Mun walkes up due to noises which were made. Mun slowly opens his eyes.his first view was Georgina.Georgina: He's woken up.Mun: How….. did I end up here?Charles: you were beaten up and fainted,so you were brought here.Christabel: Come join us for some noodles.Mun tries to stand up but fall off the bench.Charles: What you doing?Mun: Well….this is weird.Christabel: Have you forgotten how to work properly? I promised you i'd heal your leg.Mun tries to stand up, and realizes that he could stand on his feet.Charles: Come on.Mun: I'm walking, I can walk. I'm going to step out Christabel: Mun! You shouldn't be running yet!Mun run's as fast as he could ever do.Charles: he's not going to listen to us now.Mun ran till his legs ached.The Noodles Restaurant.Mun: Thank you for the noodles and my leg.Christabel: You must be hungry eat up.Charles: Hey, what's up with you?Mun cleans his tears and starts eating.Christabel: are you crying because of your leg or because the noodles
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Mun's First big save
Mrs Christabel: Mun, you saved that boy's life today.Charles: Exactly. Thanks to him,we saved that boy and captured the evil spirit.Mrs Christabel: That's right.Thanks to you,their lives totally changed overnight. This is the work we do.Mrs Christabel:Georgina do you have anything to say? (Georgina stares at Mun)Georgina: Will you be a counter or not?(Christabel gives her a nod on the head and smiled)Georgina: Good job today.Mun: Thank you.Mrs Christabel: he was born for this, don't you think?(stares at Charles)Charles: Will you do it or not?Mrs Christabel: Well,take some time to think about what you did today and make a decision.(places mun's counter outfit on the table)You have a week, you know.Mun: (places his hands upon the cloth and feels it.) I'll think about it.Mrs Christabel: okay.Charles: what's there to think about? just say yes, you little punk.Mun leaves the restaurant with the whole counter group acompaning him.Mrs Christabel: Alright then, take care.Ch
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