Chapter 4179
There was a heavy rumbling as the door slowly opened. A boundless sense of energy seemed to come from it.

A few of them looked inside. Other than the green light, they could see nothing. The light completely obscured their sight. If they wanted to look inside, they would have to step in themselves.

On the way there, Fane had already talked to Lourain about it. Lourain wanted to see what the legendary Valley of Enlightenment was like. That was why Fane asked for two spots.

The three of them exchanged looks with each other, and they did not hesitate to step forward together, entering the door.

The power of distorting space suddenly pulled the three of them in. The space around them started to spin rapidly. They did not know how much time passed, but it felt like a whole century before the space slowed down in front of them. Then, the sense of weightlessness disappeared as their feet landed on solid ground.

The three of them had not been sent to different locations and arrived at the
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