Welcome to Algedania

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Welcome to Algedania

By: MikeWrites CompletedFantasy

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A world filled with realms and races that inhabit these realms. Their powers are given to them by their creators 'The Aniels' their patrons and watchers who live in Aunir and hold domains to affect the realms of their races. The Father of the Aniels also known as Charl who is called the High Father or Father by the Aniels and the races later on. Charl lived in earth before he died and reincarnated into a universe where he began his world which he would come to name Algedania. The Aunir realm the highest and most powerful realm contains the Primeval Aniels who live in the Floating High Palace. Made from the High Eye that floats above the ground and the Water that flows from the River Doron the Aniels were the second in ranking to charl until later on. Years pass in Algedania and from the other two realms Gonar and Inscicus races rise and stories are made on those chosen among them to be known as Race Aniels. Each Race Aniel has their life history, lessons and Adventures. Note - This story is centered on multiple characters, my imagination and world building. Also it is my first story so I will really appreciate some corrections and advice and maybe a little positive criticism on certain aspects or how to improve my story. It's as simple as that. The Book Cover is not mine.


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162 chapters
Chapter 1 - Beginning and Creation
Author's Note - Just saying. Please be aware that this story might have a lot of funny names so I'll advice that you just think of it in your head and don't bite your tongue 😛😜. Waking up, Charlie looks around and finds out he is in space. He is confused as he remembered that he was still in a hospital bed. It was then that he saw a creature appear in front of him. The creature introduces himself as Tarsus and calls charlie his master. After he is informed by Tarsus who told him that he was formed from Charlie's consciousness and the new universe that is his now under Charlie's rule. Tarsus looks like a dojo man with bright coloured wings which was one of Charlie imagination in his previous world. "Time to get creating" he thought. He stretched his palm to a spot. Immediately after a few more hours of waving and stretching he created his first world which he called Algedania. Charlie had been given knowledge about how to create by Tarsus. After a few trials and errors he had
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Chapter 2 - The Aniels
Charl POV What race could I create I wondered. I have so much power but I don't know what to do with it. "If I may suggest master "said Tarsus. " Alright you may"I said. " Why don't you create a race that will aid you in dealing with the world affairs. Even though you could solve them with one thought. You could be stressed if the world has too many problems and did not follow your initial plan for it" he said. "Good suggestion"I continued "But what do I call them". "A suitable name for your race Master???"he said and looked deep in thought. "How about Aniels" "Aniels. I love it. It's catchy and a suitable name for a suitable race" The Aniels who were the first sentient race were made in the floating palace of the high eye by Charlie. The palace had a river that flowed from the high eye to the main ground of Aunir. The Aniels according to chal were the most powerful beings after him a
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Chapter 3 - The First Races
Charlie had awakened the Aniels by saying the following inspiring words. Please i'm not good with poetry but i'll try to get it.*Cough* "Arise o great ones. For it is I your maker who summons you. Be proud for you are at the summit of power from birth. Rise and do the bidding you shall be made to fulfill". Sounds more like a command.Anyways, The Aniels opened their eyes one by one and also they were wearing clothes although it was all just robes and clothes able to cover all their vital parts. It was still alright as they will change to the clothes of their choices later."*Greetings master*" they chorused and bowed their heads to Charlie. Charl was about to tell the to rise and change the form of address but then he thought "Wait why don't I shorten my name. The phrase might not go very well with this new title. How about Charl".The Aniels raised their heads and Charlie told them to just call him father. He was like this. "From today on in this new world my name will be called Cha
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Chapter 4 - Charl's Return and New Races.
While Charl had been creating. The Aniels were busy doing their own things. Fanjul had been out in the grounds of Aunir fighting against beasts and beating them up. Ersat had just been inspecting the various surroundings while keeping an eye on every deatils of the palace including rocks and stones. Denir would always take to the skies seemingly interested to explore it while using his transparent wings. Binul enjoyed being around plants and flowers and taking care of the gardens of the floating palace or the new name that they called it which was the high palace. Giona was always watching the river that flowed around the floating palace. Aenor was always in the chambers of the palace and training halls and would follow fanjul to fight beasts. Calora would always find one experiment to perform on anything she found interesting.The only one that was not doing anything but watching charl and his creation in the other realms was hasna. Back in Inscicus when charl had been done making
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Chapter 5 - The Aniel Races (Part 1)
