Chapter 4178
Zayne scoffed, "Alright then, how do you want to work together?"

He wanted to see what Fane was trying to do.

Fane did not waste any time, "Both of us have all three keys, and we can open the door. Ten people can enter the door anyway. I just need two of those spots.

Zayne looked at Fane meaningfully, "You sure know quite a bit."

Fane even knew that only ten people would be allowed through. He seemed to have done his homework.

Zayne took out his purple key from his storage ring. At that moment, all three keys were there. As long as all the keys were placed together, the gateway to the Valley of Enlightenment would open.

"If you only need two spots, then I don't mind working with you," Zayne looked at Fane meaningfully, but he quickly added, "However, make sure you don't cause any trouble during the important moments."

Fane smiled before he said, "I've always been someone who keeps to my word. I'm more worried that you'll cause me trouble instead. There are many geniuses in the V
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