Darkness covered the entire air tower, people were screaming and running away from the darkness. The darkness of Na'ru had covered the entire cloud.

A once peaceful and blissful home was now chaos. Li Feng could see himself standing helpless as the darkness consumed everyone and everything in it's part.

He saw his family trying to escape the darkness but their effort was of no use. Na'ru had come and he had made the air tower his home. Li Feng watched as his family was consumed by the darkness.

He fell to his knees crying out in pain as the chaos was too much for him to bear.

Just at the time the darkness was about to consume him li Feng jolted awake. Beads of sweat covered his forehead as he gasped for breath trying to catch his breath.

Li Feng looked around him trying to understand his surrounding, he was back at the desert.

"It was a dream" he breathed out trying to even out his breathing.

"It looked so real" he said rubbing his forehead. He couldn't get the image of his friends
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