Chapter 71

Nephius walked into his mother's chambers and informed her of his plans. She lay on her bed uninterested in whatever he was saying. She kept her face to the war and avoided facing him.

He tried pleading with her but she was not budging. And requested him to run his kingdom the way he wanted to.

Nephius looked down the floor sadly, he did not have an idea with who to be disappointed with. There was no way he was going to rule without his mother's help or blessings. And on the other hand, he needed Omen. He was stuck, his rule was turning out to be a nightmare before it even started.

In Arthora, emperor Marcelo sat in his chambers pissed. The sorcerer he sent after the Princess returned and updated him on Everything. He ordered him to get ten thousand of his men ready. It was war, he was hundred percent sure the sons were coming for him.

“I will take at least one of them to hell with me,” he roared out. The sorcerer tried to reason with him but his stubbornness wouldn't allow the so
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