Book 1: Chapter 52
The next day, I go to visit Delilah who is, thankfully, feeling much better. James brings us tea while we are snuggled into blankets on the sofa in their living room.

“Kas, Lady Camille would like to come here to speak with Beta Milo and Beta Lenora to help with the premonition... umm... situation." She says the last part quietly with her tea cup held close to her mouth. Her breath makes steam billow off the top of her cup.

I think for a moment about what Delilah just said. "She doesn't want to speak with Bronx?”

“Kas, we mean no disrespect to Alpha Bronx, but think that Beta Lenora will be the best person to explain the premonition to him. Specifically because of their relationship. He will accept it better from her." She pauses, then sighs. "We also think it is best if we dont tell either of you when it is supposed to happen, so neither of you tries to change it. The people who surround you two, the ones who truly love and care about you the most, will be the ones to protect you
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