Chapter 17
Zephyr treaded on carefully, all the while practicing the Way. After half a day, he travelled about 40 miles, going deeper and deeper into the Forest. The air grew thicker and more malicious as time went by, it would have sent anyone within into an alarmed rate. Even though it was noon, the Forest remained dark and mysterious. Zephyr only knew of the true draconic energy being present within the Feather Forest, but as to its whereabouts, he was clueless. He had to manually locate it.

Suddenly, Zephyr heard the sound of rushing water — loud and powerful — much like a tiger’s roar. ‘That must be a waterfall!’ Zephyr thought excitedly. He quickly rushed towards its source. After about 10 minutes, he finally arrived before the waterfall. Zephyr raised his head to gaze upon the water, observing it’s windiness, comparing its shape and flow to that of a dragon.

Zephyr could not help but drink from the refreshing stream as it rejuvenated his senses. After he washed his face, Zephyr took note of his surroundings. He noticed how tranquil the surroundings were, how fertile the land was, and detected the potent flora around. “No,” he frowned, although it was tranquil, the air was dense and foreboding, “it’s too quiet!” The type of silence he experienced made Zephyr uneasy.

A loud hiss rang out behind him, with malice and intent, alluding to being targeted. “Lightfoot, go!” Zephyr did not have time to think, he had to get out of there. Just as he dodged out of the way, a flash of green light appeared and brought upon an intense pungency, it shot at the rock that Zephyr was seated on. Immediately, the rock rotted and corroded, it revealed a new hole, all the while as green smoke fizzed. Terrible venom!

Seeing how it missed its attack, a great shadow burst forth from the waterfall as it revealed itself to Zephyr. A great serpent appeared, it’s length unaccounted for, it’s color green, it’s mouth glistened with red and green liquid, a terrible sight.

“A beast!” Zephyr immediately started to run. The beast was named Emerald Serpent, although it was a tier one beast, it’s strength was amazing, and very venomous. Just a drop was enough to kill a man. Moreover, the Serpent had iron-like scales. Unless the opponent was an Agility fighter, no one had any chance against it. The thought of the Serpent’s power only hastened Zephyr’s Lightfoot.

The Serpent chased after Zephyr, unwilling to let its prey escape as it constantly spewed venom. Everywhere the venom touched, it corroded almost immediately and released puffs of green smoke. Suddenly, a tree fell before Zephyr, blocking his path, it’s trunk corroded by the venom. The Serpent capitalized on the opening and went for Zephyr’s skull. Zephyr steadied himself, powering up with true energy. His right foot fell and shook the earth, cracking it open, and followed it with a right hook. Zephyr unleashed his Earthquake Fist.

At his strike, a sonic boom emerged. “Dumb snake, die!” yelled Zephyr, quickly reconstituting Lightfoot, he was not sure if he would be so lucky the second time. Zephyr spied for a weakness in the Serpent, and quickly struck upon finding it. His strength pierced the Serpent’s hide, cracking its scales and his fist found a way into the beast’s insides. The beast let out a screech of pain. Before Zephyr could celebrate, a great tail swung by and sent him off his feet. It felt as though a mountain had struck him. Zephyr spat out fresh blood. Another blow came and sent Zephyr flying towards a large tree. He flew about 90 feet before he touched the ground.

Before letting out a sly smile, Zephyr coughed weakly.

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