The Seventh Son

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The Seventh Son

By: MK20 CompletedFantasy

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How far would a father go to save his sons? What lengths would he take? How big a sacrifice would he make just to amend a wrong he committed centuries ago and give his sons a chance at a normal life. The Seventh Son is about a man who cheated on his beloved on their wedding day and centuries later his sons are still paying for his one mistake. But then one day he decided to father a son that would match the curse bestowed on him, A son that his beloved would not dare touch. Would it work and put a stop to a centuries old curse or would it backfire and unleash a worse curse. Follow me on this journey of a lover that cursed her man to suffer for eternity.

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  • Nicci


    I just finished Chapter 5. I'm looking forward to reading all of this. Wow! This is looking great!

    2022-07-23 15:13:25
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Chapter 1
"King Jerald, today is your wedding day. Are you sure you want to do this?" a sweating Rachel inquired in between breaths. "I'd like to get one last taste of you before I marry that annoying Clariss and spend the rest of my miserable life with her," the king replied. "Now keep quiet before the guards notice my absence," he added as he placed kisses on Rachel's cheek. His statement got her all excited as she giggled. The pair were so caught up in the intense heat that they had no idea they were being watched. Standing in the middle of the barn was Princess Clariss, Jerald's wife-to-be, in a wedding dress. She had gone to the Teras fountain, atop the Crystal Tower, to make a brief good-luck wish. She was supposed to go at midnight but opted out because she wasn't the sort to believe that a simple fountain could bring good luck to one's marriage. It was customary for all the young women of the Ergad kingdom to climb the crystal tower, put their hands in the Teras fountain the day
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Chapter 2
Rachel kept pacing the room; it was pitch black outside, but her best friend was nowhere to be found. Her heart was heavy with remorse. She had no intention of falling in love with King Jerald or having an affair with him, but she couldn't stop herself from falling for him, and one night with him turned into years of sneaking around behind her best friend's back.When King Jerald entered, she dashed into his arms, asking, "Did they find her?" She inquired, her eyes welling up with tears."No, they searched the whole forest and came up empty-handed. But don't worry, I've sent them back," he said.Rachel exclaimed, "Oooh my God, we killed her." "No, sweetheart, we did not push her into the forest; it was her decision," Jerald said, holding her face in his big hands."Our actions forced her to flee into the Deadman's forest; our actions!" Rachel pushed him away."Why didn't she just insult us, scratch you, or start a catfight like other women do? Instead, she gave us a friendly smile, w
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Chapter 3
"Give me my powers back; why can't I fly? I didn't summon you." roared Clarris at the witch. Deep down, she was so terrified and only wondered why her day was turning into a nightmare."You woke me up from my millennial old sleep," the witch said, laughing loudly and circling Clarris. "You wept and mourned for seven years over your lover's and best friend's betrayal. For seven years, your tears filled my tomb," the witch added.Clarris scoffed. The witch was delusional, she thought to herself and demanded she drop her silly games. It was only minutes ago when she ran into the forest, but there in front of her was a hideous witch trying to make her believe that she had been crying for seven years."Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, Clarrisssssssssssss, You've been crying for seven years, and you've spent seven years in this forest. You've been........... forgotten child."Clarris took a step back, her anxiety overwhelming her."Take a look around... did th
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Chapter 4
The Cave opened up and witch Cleselda began chanting, “nimwe!, nimwe! nimwe! nimwe! what do you want my child?”"nimwe! ninee! nimwe! nimwe! nimwe! nimwe! nimwe! nimwe! nimwe! nimwe! nimwe! nimwe! nimwe!""I want Jerald and Rachel to cry for eternity. I want them to weep everlasting tears. I want to hit them where it hurts the most. I want blood," Clarris pleaded."Remember, Clarriss, there is no going back. I've seldom heard you ask about the sacrifice you're about to make or the consequences that will follow. You're not really interested in learning about your ancestors?""I don't care about the ramifications or my family history; all I want is to have King Jerald on my feet, and I want him to forever remember the day he laid eyes on me."Hearing these words, Cleselda smiled. Initially, she had doubted whether Clarris would take revenge on behalf of all the Cresent witches. But to her surprise, Clarris was ready to unleash her wrath without any questions. She was proud of herself.T
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Chapter 5
"It can't be, Darrell..." King Jerald stammered, his gaze fixed on the figure in front of him. It had been seven years since they had last seen each other."You...died in the Forest of the Deadman," stammered King Jerald."Yes, you sent us to our deaths seven years ago," Darrell said, his face turning cold."Is this your family?" Darrell wondered."How could this be? How are you alive?" King Jerald was curious."How did you do it? Why is that? Why is that A or B is all you're interested in? You're not going to inquire about my knights, are you? The men you sent to their deaths. " Darrell yelled."No, you have no right to blame me; Clarris was the one who fled into the forest, and I had no choice but to send you back." Darrell's expression soured. "My fault!" The massive window glasses shattered as a cold voice echoed through them. The little boys screamed in terror. Rachel raised them and concealed them behind her dress, "Mom, we're afraid.""You stupid man, it's all my fault! I d
