Chapter 4170
"Does it hurt? This is just the start as I'm not that patient. If you insist on not speaking, then you should know what's waiting for you," Fane's tone was very slow, as if he was talking about something completely unimportant.

Presti gulped and he felt like he was about to stop breathing.

"I'll talk, I'll talk!" Presti said as he trembled.

Sure enough, not everyone was as stubborn as Desmond.

Presti gulped, "I don't know a lot. I'm not even as strong as Triton. Among warriors at the peak, I'm at the bottom, so they've only told me a little of the core secrets."

Fane raised an eyebrow and did not say anything. Fane would not believe everything the guy said, but he did not discredit everything as well.

"If you start speaking nonsense, then I assure you, things will be much worse," Fane said coldly.

Presti's expression stiffened, and there was a look of fear in his eyes. He could see that Fane was absolutely someone who would do it. Fane was not joking at all.

Presti took a dee
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