Chapter 109
“Weapons?” Zephyr was not too interested in the skills and techniques, however when he heard about the weapons, it had piqued his interest. After he took his leave from Spout, he made his way to the Khan vaults. The vaults were enormous, heavily decorated inside and outside, it was the most important Khan asset. Once he arrived at the weapons vault, Zephyr felt a great disturbance that came his way. In his view, there were a variety of weapons, it ranged from small knives to great staves, there was enough for each person to have one. Each weapon was a sight to behold, shimmering in the light. Their values were untold, no doubt as exquisite as the hosts. Most importantly, each weapon was highly coveted and tested to its peak.

“A sword!” Zephyr picked up a sword — a longsword at that. A favorite of his, in fact. As a fighter, not only must he train his body and mind, he would need an accompanying weapon. A good weapon would be able to bolster his powers manifold. Zephyr spun his right hand, channeled his energy into the blade, allowing it to vibrate and ring. “This blade is cool, but it’s way too heavy to be wielded!” He moved on to another and held them in his hands. “This one’s as light as a feather, but it’s too flimsy! It’s better suited for women.” He went through the process again, and picked up another weapon, and another, and another.

Zephyr contemplated on each one, but could not find any sword which suited him. Although each blade was of high value and build, if it did not suit him, it would not help much. “I’ll need the best, to beat the best at the Inter-city Tournament!” Zephyr sighed. Although every blade was of fine craftsmanship, none suited him. It was vital he made no mistake, for even a decision like this could cost him the Inter-city Tournament. “Is there really nothing here?!” Zephyr sighed, after searching for some more. “It would seem that finding a sword which suits me is like finding a needle in a haystack!” Zephyr sighed as he explored more weapons in the vaults.

In another vault that was meant for treasure and loot — mostly from the Sun — Zephyr spoke to himself, “The Sun were undoubtedly wealthy. No wonder they were the biggest and ‘baddest’ in Starlight!” The Sun had treasures that were stacked upon each other, and it had accumulated into a small mountain. However, none of the relics and spoils were what Zephyr wanted.

“Oh?” Zephyr’s gaze suddenly stopped onto something. It was a sheet of silvery-white metal, about five feet in length. Its surface was rough and it was made to look common. However, Zephyr reached out without hesitation. ‘Cold!’ Zephyr thought as he grabbed it. The metal was heavy, really heavy. It felt like a few 100 pounds worth of weight. He put out a finger, and slided across the surface that caused a glistening sound. He channeled some energy into his fingertip, drawing out the ones within.

Bit by bit, silver-white ripples of energy emanated from the metal, and it sparkled in his hands. Zephyr forced more of his energy into the metal, and that made it shake violently. Loud cracking sounds suddenly sprang, followed by deep gashes into the metal. Finally, a golden staff was sifted from the metal case, its refractions were similar to jade. “Meteor metal! This is the legendary meteor metal!” Zephyr exclaimed. He could fashion a legendary weapon from this!

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