Book 1: Chapter 9
Bronx's POV

As soon as my guard, Tyree, told me an omega was trying to get in my suite, I left the party and rushed upstairs. My wolf, Saint, urged me to hurry.

“Something’s wrong. We need to get to her now,” he growls.

I don’t have any pack secrets in the suite, but that doesn't mean I want a stranger going in without my permission. As we turn the corner, we see a scrawny little girl at the end of the hall struggling to push open the heavy door of my suite.

The scent of fresh rain and lilacs wafts in the air, somehow making me feel less angry.

The girl looks up at us from under her baseball cap when Tyree yells at her. I can’t see her face from the shadow of the hat, but I don’t need to. I’m immediately drawn to her. My heart almost skips a beat.

“Mate,” Saint cries out, taking over control of my body. He strides over and roughly pushes her against the door. I feel my fangs extending as I deeply breathe in her scent.

“Saint, don’t you DARE mark her.” I warn, pulling on his co
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