In the realm of Gonar. Two figures are seen on the sky with wings one is a male and the other is a female. The female is wearing a long dress made of cotton. She also has a blue robe on her shoulders. She left her long hair to flow down her back. The male wears a white hanfu and a robe. Female - Which continent do we choose.Male - Father said that the both of us should each take just one continent.Female - The north and south have been taken by the elemental humans and monsters that means......Male - We are left with the eastern, central and western continent.Female - I think master has a purpose for the central continent so let's just leave it alone.Male - Then we are left with the east and west. (looks at her).Female - I going to pick the western continent.Male - Why.Female - Because i think it is an interesting place for the race that I am about to make. Even though the biomes here are all just so so. It is still a place necessary for evolvementMale - *Thinking* (
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Chapter 6 - The Aniel Races (Part 2)
In Gonar realm, eastern continent. A figure is seen watching those who are on the ground even though they are completely unaware of the fact that they are being watched and are busy looking at their environment curiously. Meet Aenor's race the ranar's. After gaining insights from the battle between the snake and the lioness. Aenor had finally made his race. The ranar's were blue skinned people but had yellow eyes. Their hair was long for both males and females. The ranar's were made to have cores inside them for keeping and storing their respective elemental energy. The ranar's could create barriers and use them to confine their enemies or block enemy attacks as long as they could sustain it using the stored energy from their core. They could also infuse the element of their core into any material, weapon or in an area. For area it is only for a short period of time. For weapons they will be weapons like fire sword, wind bow's as long as the ranar who absorbed a certain type of elem
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Chapter 7 - The Aniel Races (Part 3)
Denir POVI got the smallest continent. Whyyyy is it me I said as I looked at the small continent that is on the west of Irdiov. Ahhh next time I'll be the first person to pick. That hasna is so full of tricks. As I continue to look at the continent I am still convinced that it is indeed the smallest continent only a bit bigger than giona's seven large islands. "Well no use whining" I thought. I stretch my knuckles as i said to myself to make the most out of the situation. I look at the skies and saw the huge clouds immediately i got a light bulb and smiled. Good thing that I am an aniel energy as father had once told us of how powerful that energy was since we would second in power to him if we could explore the full potentials . Well I had been exploring the potentials of that power while flying everyday back in Aunir realm. "Stop talking, get to work" I scolded myself.Immediately I flap my manifested transparent wings and began to do what I had done in the skies of aunir that no
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Chapter 8 - The Aniel Races (Part 4)
The Munju's were users of physical energy. Fanjul POV After having followed Binul to the twin continents of Tonar and Rocan I landed on the continent Rocan. I had to make my own race before she does. Two races are already walking the realm. I had already had my own ideas right from the time that I had been fighting with beasts in Aunir. I had been planning to make a race that was made up of sub-races and had a guardian race that will be able to protect the sub-races. Rocan continent had savanna's,hills, shrublands,grasslands and forests. I observed the animals in the continent and I had picked seven out of them to be the sub-races. They were Wolf,Cat,Fox,Bear, Eagle, Lizard and Bull. System I want to create a race that has a guardian race. *Ding* loading normal race tab. Click done to move on to guardian race tab. A tab appeared in front of me and I began to draw the image of my race. I chose their skin colour to be
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Chapter 9 - The Aniel Races (Part 5)
The plahins had a core but it was made up of a leaf that was infused with Aniel energy then mana energy before being infused into the plahins by Binul. Binul had infused different leaves of different colours into the plahins. Denir POV Pheww W finally I'm almost done. Ahhh. Those activities almost sapped my energy if not because i was very meticulous. I said as I looked at the thick massive clouds that surrounded the continent of Dinia. As a way to test out my hypothesis a tree is seen to be hanging on the clouds. I had managed create clouds that could carry living beings. During my time at Aunir, I had discovered that I could use Aniel energy on the clouds to solidify them. But if too much energy was infused into the clouds then it would not be able to sustain it's weight in air and would become a stone cloud eventually landing on the ground. It took me a long time before I could finally infuse enough energy into clouds
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Chapter 10 - The Domain's
Giona POVI am happy that I have created my own race but at the same time I am scared for them. I still feel like they are weaker than the other races. I thought. I looked at the ocean. Taking a deep breath I placed my hands into the water and removed it.I had an idea what if I made guardians for them not like Binul or Fanjul did but on a whole new level. This time, the water rose up along with my hands. I brought my other hand out of the water and it happened again. Maybe because I had infused my energy into the water but still keeping it in contact with my hands. I released my energy and the water that had been drawn receded bringing with it a splash. The energy was still in the water. I took another deep breath and placed my energy at the tip of my fingers before bringing them close to the water drawing it again. I repeated the movements a couple of times before I closed my eyes and stretched my hands. The tips of my fingers glowed and I could feel the connection beetween the e
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