Chapter 151
Zephyr’s expression was cold and unforgiving. He was a simple man who kept a simple principle — leave me alone, and I’ll leave you alone. Samson had clearly expressed his intentions before, so now, Zephyr would not let it slide so easily. Along the way, Zephyr suppressed his energy, and followed the group closely. Samson’s team was made up of many skilled fighters. Each of them possessed many powerful killing moves. Any enemy they came across all fell to their knees with no issue. Watching the carnage first hand made Zephyr uneasy, this made him heighten his guard.

“It’s not too far now. The chrono grass is behind that mountain. However, I must warn you all that it's full of terrible beasts! They too seek out the grass, we must tread carefully from here!” the Agile fighter said. “Is that so?” Samson flinched, before he turned his gaze to the rest. His eyes stopped upon the one who used Bloodlet. The man’s energy had been depleted to a sorry state. This meant he lacked any real battle power. “Since this place is so deadly, someone like you would only be dead weight!” Samson said, which shocked the man. “Master, what do you mean? I sacrificed half of my health just for you!”

“Away with you!” Samson spat. “No! Samson, please! I’ve been good! I’ve been loyal! Please, no!” the man cried. “The master has no use for you anymore, why would he keep someone like you?” a man chuckled, then raised his hand to end the weaker man's life. “No! Samson Leed, I curse thee! I curse you a horrible, horrible death!” the man cried his final words, before being silenced. “I don’t mean to kill you, but for everyone’s safety, I must!” Samson said, annoyed.

“You’re right, master, we understand your struggle!”

“Indeed, he would have been nothing but dead weight after all!”

The rest clamored in agreement.

“What a f*cking tw*t, even under these circumstances, he can still find an excuse for his treacherous attitude. Tsk tsk,” someone spat, followed by quiet laughter. Zephyr turned to see the new arrival. The man came with a sword on his back, dressed in grey clothing. His expression was calm, though his eyes carried a look that could pierce anything. “F*cker’s good!” Zephyr gasped upon noticing him. He was a powerful fighter no doubt. He had not made a move, and yet, Zephyr could already feel the power that was surging through him. Zephyr reckoned the man was an Agile of level three, a dangerous combatant to encounter indeed.

Zephyr remained hidden and quickly channeled his Might to further mask his energies. ‘Who’s this guy?’ he wondered.

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