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Chapter 6
"Push! Push!" The midwife shouted out as Rachel screamed out in pain. It was only a matter of seconds until a baby came out. Deep down, she was waiting for the midwife to inform her that it was a girl. She was hoping to prove Clarris's curse wrong, but the midwife held the baby and congratulated her for delivering a bouncing baby boy. Rachel's heart sank in.King Jerald was nowhere to be seen. Even when Rachel was taken to her chambers to nurse the baby, he did not show his face near the baby.He locked himself in the library with the sorcerers, who were researching the crescent witches. Other lands still had witches, but many centuries ago the seven kingdoms came together and buried and sealed all witches in tombs to rest for eternity. The fate of the witches came after the Witches wreaked havoc across the lands. The council of elders from the seven kingdoms came up with the decision, and they each sent the most powerful sorcerers and cursed the witches to sleep for everlasting etern
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Chapter 7
The Fire Benders had taken their positions and were about to unleash their wrath when a massive wind blew in and brought all the trees in the area to life. They were all terrified for their lives; they had seen magic before, but nothing like what they were seeing."Please help me!" cried an elderly voice. They all looked up, unable to believe what they were seeing. A willow tree approached them and came to a halt a few meters away. Elder Lee was nailed to its branches and was burning in an everlasting fire that did not scotch his body but continued to burn.Without thinking, King Seth quickly flew up to the tree to untie him but was struck back by a huge force and Clarris appeared. "King Jerald warned all of you to stay away! but you all decided to ignore him. Now you are going to face my wrath," Clarris's voice echoed, sending shivers down their spines.She raised her hands and all the subjects of King Seth, her brother, dropped to the ground. The other kings ordered their men to at
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Chapter 8
They all came up empty-handed after days of turning the library upside down. They eventually accepted the fact that there was no way out of their curse. King Jerald had never been so depressed or tired in his life. He was on the verge of crying as he looked at his wife.Rachel broke the silence by saying, "If we don't get intimate, I won't be pregnant, and she won't have any six sons to collect."King Jerald raised his eyes to her."We can try, you can sleep with the servants to quench your thirst.""That's absurd!" King Jerald yelled out.Rachel walked to where he was seated and knelt, "My King, if we cannot find a supernatural way to deal with this curse, then let's try physically." "No!" King Jerald yelled out."I will not cheat on you with other women.""I was just making a suggestion—if we stay away from each other, she will not get her way," Rachel pointed out."What of Mark, Messan, and Maximus? She will come and get them. She will come and get our sons!""Maybe the sorcerers
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Chapter 9
King Jerald stood in his garden, which had once been filled with roses and lilies but was now home to the tombstones of all his dead sons. The tombstones stretched miles away, and engraved on each of them were the names of all their sons. At first, he was memorizing his son's names, but as the years went on, he began forgetting until they finally decided to use the same names. The firstborn was always to be called Nephius, the second Marcus, the third Daniel, the fourth Lotas, the fifth Miguel, and the sixth Barrick, so as not to forget their names.Rachel always kept to her room and tried every method of suicide she could think of. Sometimes she could go an entire year without eating, but somehow she could feel full. She had tried doing the most despicable thing of suffocating the babies, drowning them, or throwing them down the castle, but on each occasion, the babies came back to life.The curse took a toll on her and she was always crying. They tried going into the forest to ask
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Chapter 10
Nephius rushed into his mother's room.“Mum, did you hear that?”“Your father is not yet home,” a worried Rachel replied.“We have to go out there, something has happened?” Her son requested“No no, your father is immortal, nothing is going to happen to him. He will be back,”“But what was that?”Her other sons came rushing too, “Did everyone hear that?” Daniel asked.“We all heard it, sounded like a woman crying, maybe it's Clarris and dad finally beat her ass up,” Lotus added.“We have to go out there?” “No!” Rachel insisted, “she might be trying to lure you out there, remember you are all over eighteen.”The boys kept quiet, what their mother was saying was making sense. Barrick got out a potion and started spraying it on his brother“What is this?” Daniel asked.“It's a protection potion, used to lure away love potions, that's if she comes to lure us seductively.”“Where did you get it?”“Potion market in Arthora,” Barrick replied.“You went to Arthora? Did you see some beautiful
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