Villain Regressor

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Villain Regressor

By: The Neotainment OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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A Notorious man who was chased by an entire army of nations. A man who was deemed to be the apex of evil gets a second chance. What could go wrong? However, everything went wrong at the cost of regressing and opposing the laws of causality. Garuda decides to walk on the path to becoming a greater threat to find the reason behind the pillaging of his village and the empire that ordered the earthlings to do so. Follow the journey of the evil man who destroys everything that blocks his path from achieving his objectives.


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38 chapters
Prologue: A Villain or a Hero ?
A man was sitting in a corner in front of a large book under a dimly glowing candle. Picking up his pen the man slowly brought his hand to the top of the white paper. Slowly he started to write on top of the paper, "Villain or a hero?" He dropped his pen down and turned his attention to his right. A Few tables away was an old man drinking his beer with a smile talking to an enchanting woman. The writer placed his belongings in his bag and slowly walked toward the duo and averted his attention as soon as the old man and the woman laid their eyes on him. He looked straight ahead at the bartender. "One Cold bounty," He ordered leaning on the counter. He acted as though both woman and the old man were invisible to his eyes. The two slightly paid attention to him and turned back to continue with their conversation. "I heard he killed earthlings in Nemper and released the slaves." "Heard it became a bloody mess. Are you perhaps from Nemper? " The man asked. "May I know who you are, bef
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1. Regression
Chased by the countless hounds, a man in a dark cloak was running through the streets under the brightly glimmering moonlight holding on to his dear life. "Garuda! Surrender now! You cannot run all your life!" A man far away from the cloaked figure warned him. Without paying heed Garuda ran with all his might knocking on every single door to find a hole to hide from these hideous men who were chasing him. Quickly one of the hunting hounds pounced onto his back and tackled him down. Momentarily a large shadow appeared behind him slowly raising from the ground. As a coping mechanism, his hand quickly drew the dagger from the sheath. [The Celestial Nefarious with twisted kindness laughs at your demise] "Aren't you enjoying this?" The cloaked man said looking at the sky while enduring the hound's bite. In a mere second, he cut its throat and continued running again. [The Celestial Nefarious with twisted kindness asks if you are going to use the stone or not?] 'Not yet Garuda mumb
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2. What now?
Garuda laying on the rough soil waited and waited until the corpses rained from the sky. At least, in this life, they all died quite the painless death, unlike the last time and he was grateful for that. He slowly crawled toward the corpse of his children. He couldn't even express if he was really sad or if his brain is signaling to him that he is obliged to be sad. So, he should act like he is."This is it huh?"He questioned looking at the dark sky.The earthlings began running out of the area riding their horses in fear.Boom!The loathed expelled a wave of energy.Garuda was never able to show emotion rather he was cursed since his birth as such he didn't know what was burdening him. Maybe this is what sorrow feels like? He didn't know rather he didn't want to know.He always had control over it or his emotions weren't humane enough. Some may think of it as a gift but for Garuda, it was a heavy burden, or he'd call it a scourge.He was not able to cry or get angry. He wasn't able
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3. Leaving to earth
As he slowly opened his eyes as the pungent smell of smoke entered his nostrils. He was in the cemetery made to rest as Sagithan burnt the dead villagers to dust after completing the last rites."Are you okay now?"Sagithan asked casually noticing that Garuda's woken up."Yes..." As he spoke something caught his attention.Beep! Beep!An alarm sound intruded the men's ears from quite the distance."What's that thing? It's been beeping for day and night until now.""Day and night?"Garuda asked furrowing his eyebrows."Yes... You have been down for two days. Thought you'd be dead soon."Garuda nodded his head closing his eyes as though he was deep in thought and said "I see..."Compared to his last life he had woken up quite earlier so it was no surprise for him."You should've been suffering to death but, for some reason, your wounds were healing at a faster pace. I swear if someone else was injured like you..."The old man stopped as Garuda rose from his place and then continued to s
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4. The famous Necromancer
"This side please sir!"Photographers were surrounding him and the crowd was cheering him as he stood in the center of the road wearing a suit.He was a man straight out of painting. A prince out of a fairy tale, a man who seemed like he didn't belong to reality. It was Earth's greatest, the famous Necromancer Drakon.Drakon was portrayed as the greatest on earth. There were even comics, books, movies, Tv shows, and many more based on him. Before the convergence of evil, there was no such thing as Players or anomalies.The convergence of evil occurred two hundred years ago. It was the time when hell spawned in the lands of the earth. The Earth and a doomed planet merged by rifted pathways across the globe. The usage of the natural energy source of the earth has been tampered.It was a disastrous Era.Scientists couldn't find out proper scientific explanation for the surreal phenomenon. Usage of energy changed, they began to acclimate to the life force and channel it.The detriments of
