Book 1: Chapter 50
Lenora stands and unlocks the apartment door. James is pacing the hall and rushes inside as soon as he is allowed entry.

“My Love!" He exclaims when he sees Delilah bundled up on the sofa. He kneels down and caresses her face, giving her little kisses.

“Oh, Puppy. Don't worry. I'm okay." She smiles as he comes to her side.

“James, you can take her wrapped in the blanket so she won't get cold. I will get it back some other time." I offer.

"It's alright, Luna. My truck is out front." He carefully unwraps his mate from her cocoon and hands the blanket to me before picking her up bridal style. Lenora drapes his coat over her.

“Delilah, I will come see you tomorrow if you're feeling better.” I tell her.

“Thank you, Kas." She says sleepily, leaning into James's chest. James gingerly walks out of the apartment so he can take his mate home and care for her. I pang of guilt strikes my heart. I am not able to heal Delilah because she is not a werewolf. She is a powerful witch, but what she
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