Chapter 68
One by one, Zephyr’s assailants were sent flying by his attack. “Impossible!” cried Mist as he was sent flying back too, face full of shock. He turned to the voice, which gained even more suspense upon seeing whence it came. There, a few men slowly walked over with their leader, an old man with long, silvery hair that blew in the wind, his eyes carried nothing but contempt, like an old, honored lion. Beside him, a group of Khan leaders followed suit, among them was Spout Khan. “Impossible! You should be dead by now!” Mist cried, his fear intensely grew at the sight of the strong defenders that were approaching. Mist’s fear was warranted, seeing how the old man that led the party was none other than Typhoon Khan, his father. “Take these men down, no quarter!” Typhoon commanded, then, he turned his gaze to Mist, “Traitor!” his anger boiled as he shouted. A great tiger appeared behind Typhoon which signalled his attack. He was livid now, he said nothing as he raised his hand and sent a slap towards Mist. The slap connected with Mist, it hurted him so much that he coughed up a great mouthful of blood, he felt every bone in his body being shattered. The worst sin one could do, was to betray their own clan, for Mist to conspire and scheme with outsiders, as the lord notwithstanding, was as great a sin as any.

“Grandfather, your wounds, are they alright?” Zephyr said, a small smile crept onto his face. “I am, thanks to you, the dark energies within me have been cured! It won’t be much longer before I fully recover! If I were to train for a time, I might even become an Agility fighter!” Typhoon answered while he smiled brightly. He had never felt so alive in so long, all thanks to his grandson, Zephyr Khan. “Zephyr boy, who knew you had this much in you!” Spout added, his tone was full of satisfactory approval. Everyone else present showed colors of disbelief, they could not believe to be bestowed with the great Typhoon’s presence after so long. “Was this all part of your plan? Was this your plan from the beginning?” Mist screamed, blood gushed out of his mouth when doing so. Mist was not stupid, after a moment’s contemplation, he realized Spout had planned tonight’s event.

“Traitor! Do you not know remorse?!” Typhoon scolded, thoughts of Mist’s actions throughout the years fired him up. “You old c*nt! The only thing I regret is being too careless! Who knew you’d survive?! What I regret more is not being more decisive with Zephyr, I should have killed this outcast earlier!” Mist screamed, his face was full of venom. “B*stard! Take this traitorous b*stard away!” Typhoon commanded, he had enough of Mist.

The next morning came. The sons of Khan had no idea such an event would turn so sour. A great debate occurred within the grand hall. Typhoon Khan and his subordinates were seated within, each discussing the previous night’s predicament. It was nothing to ignore.

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