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5. A Short story
Garuda slowly withdrew his hand from the water. There was a big cut inside his palm and seem to be bleeding. Without showing any signs of pain he grabbed his sword naturally as one would react to danger.But as those people had their attention on the Silver jaw. He stabbed their backs swiftly.The mohawk guy roused his life force holding his blade, "You!"Sagithan's lips arched up noticing the perplexed expression on the mohawk's face.[The Celestial Nefarious with twisted kindness, wonders what's in your mind.]Garuda's attention was solely on the other passengers and the helmsman. And the helmsman is the one who knows the ways of the water and around the locality. And he is also a well-known guy.If the helmsman were to be enquired, he'd be needlessly tailed and cause trouble. More importantly, he needed to avoid that one person.This is why he stabbed the Helmsman. From there on it was easy. The others were in a panic, unable to deduce what was going on.Solving problems in a diffi
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6. Novice certification exam
A Novice certification exam is something that simply recognizes one as a novice who can get a standard license as a player. Until then a player can only use a Learners license.Every year over a hundred thousand Players participate in the exam around the world to be registered and receive a license to enter labyrinths and receive benefits from the Administrate of the Players.The Administrate of the Players is like the higher authority that administers the Players and the Axis.And the axis is an organization of Players that was initially built privately excluding the government. It was meant to be an alliance of players. But for security and protection of law and order, the government asked for cooperation.Though the power held by the Government wasn't almighty to control every player. They still managed to reduce crime rates.Beads of sweat slowly slid down his face and dropped down from his chin. The winds fluttered his semi-long raven hair."Hah! Hah!"He breathed roughly grabbin
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7. The assassin and the tanker
Garuda looked down from a certain cliff, "Taking the same route?""Yes"Quickly the clown leaped onto a distance and stabbed his knife into a nook as a way to latch and then turned towards Garuda and called him with his hand gesture.As soon as he lept, Garuda gave him a hand which left a slight cut on his hand, "Ouch, My name is Bukky, What's your name, Brother?"'Bukky the clown... Is this even the same guy?' Garuda thought to himself.Bukky was one of the notorious Aborrentian who disguised his identity as a player and grew up to be an influential figure. Garuda and Bukky have even crossed their swords a few times in the past.But why is a big shot here? Garuda couldn't know. The last time he saw this guy he killed him. So, He didn't know much about him. All he knew is that this lad is a talent whose potential got wasted."It's Garuda""Sounds like the name of Aborrentian? Haha, don't you know that it is a serious crime to intrude on Earth without proper authorization?"Garuda fake
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8. Superior night horse
"Hehe! Food! Food! Come down,"The horse giggled excitedly as its eyes caught on the trio who stood on the towering staircase located about twenty feet away from the ground."Fuckin night horses, heard they try to mate with almost anything that moves." The clown commented as he gulped down his spit in fear as a chill ran up his spine.His legs shivered in fear so did Aghanda's? Yet they both unsheathed their weapons. Judging by their actions Garuda concluded that both the brothers are desperate to leave Abhorrenta. They didn't even have any proper equipment on them.Garuda on the other hand was similar but, he had a proper plan and necessary measures. He picked up a few pieces of equipment from his arsenal bag. First was a red powder.After spitting on his sword he began to coat it with the red powder. He then withdrew a crossbow from his bag and some red arrows whose edges seem to have already been coated with the red powder. Loading his mechanical crossbow he slowly descended the st
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9. Nefarious
"Harbinger's Location"Garuda rephrased. Unlike the last ten hours, Garuda's attitude took a three sixty degrees turn.He was unpredictable to the point that the brothers felt like they were conversing with a person who doesn't have a soul.Viens slowly emerged on the clown's face and his pale skin slowly darkened into purple evident of the poison's spread."You've only got an hour to receive the antidote any later will be a waste.""Ahhh! Ahhh!"The clown screamed to the top of his lungs and groveled on the ground. Tears flowed down from the corners of his eyes as his eyes rolled to the back of his skull."It'll feel like your entire body is burned and your head will ache as though it is hammered multiple times in a very moment. Quite the hardship to endure I say..."As Garuda explained Aghanda's facial expression began to change. Noticing it he continued."Forgot to say this. The effects of the hallucination are heavy. One second spent here is one hour inside your mind. There your d
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