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Sam Ethol: The Voodoo Prince
Sam Ethol: The Voodoo Prince
After years of renouncing his heritage and connection to voodoo, Sam Ethol, a fifteen-year-old is haunted by a mysterious voodoo practitioner that killed his father and multiple citizens of New Orleans. Through his journey to master the mystical arts, he finds many of his loved ones being targeted by strange mystical creatures. To stop these sadistic monsters, Sam joins a group of spellcasters who teach him how to properly use his magic to defend those he holds dear. The tribe warns Sam that as a member of their team, he must be willing to stop the mysterious voodooist who has claimed the lives of so many people even if it results in killing them. In time, Sam learns that the voodooist believed to be responsible for the killings is his estranged mother who has escaped from the local asylum. Will Sam be forced to take the life of the same woman who gave it to him?
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