Chapter 150
“He’s good, real good. By just being this close to him, I can already feel crushed under his energy! If I’m not wrong, he definitely has reserves worth hiding just beneath the surface!” Zephyr concluded as he scanned Samson. “The b*stard’s left!” Samson said,as he scanned the area. He huffed when he realized Zephyr left no trace for him to follow as a trail. “Master, shall we pursue this man?” a younger member asked quietly. Energy rippled around him, signifying his status as an Agile of level one.

Zephyr’s heart raced. An Agile was being so respectful to Samson, that meant Samson’s power was enough to quell this Agile. He studied the others, and deemed them to be Strengths of nine and more.

“No, we’ll get him sooner or later. We have more important matters to attend to!” Samson said. “The chrono grass’s location has already been discovered by others. We must make haste! Once we get it, our bodies will definitely improve manifold. The rarity of it is once in a thousand years! We can’t let Zephyr get his hands on it!” he continued.

“You’re right, sir! We’ll kill Zephyr sooner or later. We mustn't pass this opportunity! Once you get your hands on it, there’s no one in this Tournament that could be your match!” the Agile said while he nodded in agreement.

“You don’t have to kiss my *ss. I’ll give you your dues once I enroll at the Academy, don’t worry. My Prideful Touch will help restore and heal the broken energies within you. Once I’m enrolled, I’ll definitely give you my Touch!” Samson said calmly. ‘Broken energies?’ Zephyr thought. He figured Samson must have some powerful technique for it to be referred to as ‘Prideful’. Its power must be uncommonly good to have such a name. “Hmm, I guess they’re not helping him off his background alone. They have something they want from him!” Zephyr concluded, quietly.

“Let’s go! We must get the grass!” Samson said as he waved his hands. “Chrono grass, eh? This’ll be a great find!” Zephyr nodded to himself as he watched them leave. As a medicine man himself, Zephyr was quite familiar with chrono grass.

Chrono grass was a rare and valuable herb. Although it looked like a common herb, its price fetched higher than many others. Once a fighter utilizes the grass, there is a good chance they would ‘break out’ of their current state. While within this state of induced euphoria, they would easily achieve many breakthroughs in the mysteries of the world.

“I bet Samson’s going to use the grass to not only make breakthroughs of his own, but to increase his battle powers manifold with the secrets of the universe, far surpassing common Agiles!” Zephyr quickly realized the Leed’s ploy. For fighters to have breakthroughs of their own, the rewards they would reap from doing so becomes bountiful. With the chrono grass, Samson’s power would no doubt increase exponentially. No wonder he temporarily had given up on pursuing Zephyr.

“Heh heh, Samson… Not if I kill you first! That chrono grass is mine!”

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