Chapter 2757 Is Karen Not Diabetic?

The next day, Cláudio showed up at his apartment with bags from the bakery and a bright smile. Karen was in the middle of the living room, allegedly working out in the rhythm of Jennifer Lopez’s song “Do It Well.”

“Honey, why are you so smiling?” Karen noticed this.

Cláudio broke part of his smile. This ‘honey’ and other affectionate expressions that Karen keeps saying don’t cheer Cláudio up.

“Well, since you’re curious, I’ll tell you.” Cláudio replied, “I received a call from Quantium Agency while I was passing through the lobby here. They want to see you for a campaign they’re organizing!”

Karen stopped ‘dancing’ and opened her eyes wide. “Am I hearing you right? Will I be hired?”

“Calm down, Karen.” Cláudio laughs, “First, you’ll talk to them, do an interview, maybe take some photos... but with my thumb extended upwards, you already have one foot in!”

“Ah, my love!” Karen hugs Cláudio very tightly, but she is sweaty.

“Karen, behave!” Cláudio lets go of her. “Let’s have breakfast fi
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