Chapter 4171
Fane frowned. After he reached out to grab Presti's neck, Presti's life ended with a crack.

Shin's eyes widened as he looked at Fane with fear. His savior could very well kill him!

Cavill started to panic as well. He looked at Fane with alarm. Even though he was thankful that Fane saved the two of them just now, he had no way to tell what Fane would do after this.

Fane slowly walked in front of them, and he did not show much emotion on his face.

Cavill said in a dry voice, "Fane, you…?"

Fane shook his head, "Don't panic. I won't kill you. Let's work together. It's not like only one person will be able to enter after the door opens."

Shin looked at Fane with an incredibly inquisitive look. He thought about it before he said, "I… I don't want to work together. I'll give you the key as thanks for saving me. That Valley of Enlightenment doesn't sound like a good place at all. If I enter, I don't even know if I'll be able to survive."

As he spoke, Shin had a bitter look on his face.
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