Chapter 212
“My newfound Lightning Spear is clearly the work of my Might and my rune’s unification!” Zephyr concluded, he was sure of this hypothesis. This divine weapon had never appeared to him before, only through the combined effort of his Might and the rune had it appeared in his spirit realm. Besides, it was the only explanation for the amazing power. ‘Who knew that training under The Way of the Dragon would bring me such a gift? I wonder what new boons would I be able to unlock if I continued to improve my power?’ Zephyr thought. ‘If that’s true, then I’ve just barely scratched the surface of the potential of the Way! How exciting!’ Zephyr continued on. To this day, the potential of the Way of the Dragon was still unfamiliar to him. ‘Although my current battle power isn’t lacking, I would be hard-pressed when I face future Agiles. The only reason I won out against Shaun Lee was because of my newfound Lightning Spear! I doubt I would have the same outcome had I faced an Agile of level six, even with my Lighting Spear!’ His train of thoughts continued on as he pondered more about his skills.

While reflecting on his earlier battle, Zephyr knew he had improved by a lot and realized where he lacked. Firstly, he reflected on his Seven Slashes technique. Though there was no doubt it was a strong skill to have, as his powers improved, he would surely need a stronger alternative. Therefore, Zephyr knew he would need to learn a new, stronger technique soon.

Besides, he already had his electrical powers. Once again, there was no doubt of the limitless potential in his command of lightning. Even if it helped augment his Lightfoot, the reality was that these two did not match each other. One was full of force and power, while the other relied on stealth and subterfuge.

‘My swordskill and augments need to be re-established!’ Zephyr thought, before finding himself entering another state of comatose. Slowly, as time passed, people seemed to have forgotten about Zephyr. Zephyr had not shown himself for a long time as he preferred to focus on improving himself. While Zephyr busily trained himself and grew in terms of his power, the Khan powers had increased exponentially too.

Although Zephyr had made an enemy of the royals, his powers were enough to make them put a pause on their future attacks. They would not so easily come after the Khan knowing this now. Besides, if the royals wanted to, Zephyr Khan could make for a great ally, a new powerhouse in their arsenal!

In a nicely decorated room, filled with an aromatic smell of incense, Zephyr sat on a mat as he quickly performed mystical hand gestures. If one observed him carefully, they could find an electricity dome that covered him, carrying with it an aura that was divine. After a while, Zephyr’s hand movements became quicker. Suddenly, Zephyr’s eyes shot open, it glowed brightly and was filled to the brim with energy. The space before him solidified from his gaze. He shut his eyes once more, before opening them slowly. A look of satisfaction could be seen on his face.

“Finally, I’m back to normal,” Zephyr said. His energy and spirit were back to their original state, no longer was he a mindless vegetable. He had spent many hours training himself, improving his body and spirit. His powers had improved greatly from this recuperation. The Lightning Spear was now his greatest weapon yet, were he to use it, he could easily kill any foe stronger than him. Zephyr knew if he acted now, he could easily kill Shaun Lee. He would not suffer as he did before.

“I’m just half a step away from the Agility level. I’m sure I’ll break through this challenge soon enough!” Zephyr said, his spirit rising. He was now far more aware of his surroundings. Once he reached the Agility level, Zephyr knew his powers would increase beyond his wildest imaginations. He doubt that he would ever fear any Agile ever again.

Right as Zephyr pondered on his freshened state, he heard his door open. From there, a silhouette slowly appeared. When the person entered, their face was grim, but once they noticed Zephyr was awake and fine, they immediately let out a look of pleasant surprise.

“Master, you’re finally awake!”


Zephyr nodded. It was Lewis, his loyal follower. Lewis’s rank had improved much as well after following Zephyr, he had become a Khan leader. “Where’s Leah?’ Zephyr asked. “Leah just went out with Master Linus…” Lewis said with a smile.

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