Chapter 2756 Email So Funny It Looked Like a Virus

At Octavio’s house, Sofia took Augusto to sleep.

“Where is your room, Augusto?”

“It’s at that door over there. How do you say? ‘Good morning’?” Augusto is confused.

Caroline laughs, “Just say ‘have a good rest’.”

“OK. Have a good rest, Dad. When I go to the hospital, I want to see my little sister.” Augusto winks at Octavio and leaves.

Octavio smiles at his son and then turns to the ladies. “Let’s go to the kitchen.”

There, Octavio shows the pans and what’s in the fridge. “There’s still some rice and beans, but Jane wanted to sauté some cuts of chicken with potatoes and seasoning.”

“We get it, Mr. Motta.” Rosemary said. “You can sleep peacefully as we’ll take care of the rest.”

“Thank you so much, girls.” Octavio sighed, “Thank God, everything went well.”

“Why wouldn’t the birth do well, Mr. Motta?” Caroline was curious.

“I remember the day your betrothed was born.” Octavio replied good-naturedly, “Flávia had a huge problem with her blood pressure and almost died. Ironically, it was h
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