Chapter 111
“This task force, I henceforth christen, Khan riders. They needn’t be many, but they must have the spirit of battle, the strength of warriors, and the determination of generals!” Zephyr spoke. “The Khan can afford the pills, and share techniques to train them. We also have the weaponry to assist them!” he continued. “Yes, this is a good idea! The Khan needs a force like this!” Spout said as he nodded. He understood Zephyr’s goal, with the task force mobilized, the Khan need not worry about their solidity anymore. “Indeed, I agree with this plan, a task force is useful!” a Khan leader nodded. “With this task force, our intimidation towards others shall be stronger! None would dare oppose us!” another added. “We must show how powerful the Khan riders are!”

The Khan leaders were smart men, they instantly acknowledged the wisdom in Zephyr’s plan. Zephyr nodded at their unity. With their agreement to this plan, he could leave Starlight with more ease for the Inter-city Tournament. “However, that may be difficult to execute,” Spout shared while he furrowed his brows. “Uncle, are you worried that they may not have it in them to be Khan riders?” Zephyr asked, he took a guess at his uncle’s thoughts. After all, it was a big investment for the Khan. Their losses would no doubt be severe should it fail. “Indeed. If this plan succeeds, no doubt it’ll be fruitful. But, if it fails, we’ll only waste Khan resources, adding weight to our burdens!” Spout nodded.

“I’ve considered this earlier. Worry not, I will personally see to it to train them!” Zephyr knew how to address Spout’s worries. “I see, then see to it! Motte, the younger clansmen show great potential I believe, what do you think?” Spout asked the leader that stood beside him. Motte Khan was the managerial leader of the Khan, with vast powers. A loyal clansman at heart, he was nothing if familiar with his men. “My lord, we do have lots of young clansmen, who have indeed improved greatly with the balance pills. It would be difficult to choose the right ones,” Motte replied, deep in thought.

Everyone was excited, as they knew that anyone that was personally trained by Zephyr would no doubt improve exponentially. “It’s settled then! You will be in charge of selection! Do select the best of the best, this is an important matter! You must be fair, never biased or greedy!” Spout commanded. “Understood!” Motte saluted. After all, how could a loyal Khan like Motte brush off the future of the Khan under the mat? Following this, the matter got to be discussed in greater detail before the attendees took their leave. Only Zephyr and Spout stayed behind to further discuss other matters.

‘Hare? No, although he’s skilled, his fuse is too short, unfit for this!

‘Wave? He’s persistent, and willing to learn, but too bad he’s not that skilled, though I may reconsider upon further discussion.’

Motte thought to himself back at his house, sifting through candidates. This was not an easy task, even after he had cycled through some candidates, he still had to filter through his candidates again. Besides skill, character was just as important. After all, even with great skill, a rotten person may compromise the Khan and their defenses. Naturally, Motte wanted to avoid that.

“Hey, it’s late, why aren’t you coming to dinner?” a soft voice called out, this lifted Motte out of his thoughts. An attractive lady entered his room, and warmly asked Motte again. This was Motte’s wife, though she was a decade or so his junior. She was sort of a trophy wife for Motte in this case. “The lord Khan has given me a task to choose proper candidates for a task force. It is a great task, one that requires my full attention,” Motte replied, uncaring if she knew or not, sooner or later they all would anyway. Besides, his wife had never bothered with Khan affairs. “A task force you say, must be something,” the woman softly rested her hands on Motte’s shoulders, and massaged them with great care.

Feeling his wife’s care, Motte smiled, “Of course it’s important. The Khan are willing to provide the means, Zephyr himself will be training them. I’m sure you know of him. We all suspect he has a great master protecting him too. With his intervention, I’m sure the task force will be strong.”

“What does this mean?” The woman’s expression changed slightly and continued her sentence, “Darling, what do you think of my younger brother, Jen?”

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