Chapter 110
Meteor metal was a highly sought after metal. This item was as its namesake implies, a metal which originated from the stars. A metal which gets forged on impact, on entry. A metal that can only become smelted by the hottest of fires — starfire. This metal is extremely rare. Its price alone was enough to purchase a city. Not even the richest clans could afford a piece. ‘This metal hasn’t been reforged yet, yet it can withstand my energy rushes. If I were to forge a sword from this, it would definitely boost my power!’ Zephyr thought, “If I can find a fine blacksmith, the forgery of this blade will no doubt be legendary!” Zephyr’s defeated bemoans were switched into bouts of ecstatic excitement. For some reason, he even looked forward to the Inter-city Tournament.

Zephyr was very satisfied with his procurement, but the metal was too rare, and no common blacksmith may forge it. Were the metal to be forcefully forged, the weapon’s make would be severely compromised. It would be a great waste for such a fine and rare ore.

He had spent the betterment of his days in search for a blacksmith that was skilled enough to hone his metal. Other times, he busily made pills to feed his mounts.

After ten days, Lewis reported to Zephyr, “My lord! The Shadowmeres you bought have not only been rejuvenated from your pills, but they’ve been enhanced manifold!” Lewis finally understood why Zephyr bothered buying these useless Meres in the first place, after all he had personally witnessed their dramatic transformation. “Good!” Zephyr nodded, satisfied at his work. The pills he had fed them were specially made to bolster the beast’s strength. Now, his Meres were full of energy, strength, and spirit. Zephyr estimated that one Mere’s power was equal to that of a Strength of level five.

“My lord, I believe if we were to sell these Meres, we would profit greatly. I imagine many powers could come for these babies!” Lewis said. “Sell them?” Zephyr asked, confused. He had taken a great undertaking to rejuvenate these Meres, why would he bother to sell them. “Do you not wish to sell them?” Lewis asked, quizzically. “No, I do not. They are of use to me!” Zephyr said while smiling.

The Khan were now powerful, more so than before, having officially established their status. However, they lacked a proper force. During their initial attack, the Khan suffered many losses at the hands of the Sun. To make up for this, Zephyr intended to establish a force for the Khan.

“What? Khan riders?”

The leaders of Khan, including Spout himself, were taken aback by Zephyr’s suggestion. “Yes, Khan riders. We don’t need too many, but they must be exquisite! They will be the spearheads that will pierce and cut down our foes!” Zephyr said slowly. This was greatly beneficial to the Khan. It would seem that the Khan still lacked some firepower before they could fully solidify themselves as strong pillars. Zephyr realized that once he gets enrolled into an academy, he would not be around to watch over Khan matters. Therefore, with this force, the Khan will be that much safer.

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