29: Abrasax's Wrath

Conor nodded to Mr. Arroz and shook his hand. “Thank you, sir, for this opportunity. I’ve got this.”

            “Good, and if you do as well out here as you did creating that spice of life, I will have something special in it for you at the end of the shift.” Mr. Arroz wandered back into his shop leaving Conor to stir the crowds. Conor watched as families wandered by the booth, a few stopping to sniff from time to time, but most were heading to GrizlHut or to the arcade on the other side of the Spice Emporium. As the evening ticked by, Conor enjoyed the pleasant interactions with the few patrons who stopped in and even made a few sales.  As he watched the evening crowds, a familiar head of brunette hair bobbed out of the GrizlHut and headed past him.



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